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Hopewell Baptist Church, Napa, California

Hopewell Baptist Church located in Napa California it’s a wonderful location to serve your religious needs. They are for Sunday school, morning services and evening services on Sundays as well as midweek services and adult discipleship on Wednesdays and also RU Recovery Programs on Fridays.

Their main believe is that it is their job to “seek and to save that which was lost “as Jesus did while he was here on earth. Their goal is to bring in anyone that needs assistance or that has been let astray and to help them get back on the right path to believing in the word of Jesus.

Hopewell Baptist Church is very understanding in any problems that anyone has and they are willing to help you get back to your religious roots. They believe that God has a purpose and that he has a plan for every life that is here on earth. They except all religious denominations and any situation that you have found yourself in. They are willing to help you with anything that you need in anyway that they can.

They also believe strongly in assisting young people to grow into the religious maturity. They offer them sanctuary and a safe place to escape the Devil’s grasp.

They believe firmly that everyone has their own thoughts and believes and that no one is wrong. They are there to help you walk through your religious journey as you make your way through your life. They utilize the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament as well as the New testament to help you through your journey.

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