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Laerte Codonho Succeeds in the Business He Created

Laerte Codonho not only created a business but has also strived to make it one of the best soda manufacturers in all of Brazil. It is people like him that we look to in order to show us not just how to get a business going but how to make it truly thrive. His company, Dolly, started small in 1987 but became better well-known when they were the first to bring diet sodas to Brazil. Thanks to this, some changes in laws and Laerte Codonho being a forward-thinking person, it didn’t take long for Dolly to reach national attention.

The change in law was actually helped by Laerte Codonho, who found that the country’s beliefs on diet soda were outdated. In order to combat the problem, he undertook a study of his diet drink and presented it to the country. This helped change the law in order for him to sell his diet Dolly soda. Another big part of what has made Dolly so popular is their Guarana drink. This fruit flavor is found in most energy drinks in the United States and the people of Brazil love it’s slightly astringent taste ( 

These two sodas are among all sodas at Dolly that get a high amount of attention to detail. There are tests on everything from the water that goes in the soda, to the packaging used to house the sodas. This means a high-quality beverage for the customers who drink it. Laerte also has his hands in the advertising aspect of the business. Believe it or not, he helped create the mascot, Dollynho. The figure is described as an animated talking soda can. Dollynho has helped them promote many of their campaigns since 2003.

Naturally, one of the biggest hurdles for Codonho and his company has been larger, more internationally known soda companies. These companies have gone to the government in order to secure their place as superior. In order to make sure that his company gets fair treatment, Laerte Codonho has filed lawsuits stating that the other company overstepped their boundaries in fair trade. Given this information, it is no wonder that this successful businessman should be seen as a person who started a company and will see it’s a success in every way he touches it. He is not concerned at all since he has brought up the product by itself. 

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