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OrganoGold – Global Company, Personal Enrichment

It all began in a small shop with only 3 employees, but today OrganoGold is a global marketing company specializing in gourmet beverages, as well as nutrition and personal care products. Its line of coffees includes chocolaty Cafe Mocha, bold King of Coffee, and Cafe Supreme, blended with ginseng. OrganoGold also offers grape seed oil, an excellent source of antioxidants, and G3 Beauty Soap, enhanced with moisturizers and antioxidants.

The secret of each product’s success is ganoderma lucidum, a nutritional herb grown in China and often called the King of Herbs for its valuable properties. Ganoderma lucidum supports the immune system and circulation, as well as quality of sleep, and has been considered one of the most important herbs by Chinese doctors. It has been used for over 4000 years, and is grown in the pristine natural environment of the Wuyi Mountains of China. OrganoGold’s mission is to “to spread knowledge of ganoderma to the entire world.”

Chua was an executive with Gano Excel in the Phillipines, and helped expand that company to Hong Kong, then Canada and the U.S. So Chua was already a successful businessman when he launched OrganoGold in 2008, in an office with one employee. On June 30, 2014, Chua proudly opened the company’s new international headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia, at a ceremony with over 500 guests. Chua said, “Millions of people will be experiencing the benefits of OrganoGold.”

OrganoGold distributes products by direct selling, giving many people the opportunity to become independent entrepreneurs. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity, and the wellness industry is worth billions. OrganoGold has over 450,000 distributors worldwide, and the company provides training and support to earn both immediate income and residual income. For more information, see

The success of OrganoGold has also enabled the company to sponsor the non-profit OG Care Foundation. The OG Care Foundation provides skills and training to disadvantaged young people worldwide, and also helps them learn leadership skills.

As the folks at OrganoGold say, It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee!