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Matthew Mansell On Building A Successful Start-Up



Rugby star turned entrepreneur Matthew Mansell created Athlo, the next fitness Unicorn in the exercise industry, by fusing his love of sports with his entrepreneurial spirit. Mansell said he created the fitness network to provide frequent gym-goers with affordable memberships, easier access to gym owners, and more.

According to Matthew, the company’s primary objective is to give its users greater freedom of action. Matthew Mansell says teamwork beats rivalry every time regarding establishing a successful company. His fitness platform has achieved great success thanks to cooperation.

Advantage of Working Together over Competing According to Mansell

Matthew Mansell is a staunch advocate of the cooperative business tenet, arguing that companies should not pursue their interests at the cost of their rivals. Further, he argues that rivals who work together to provide customers with high-quality services can achieve unprecedented success. For instance, Athlo doesn’t just serve as a tool to replace its rivals, but rather a variety of needs.

For some, the exercise website is a means to enrol in club subscriptions and courses. Gyms and exercise facilities can keep their customers by using the fitness platform to sell subscriptions and courses to the app’s user base. Matthew Mansell explained that his company would serve as a bridge between online and traditional gyms on the premise that the two models can survive.

Global Fitness Industry Predictions

The value of the fitness industry in the United States in 2022 is estimated to be $87 or more. The fitness industry’s value is projected to grow more than five times the current estimate by 2028. With more people becoming concerned with their health and fitness, optimistic projections for the fitness business can be made. Despite the optimistic forecasts, Mansell was careful to point out that the 2020 pandemic dealt the fitness industry a severe setback. According to Matthew, the secret to success in a start-up is to take one’s time and learn from one’s mistakes. See related link for additional information.


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Matthew Mansell Believes Business Can Succeed With Help From Competitors


Matthew Mansell, Athlo founder, is an athlete who is no stranger to competition. However, the entrepreneur takes a different approach. Matthew Mansell believes in cooperation and that competitors can be an asset to building one’s business. In the fitness industry, especially, there is plenty of business for everyone.

Mansell’s approach certainly is not the normal mentality within the business industry. His approach has made Athlo a success, however. Mansell is not trying to take business away from others. Instead, he is trying to help others.

Athlo, the next fitness unicorn, is a fitness app with a trifold purpose. It helps its users find classes or gym memberships that others have available to purchase. The app pairs people who have memberships they are not using with people who want to use them. It can help gyms to maintain and even grow their membership base.

Mansell found getting membership members and others who want to use their memberships together was the simple part. However, getting gyms and fitness facilities on the same page is considered a novel idea. Mansell never wanted to take business away from the gyms. Matthew Mansell believes there is plenty of space for everyone to work together. There will always be a need for brick-and-mortar workout places, but digital apps like Athlo are here to stay too. Mansell believes everyone can profit while working together to benefit the consumer.

Timing is everything, and that is true for Mansell. He launched his app at the end of the COVID pandemic. The pandemic was a tough time for gyms and fitness facilities. Many had to shut their doors, and the industry took a loss and will require time to recover. Mansell’s company will help to play a part in a cooperative recovery.

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Athlo is a platform that allows you to use your body as an instrument. You are provided a microcontroller and sensors that can monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, weight, steps travelled, and more. You make the device a part of your workout regimen by connecting it to other pieces of equipment such as rowing machines or treadmills. This information is then automatically uploaded in the app so you can see everything in one place.

The device is not exclusively for athletes however; anyone looking to improve their health through better sleep patterns or weight loss could find this product useful.

Dubbed as the next fitness unicorn, it has astounded venture capitalists with how it can integrate into one’s exercise routine and health. It has managed to raise an incredible USD$4 Million for only a small portion of their company, with the help of investors such as Nauta Capital and Inventure.

The name Athlo is derived from Greek mythology, which explains that all things are connected to each other through threads called Fates. The name was chosen due to the way they believed it would relate to the product functionality.

Athlo Founder and CEO Martin Zwilling has a background in both engineering and product management. He was the Director of Digital Health at Icontrol Networks, a company that specializes in home automation. Zwilling also held position as Product Manager at Sano, a company that specializes in wearables for athletes and exercisers. His co-founder, Jeff Jia also had experience with medical devices and was the Founder of Nobex Pharmaceuticals; a startup focused on drug discovery for rare diseases.

Matthew Mansell the co-founder of the company, has experience in finance and mechanical engineering. Matthew Mansell holds a degree from the University of California; Berkley and has worked in the finance department for several startups.

Mansell also founded a company called “Idio” which focused on remote health diagnostics for farmers.

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ViSalus and Their Weight Loss Motivation Challenge


If you’re overweight or obese, you know how important it is for you to get healthy. There are lots of reasons and benefits to losing weight, but staying motivated can be hard. You might start a diet with all of the intent to lose weight, but you soon fall of the bandwagon because of all of the hard work and the fact that you find no point in getting thin. If you were to get paid for losing weight, you might be more likely to keep motivated over the course of weeks or months. This is why ViSalus is so different and why millions of people have already taken their 90-day challenge.

ViSalus is a health and wellness company that is based out of Italy and Los Angeles. They are always looking for ways to help their clients reach their goals and get into the best shape of their life. One of the best ways to get and stay motivated is knowing that you will be getting paid to reach those goals.

The way that you do this is by getting paid by ViSalus when you set a goal for yourself online. This is a wonderful way for you to know that it is going to work for you and is going to be a great option for each of your needs.

There are so many benefits and reasons for you to give ViSalus a try for yourself. The company has truly become one of the best options for individuals who are looking to lose weight. Click Here to learn more.

You can even make use of the Vi Prime benefits that allow you to get points for every product you buy off of the site. It has never been easier or more worthwhile than now to make use of the program and to lose the weight you need.


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ViSalus Vi-Trim Mix Information for Weight Loss

When trying to reduce your body weight, the first thing you must understand is that actual hunger is not food cravings. You have to satisfy your basic hunger but avoid consuming extra and unhealthy foods. Additionally, you need good quality supplements to speed up the process of becoming slim and fit. Take Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge that will change your life and make you a happy person again.

Being overweight is unhealthy and leads to many health problems. There is no need to live in such a difficult and unhealthy condition. Take control of your hunger with the help of ViSalus “Vi-Trim”. It is a flavorless and clear drink mix in powder form.

ViSalus “Vi-Trim” is formulated to help people control their hunger. It will calm down your dieting stress. Mix it into your favorite beverages or sprinkle over the food you eat. Regular use of it will help you manage your cravings for the snacks. It works by controlling your appetite. The good thing about this drink mix is that it does not change the tastes of main drinks and foods. It is available in single serve packets so you can carry it with you. Being able to take it anywhere means you will avoid unnecessary snacking between the meals even when you are on the move.

ViSalus VI-Trim has HCA or hydroxycitric acid extracted from Garcinia Cambogia. The HCA is clinically proven in controlling the appetite. It is effective in managing weight and many other health issues. ChromeMate chromium complex is part of this drink mix. It controls blood sugar level and proves useful even for the people who have this level within normal range. See Related Link for additional information.

Another compound in this mix is PEA or Phenylethylamine commonly found in chocolate. It ensures healthy mood and eases the dieting stress. Carnitine derived from amino acids boosts energy production. It transports fatty acids into the cells. It burns the fats and converts them into energy.

ViSalus is a well-known company with offices across Los Angeles, CA and Italy. Start with this supplement and go on to pick up its 90-day challenge. You are sure to achieve your weight loss goals using its products and support tools.


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Dr. Rand’s Career of Helping People

For more than fifteen years Dr. Dov Rand has been working to make an impact on the world of health and medicine. Dr. Rand is an accomplished physician and rehabilitation specialist who currently resides in New Jersey. Currently Dr. Rand is running the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in the New Jersey area. Dr. Rand is focused on helping anyone who has a desire to use innovative strategies to help improve their overall health.

Dr. Dov Rand was born in Washington, DC. He spent most of his youth living in New Jersey. He learned the value of hard work through playing sports as a kid. Dr. Rand played competitive tennis at a high level as a teenager. At an early age he became interested in health and medicine. This lead him to attending Rutgers University where he earned his undergraduate degree.

Just a few years later he earned his medical degree from Howard University. He continued his training by completing his internship at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center and doing his residence at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City (Dialdish).

Dr. Rand is mostly known for his work with the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. Rand and this center is focused on premier weight loss, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. They offer both men and women a number of possible treatments which include high dose vitamin C, MSM, Glutathione and Meyers’ Cocktail. Dr. Rand’s Centers are committed to helping clients reach their highest potential.

The Doctor credits his daily routine as a strong reason for his success. Each day starts early in the morning when he gets in a workout and a good breakfast. Dr. Dov Rand hits the office early and goes through daily consultations while also reserving time for his long term goals. Dr. Rand is focused on helping people. He has become known as a patient first specialist who wants to provide innovative strategies that help people reach their goals.

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Markus Rothkranz: The Only Real Way to Heal

One of his more passionate videos, “The Only Real Way to Heal”, shows us all that there is no quick fix to being healthy. Dropping temporarily his zany, goofy demeanor, Markus Rothkranz wanted to prove how serious this particular issue really is. He presses on points such as not correcting the problem until you eliminate the cause of the problem. If you have cancer and are a smoker, you will not be able to cure your cancer until you cut out the smoking.

The facts are simple. Figure out what is causing your ailments, then stop doing that. Rothfranz likened it to trying to stop a fire with water while pouring gasoline on the fire at the same time. Our focus is usually on the quick fixes, but Markus Rothkranz helps us see that our focus should really be on origin, on what made us have to fix us to begin with. There is no quick fix, only band-aids, when it come to your true health.

This video helps us all realize that what we are doing with the extreme medications and other treatments are not actually cures, but instead just temporary relief. Everything we suffer from starts with an imbalance of something within us, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

You can see in this video his true passion for helping others, and how he does not base his opinions and stance on income from his books and products. His true passion is to encourage others to take matters into their own hands and cure their own health. He admits that he can’t do it for us, and he is right. These are steps that should be taken by the person wanting better health. But he does hand out the tools to get started and to keep it going for a lifetime.

Markus Rothkranz does not claim to be a guru, instead he claims to be an advocate in assisting people with overcoming their bad habits and struggles the way he himself had to.