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ZeroAvia Offers High Hopes For The Future Of Aviation

Recently, ZeroAvia made a far reaching announcement for the future of the company. Together with Octopus Energy Group’s newly established hydrogen arm, Octopus Hydrogen, the two companies have created a partnership with each other. This powerful decision will create a positive outcome for the two businesses Octopus Hydrogen and the airline as well. With Octopus Hydrogen providing 100% green hydrogen to ZeroAvia’s R&D center in Kemble, the company will have full support for their testing, certifications and commercial operations of its innovative zero emission technology. In the same vein, ZeroAvia will also supplement its own electrolysis hydrogen production with this extra support in order to power its HyFlyer II project. 


Backed By The Government


This new project is backed up by the UK Government. Its goal is simple: The development of a certifiable 600k W hydrogen-electric fuel cell powertrain. Not just any powertrain, however, but one with the ability to power a 19-seat aircraft with a 500 nautical mile range. In short, this project at ZeroAvia is nothing to sneeze at. However, it’s also a very complex problem to solve. It’s because of this that ZeroAvia plans to release this powerful new technology by 2024 – quite a long way into the future. Octopus Hydrogen, however, will also be providing over 250 kilograms of hydrogen per day into ZeroAvia’s mobile refueling unit.


The Future Of Aviation Is Green


Even the UK Government understands that aviation is a key component in the future when it comes to green hydrogen. Likewise, ZeroAvia and their partners in the HyFlyer project have also recognized this golden opportunity. Due to the company’s vast experience as a leader in zero-emission aviation, there are high hopes when it comes to the company’s future. This is thanks to the company being one of only a few to recognize the practicality of decarbonising  flight at scale through Hydrogen-electric aviation. 


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