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Let IAP Worldwide Services find your solutions

IAP Worldwide Services specializes in logistics and technology and began as a contract to provide generator supplies to the US Army in Saudi Arabia. They have supported our troops all through Operation Desert Storm. They are now partners with the US Military and continue to obtain contracts globally.

With more than 2,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide on Bloomberg, IAP is the leading provider to the needs of customers for over 60 years. They support over 175,000 military personnel in the US as well as the Middle East, helping the advancement of healthcare breakthroughs and environmental protection. Your goals are their goals and they are all about finding solutions to your toughest problems. Experienced and professional, IAP Worldwide Services operate military installations, civilian and remote research facilities and provide the manpower, technology and program management needed by their customers globally on Their customer’s problems are considered their problems and they continuously work hard to find solutions for every kind of issue.

IAP Worldwide Services provides support on a global-scale in order to enable defense and civilian agencies to succeed in their tasks, whether it be on airfields or in hospitals. IAP is committed to engineering the technology needed by the US and its allies. They also provide disaster relief, infrastructure support and various solutions for agencies other than government, such as energy and other companies, with the same amount of professionalism.

IAP can supply a permanent and temporary power supply due to their technology advancements on The teams at IAP design, install and run duel fuel, renewable and hybrid energy systems that are capable of operating off the grid. IAP will also get the power back on when disaster conflicts with the power supply in order to keep your busy schedule on track and avoid prolonging outages. They sustain aircraft programs, provide upgrades and parts, repair and enhance test equipment and stations and they have the knowledge, experience and hardware to get any difficult job accomplished.

IAP is a proud supporter of our troops and offer many options for military and returned soldiers. There are courses offered through the Transition Assistance Office, a network available to contact retired or transitioned officers, private sector career opportunities and applicable positions available.