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Jason Hope Has Long Been Dedicated To The Advancement Of Anti-Aging Technology

Anti-aging is an exciting prospect that has been thought about throughout all of human history. Immortality, however, has only ever existed in fictional writing and tales. The good news is, thanks to all the advancements in technology and medicine over the past few decades, anti-aging has finally entered into the realm of possibility for humans.

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist, has been donating his time and money to help organizations in the anti-aging industry, especially the SENS Foundation, which received a 500 thousand dollar donation from Jason several years back. SENS is a non-profit organization that is interested in anti-aging research, though it is specifically researched to help combat diseases like osteoporosis and dementia.

Today, Jason lives in Arizona and works as an entrepreneur, consultant, and facilitator throughout the state and for companies around the nation. After completing his education at the University of Arizona, Jason focused on his pursuits as an entrepreneur, and he found success rather quickly in telecommunications.

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As a futurist, Jason Hope has his sights sets on many different industries that will directly affect the way people live their lives in the future. The internet of things is another major subject for Jason, as the implications of technology and the internet are massive today and will only continue to grow at an accelerated rate each year.

Jason is highly interested in AI, or Artificial Intelligence since it has taken on a bigger role in society every day. While it probably won’t be anytime soon that people need to worry about sentient AI trying to take over the world, it is certainly a thought on the mind of many experts around the world as technology grows.

Jason Hope is more interested in the implications of technology on how humans interact with each other. With the rise of the digital age, the money that people all know and use is currently on a course of a big change from physical to digital. Blockchain technology is making this revolutionary change possible, and Jason Hope is backing it every step of the way.

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