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Eterneva Secures Funds To Move Forward With a Worthwhile Cause

How can someone move past the loss of a loved one. It’s not an easy question to answer. Really, the few people able to do so are those who’ve managed to accomplish it within their own lives. That’s what makes a company called Eterneva so important. It was founded by Adelle Archer after the loss of her friend and business partner to cancer. As with many people, the sudden loss left her searching for meaning and a way to move forward. She found an easier healing process than most people at the time. However, she also had to create that healing method from scratch. What proved beneficial is something that’s become known as a memorial diamond. It’s a lab created diamond made from the cremation ashes of a lost loved one. See more of Eterneva on facebook.

The process helped Archer so much that she founded an entire company around the concept. She’s been able to help a number of people in the same way she was helped. But the process is difficult to scale to the ever increasing demand. That’s why recent success in a fundraising effort is so important. A recent funding round by Tiger Management has produced some amazing results. One of the most impressive names associated with this process is Mark Cuban. The billionaire from Dallas is joined by multiple organizations to reach a formal total of $10 million. Cuban noted that he views the endeavor as a way to stay connected to loved ones. He also saw so much growth in the future of Eterneva that he wanted to double down on his initial investment.

The new capital will be used in a variety of different ways. But much of this will focus on personalizing the process. People will have more of a chance to really discuss the personality of their loved ones. This can help act as a brainstorming process to create an even more individualized experience.

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Adelle Archie, Eterneva Co-Founder Discusses the Companies Success

Many industries have innovations and advancements often, while a few barely have any innovations for centuries. Among the few in the latter is the death and grief wellness industry. All this changed for the industry with the founding of Eterneva in 2017 by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. This start-up is revolutionizing how people view death and handle grief wellness after the loss of a loved one worldwide. The start-up is based in Austin, Texas, and has offices in Germany, and allows the family and friends of a lost loved one to keep their memory in the form of a diamond. This diamond is derived from the carbon in the cremated ashes of the departed loved one. Recently, Adelle Archer came out to discuss the company’s success. Click here to learn more.

Introducing innovation in the death and grief wellness industry

This Eterneva co-founder pointed out that its first success is introducing innovation in the death and grief wellness industry. It developed cutting-edge technologies and processes that allow diamonds to be formed using the carbon in the ashes of a loved one just as they would be in the earth’s crust. The carbon is subjected to over 850,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and over 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. The process of making the diamonds take between 7 to 10 months.

Expanding the business

Adelle Archie pointed out that the company’s founding duo has been very successful in growing and expanding the business. It has attracted several investors that have provided funding to help the company speed up its expansion. The grief wellness company successfully raised $1.2 million as seed money. Some of the Eterneva investors are SoGal, NextCoast, Founder Collective, Castle Island, and Springdale, who recently contributed $3 million to fund its ambitions. At the moment, the company makes over 75 diamonds a year, and the number will increase as time passes with more investment in equipment and personnel. Read more:



Eterneva Welcomes a New Member of the Management Team

The Austin-based company specializes in making diamonds from ashes for clients to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. It has an eight-month process for creating soulful remembrances, which are as special as the finished product and the person behind it. Customers are allowed to choose their preferred sizes, color, cut, and inscriptions to ensure they have meaningful connections.

The organization’s innovative services include interactive video packaging, hand-written letters, and courier services. Eterneva was recently featured on Shark Tank and Forbes Magazine. It has many positive reviews from previous customers.

Adelle Archer, the company’s co-founder, realized that there was a need to develop a new way to memorialize loved ones after losing a close friend. According to her, the memorial options for ashes were not enough. She partnered with Garrett to create a better experience, helping people to reconnect with their loved ones.

Adelle’s mentor, Tracey, was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She only had a few months to live. She was afraid that she had not created a legacy before her death. Tracey was unaware of the positive impact she had already made in society.

When her close friends and associates heard about her diagnosis, they wrote stories of how she had helped them through difficult times and achieving their full potential. She died knowing she had left her mark on the globe. Adelle turned her friend’s ashes into a black diamond in remembrance of her sparkling spirit.

In early 2020, Eterneva announced that it had its first member of the Scientific Board, Dr. Robert E. Chodelka. According to the organization’s representative, he would be a valuable addition to the current leadership team due to his vast experience. His expertise would be useful in expanding the company’s operations and developing innovative products and services. He has over two decades of experience in the diamond industry.

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