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Markus Rothkranz on “Why You Should Use Enemas Regularly”

When you do an enema, make sure to resist the urge to use the restroom for as long as possible. If possible, get physically active to help loosen up the contaminants in your digestive system. When you absolutely cannot avoid going to the restroom, make sure to stay there for about 15 minutes. Your digestive system works in waves, so the water from the enema is going to come out in waves as well. After about thirty minutes, you will feel a lot better, this is because your body is not as full of toxins as it was before.

If this was your first enema, you won’t feel as cleaned out as people who have been doing it for a long time, but you cannot get rid of years of toxic build up in one cleansing.

Years Worth of Toxic Build Up
Just like any other part of your body, your intestines and colon are not completely smooth. This means that it can trap in toxins and waste in astronomical amounts over time. This build up can make you feel sluggish, weak, lethargic, and bogged down.

By ridding your body of this build up, your digestive system can function properly and it will be able to absorb the nutrients your body is seeking from the food you eat. You will also feel more energetic since you do not have unnecessary waste sitting around in your digestive system, weighing you down.

Enemas Increase Heath Quality
It doesn’t matter how you look at it, having built up toxins in your system can cause a serious impact on your health. Over time, you can develop colon cancer, or other types of cancer. Your digestive system is no longer able to pull the nutrients you need from your food, and you begin to fell rundown.

Would you believe it if you were told that the biggest reason you feel lethargic today is because of the dinner you ate last month? For many people, this is a huge possibility, and for others, it is a probability. Using enemas, you can increase your energy, digestion, and overall life energy.

Markus Rothkranz Breakfast

After a long night sleep, your body wakes up needing nutrition. The energy needed to keep going is important. Markus and Cara offer up two different breakfasts that provide delicious taste and health benefits. They are both easy to make but offer different benefits. First, is the fruit salad, which uses seasonal fruit; you will need strawberries, kiwi, mango, blueberries, raspberries, and a banana. After you put all the fruit in the bowl, it is time to make cashew cream. For one hour, soak cashews in water then place into the blender. Add a small amount of non-alcoholic vanilla, ice to get the chill texture and add some water then blend. As you blend, add a little water as you go until it is the consistency you like. Lastly, add the cashew cream to fruit salad. An optional choice is to add pomegranate powder, candied cashews, and/or carob nibs.

A second breakfast option is an excellent choice for at the home or on the go. This is as simple as blending everything and drinking, it is a green smoothie. This smoothie is half fruit, half vegetables, and some type of liquid. With the fruits, it is simple as whatever as what’s in season. The vegetables can include kale, spinach, parsley, dandelions, red leaf lettuce, the green tops off of carrots, and at least one celery stick. Celery offers potassium and electrolytes. After adding the fruit and vegetables to the blender, add a liquid; either coconut water, orange juice, or regular water that is at least 2 cups then blend. An optional addition can either be a couple scoops of green formula, super protein, Udo’s oil, and lecithin fat that emulsifies the oils, a frozen banana for cold-like texture, and pineapple that helps cut out the bitterness from the dandelions; blend and enjoy.

Soda May Soon Come With a Warning

Although by now it is common knowledge that drinking soda isn’t great for you, it seems like now the public will be outright warned.

Officials in San Francisco favorably voted to add a warning label to soda advertisements. If everything goes smoothly, the new law could take effect as soon as this summer. While the fact that drinking soda can contribute to adverse health issues such as cavities and weight gain isn’t disputed, do people really need a warning? This issue is likely to be contested.

According to the Observer, warning labels on tobacco and alcohol certainly make sense, especially since there is an age restriction. Already, coffee cups from fast-food restaurants are stamped with caution labels that tell the consumer the coffee is hot. There isn’t a legal age for consuming soda, nor does it impose a potentially immediate hazard that coffee might. A warning label may seem to be a tad extreme, but it’s the implication of a bigger picture that should be considered.

Soda isn’t the culprit, it’s the sugary contents that give it a bad reputation. Anything with high amounts of processed sugar should be consumed in moderation, and that can be anything from soft drinks to entire isles in grocery stores. The takeaway is this: soda is fine here and there, but too much processed sugar can be unhealthy.

Extreme Businessman, Bernardo Chua, is Super, Networking Entrepreneur with Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold is the company to know if you are a lover of gourmet coffees, tea and other natural products from around the world. This incredible gourmet coffee company caters to the active lifestyles of its customers today. Bernardo Chua is CEO, and by his extreme organizational skills and entrepreneurial guidance in network-marketing, Organo Gold’s success has catapulted.

Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold less than a decade ago in 2008. The corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, but Organo Gold is Mr. Chua’s second major adventure into marketing and networking. Organo Gold offers its array of natural products through an Independent Distributor Network or his Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada for those who are members.

The company now operates in 35 countries and is privately held by individual distributors with the most recent move into Turkey. In Canada, where Bernardo Chua began, he has over one million distributors, and Canada has a strict reputation for testing natural products for purity and quality. Organo Gold is the 55th largest networking and direct sales company in the world, and his superior reputation extends into both direct sales and natural, high-quality, organic products, including quality coffees, teas and natural Ganoderma, which is a natural Chinese Super Mushroom packed with amazing qualities for anti-aging.

Mr. Chua has wanted to bring the Polypore Mushrooms as a super-nutrient into North American for years. Ganoderma is highly regarded in Asia cultures, and has been for thousands of years, so his success in doing that is very satisfying.

The future lifestyle of Bernardo Chua is one of forward progression with the products he represents and his direct-selling empire. His business expertise represents the cutting-edge success that he has utilized in direct sales. For his success, Mr. Chua has won the honorable Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal Award and the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry at the Annual People’s Choice Awards in 2014 according to this recap on Youtube.

Bernardo Chua is presently leading multi-level marketing to extreme profits, and he is not one to waste time. He is a creator and an innovator that is using his talents to excel and advance products through his remarkably innovative approach to reaching customers across the globe. Today, he is recognized as the most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim.

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