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A Revolution in the Dog Food Market

Today’s gourmet food market has changed with significant developments that seek to improve the quality of the products being offered to the market. In a business article by Daily Herald, Richard Thompson, the chief executive officer of one gourmet food manufacturer says that he has an obsession of producing quality products.

To achieve the desired quality he only uses fresh ingredients and preservatives and also makes sure that his food is sold fast so as not to sit on the shelves for long. The flavor is therefore not lost. Richards Company is among fast-growing innovators in the pet food industry.

These companies are producing human-like products for the pets and have won the hearts of many pet owners. Their companies are moving away from the old tradition of blending lamb and salmon and also selling organic grain-free products. These developments by upcoming companies have forced the big companies to come up with strategies to fight back.

The big old companies are making acquisitions and innovations that will give them a competitive edge. One of these acquisitions is by Purina, which bought Merrick Pet Care. The acquisition happened soon after Merrick introduced to the pet food market its backcountry line. The line includes recipes made from Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

Even the senior dogs have a product tailored specifically for them. A recipe called Bright Minds by Purina, the producers of Beneful dog food, is made with fats sourced from coconut oil. The company says that the oil is easier for the old dogs to metabolize and therefore does not take away so much energy from the old pet.

Beneful produces dog foods that include dry, wet or canned food and snacks. In June 2005, the company introduced a product line that features soy as the sole protein source rather than meat. Purinastore’s Beneful food packaging also serves as dog food bowl.

Beneful dog food is taken through quality assurance processes to ensure that the food I of high quality, well made and safe for the pets. Beneful manufacturers go beyond the set industry standards like FDA, AAFCO and USDA just to make sure they give your dog the bets.

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Top Myths About Dog Food

As a pet food brand, Beneful and its pet nutrition experts have always stressed on the fact that food requirements of pets are different from humans. This brand is also quite passionate about dog health and tastes. Over the years, they have introduced an amazing variety of wet and dry dog food flavors so that those lovable furry friends can enjoy a meal that is wholesome, healthy and delicious. These experts have also come across various myths and misconceptions that people have about Beneful on samsclub dog food. It’s time to put those myths to rest. In the following points, some top myths are busted by dog experts –

Dog Food Can Be Used As Cat Food – People who have both cats and dogs tend to interchange their food because they think it is okay. There is a reason why the pet store has separate sections for dog food and cat food. Cats require higher fat content, protein content and Taurine in their food. Dog food, on the other hand, tends to be low on Taurine and high in carbohydrates. It is also low on fat and protein as compared to cat food. Unless the food is specifically marked as being safe for both cats and dogs, interchanging food should be avoided.

Changing the Dog Food Formula Causes Digestion Problems – The myth is so wrong that it’s opposite is true, in fact. Some studies show that when dogs eat the same dog food consistently for years, they are prone to allergies to particular ingredients. They can also develop IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a common condition among dogs. This is why Beneful has so many different types of dog foods with varied flavors.

High Protein Dog Food Is Harmful – Pets actually benefit from high protein dog food that uses animal protein instead of plant protein. This is particularly good for ageing dogs who need the extra nutrition and strength. For this, it is best to go for wet dog foods that come in the form of prepared meals and contain actual animal protein like lamb, beef, et al. Beneful has an amazing variety of these kinds of meals for those dogs who like their food to be full of delicious flavors and scents.

Dry Food Is A Replacement For Oral Hygiene In Dogs – The most common dry food is kibble and it does nothing for the teeth of dogs. Dogs have pointed teeth in their mouth so that they can eat meat easily. Kibbles are either smashed by the teeth or swallowed whole. As such, they have no way of reaching the crevices of the teeth and clean them up. Instead, people should use healthy chewy bones and such treats that are definitely bigger than the dog’s mouth – enough not to be swallowed whole.

Vet Dog Food Is The Best – Vets usually keep dog foods that are from top and popular brands. Complete reliance cannot be placed on these foods and people should still take time to check the ingredient list before choosing a brand.

With these myths now busted, people can make an educated choice about dog food.

All Three Of My Pets Are In Love With Beneful

Raising dogs is just as hard is raising children. I have to figure out what my dogs like to eat, and they are not all the same. I would’ve thought that each one of my dogs would eat the same thing, but I learned that they like different foods. If I lay out a bowl of food, one dog may pick at it, the other dog may jump into it, and the third dog won’t touch it at all. I couldn’t seem to find food that all three of my dogs would eat, and it was costing me a fortune.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but I couldn’t keep buying several different foods at once to make sure that they all would eat. I even decided to try wet dog foods to see if it would help, but it didn’t make a difference. I could never get all three dogs eat the same food, no matter what I did. At one point I was ready to just give up, and I finally found the solution. I took the last step of talking to my veterinarian, and I asked him for a suggestion of what kind of food I should feed all three dogs.

My vet has four different dogs, and he says that they all eat Beneful brand dog food. I had heard about Beneful before, but I never thought it was any different than any other dog food out there. After my veterinarian gave me the advice, I decided to go and buy some. I went to a grocery store on my way home, and I was able to find different brands of Beneful on the shelf. I wasn’t certain which one they might eat, but I took a gamble because it would be no different than any other time I bought food for the dogs.

I was surprised when I got home and put the food in their bowl, and all three of them ate. There are three different sections in the bowl that I laid it out for them, and all three of them were eating at the same time, and I just couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that I could finally find one food that they all would like, but I’m grateful that I did. Choosing to feed my dogs Beneful brand foods made a big difference when it comes to meal times in my home. My dogs love Beneful , and so do I.

This is Your Body Without Sugar

We’ve often heard of sugar addictions, chocoholics and people with who have a sweet tooth. But are these terms describing a real conditions or an imaginary one? According to recent research using lab rats, sugar addiction is real and so are the withdrawal symptoms.

A little sugar makes life sweeter as Paul Matheison says, but the last study on sugar consumption showed that the average person consumed 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day. That’s was including the amount of added sugar found in processed foods. The amount of sugar added to processed foods and beverages has risen since that study, so has the amount of processed foods consumed by the average person. By doing the math, we see sugar intake has risen and it’s all because we like it.
Why do we like sweets so much and what would happen to our body if we cut sugar out of diet altogether?
The study using lab mice showed that by giving sugar water as a reward to the mice, they wanted more and more of the sweet treat. When the sugar water was withheld from them for hours, then they were given free access to it, the mice binged on it. Addiction at its peak. An increased amount of sugar was needed by the mice as time went on.
When the sugar water was totally eliminated from the study mice, they became depressed and would not attempt to swim for their lives when placed in water.

Treat Your Best Friend to Beneful

Beneful, a brand of dog food and snacks, is part of the Purina family, which has been feeding animals for over a century. As a leading brand of both wet and dry dog food, Beneful has expanded into dog snacks, and special recipes that cater to almost every whim a puppy or dog could conceive, and far outstrips any bachelors pantry.

It may be fair to say, that dogs have a more healthy diet than most humans, and a quick look ant the product listing for Beneful might cause a human to drool with envy.

Most pet dogs live on a diet centered around dry dog food. This is understandable, because of the convenience for the dog owner. Dry dog food stores well, is not subject to spoilage, and is readily available in a variety of bag sizes. Now, for added attraction, Beneful brings it to your dogs food dish in eight delicious flavors, suitable for puppies, young adult, adults, and even senior dogs, that is, those needing to watch their weight and the effects of older life.

While some people feed their dogs the same food, day in and day out, for all their lives, dogs, like humans, enjoy a variety in their diet. There has been more and more discussion on Twitter about this topic. While the crunch of dry dog food often helps to clean their teeth, dogs often enjoy a softer diet from time to time. Beneful provides this wet dog food with a variety of blends, including beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon, and selected stews of beef and chicken. That makes a healthy variety of 20 delicious flavors.

Like their human companions, dogs enjoy a snack while watching TV in the evening. Beneful provides that with a selection of seven healthy, and tasty, snacks, with names and flavors good enough to temp the big guy on the couch.

The days of one size fits all, or one type of dog food fits all, is long over, broken apart by the dietitians an Beneful, by Purina.Humans enjoy the variety of foods available to them, and their canine companions deserve no less.