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OSI Group and McDonalds deal leads to growth of both companies

OSI Group is top food production company in the world. It is a company that deals with food production, manly meat products. In the past few decades, there has been a lot of changes in the company as it transforms its operations to fit the needs of today’s market. The use of technology and sustainable methods of production are some of the things that have now taken center stage in the operations of OSI. In the past few decades, the company has moved its operations to countries in Europe and Asia. There has been an emphasis in Europe, one of the high potential markets. View OSI Group McDonalds profile at Linkedin

To understand the journey this company has been through, one needs to consider a number of things. One of the main reasons why OSI Group is great today is the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. These two companies sprouted almost at the same time. After the end of the Second World War, McDonald’s opened a restaurant in Illinois. It was the first restaurant the company was opening. At the same time, OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons was operating in the same region. Otto & Sons was a food business that was already doing very well in Illinois. A German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky had created it in Chicago. OSI Group McDonalds deal would be struck shortly after. McDonald’s was looking for meat suppliers, and Otto & Sons happened to be one of the main suppliers in the region and therefore they were picked for the task. OSI Group McDonalds deal has existed till today. Each one of them has grown tremendously over the years to become a globally recognized company.

The story of OSI Group can never be complete without McDonald’s. It is the deal that they had that pushed OSI to the levels we see today McDonald’s was doing very well, therefore, putting pressure on its suppliers to up their game. OSI Group McDonalds is a tale of two businesses which brought each other from scratch and excelled. They have continued to work together many decades after they first came together. Lear

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Eli Gershkovitch Gives Steamworks a New Look

Eli Gershkovitch has contributed positively towards Steamworks craft breweries since he joined it. The pub is currently holding around 754 seats and clients can see the brewing process as they enjoy their drinks. Steamworks was opened in 1995 in Gastown and focused on changing the methods used in town for brewing.The new methods attracted customers from different regions. Steamworks has several restaurants and bar services in Vancouver to reach a wider market with their crafted beers, check this out. The number of stock at the pub has also increased to satisfy the consumer demands. Expansion of the firm has developed the craft beer domain in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch used the plant to demonstrate his innovativeness. He has managed to control it through harsh market times. Gershkovitch runs the club alone and does not sell shares to potential investors.


Educational and Professional Background

Eli Gershkovitch has a degree in law and art. After acquiring his law degree, the future entrepreneur decided to take art classes at université de ski Grenoble. He also took French classes at French Alps, refer also here on His exposure to Belgian beer led to Gershkovitch starting a microbrewery plant in Germany. The entrepreneur is also conversant with legal principles affecting brewing industry. It is easy for him to apply for the necessary operating permits and licenses to trade with liquor. Eli Gershkovitch makes sure that he meets the local and federal requirements to run a pub. He is confident with the activities that take place at the plant and assures consumers that the drinks are fit for human consumption.



Gershkovitch renovated the Steamworks building to create room for Ralph Lauren and nautical stores, learn more. He further introduced brewing equipment at the bar, something the local authorities and people did not understand at first. The multi-skilled individual managed to pursue the law enforcers about his production process, read more. He partnered with Soren Rasmussen for a retrofit. Eli Gershkovitch managed to launch first bottled beer for his pub. The drink matched the customer preference and was well received in the market. Steamworks Pilsner took the title for British Columbia Beer Awards and the Northwest Brewing News recognized it. The beer was an indicator of Gershkovitch ability to invent something new.