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Vinod Gupta Keeps Up with the Times

Vinod Gupta has watched the business world change a great deal since he launched his first business in the 1970s. Even with more than 40 years as a top manager, he never ceases to find something intriguing to him. Today, Gupta marvels at the rise of artificial intelligence programs. Decades ago, such things were found only in fantasy novels. Today, multibillion-dollar corporations rely on them.

Gupta has his time occupied running his own enterprise, the Everest Group. The Everest Group provides research and consulting to enterprises across the globe. Born in New Delhi, Gupta traveled to the United States with very little money in his pocket. He moved to start a new life for himself while accepting a graduate assistantship at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Things moved fast for Gupta. Through necessity, he found himself compiling a lead list of mobile home dealers. The foray into entrepreneurial pursuits began a multi-year career featuring one achievement after the other.

Don’t assume everything Gupta did was perfect. He does consider any missteps he made in the early days to be learning experiences. Based on his current success, the experiential learning achieved helped him out.

Unlike some others, Gupta emphasizes examining a cost-benefit analysis before jumping into an endeavor. Taking risks can be a good thing, and Gupta is not entirely averse to risk. However, he suggests looking at the economic feasibility of something before committing firmly. Spending too much on something that won’t deliver a desirable return may prove regrettable. Sometimes, companies can’t come back from overspending mistakes.

Vinod Gupta wisely chose to embrace the arriving technological revolution. He stays current with technology changes and innovations. Programs and apps now assist with daily operations since Gupta is not unwilling to look into new tech trends. He continues to show many traits of being an innovative leader.

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