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Sweetgreen, an Unexpected Business Success Story

Most business advisors and finance experts would never predict that a restaurant that served only salads would ever survive in the nation’s top business markets like Washington DC and New York City. However, the Sweetgreen franchise has successfully proved them wrong several times over. Not only has the business survived, it has enjoyed immeasurable success amidst steep, (and cheap) competition.


Everyone knows that the restaurant business is extremely competitive. Experts warn entrepreneurs not to open restaurants every day, including proven successful models like barbecue and pizza joints. We can only guess the type of criticism Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen’s other founders met with in the beginning. However, they had many positive voices in their ears as well.


When the founders came up with the concept, they were college students studying at the prestigious George Washington University. Because of this, their business became sort of a class project in a way. They had the support of expert teachers and family members who were also successful entrepreneurs.


Fortunately, they didn’t have to convince too many investors that their business model would work because they had the financial support of friends and family as well. Nowadays, they are likely turning down investor dollars as their business continues to flourish.


Many experts contend that this is truly an amazing feat since the brand rarely advertises in any common way. For the most part, customers find out about their unique salads via word of mouth recommendations. However, every business owner knows that word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising when you can get it.


Because of the exciting menu options that vary with each location, the popular media is starting to take notice of the little restaurant gem and spreading the word about them to an even wider variety of fans. Celebrity chefs, musicians and other personalities have cultivated salads for the brand and the Sweetgreen, Sweetlife Festival is an exciting pop culture destination for everyone.


The Secret of the Sweetgreen Success Story


One of the reasons that people love the Sweetgreen brand so much is that the food really surprises them. The salads aren’t light and unsubstantial and the customers don’t feel hungry 2 hours later. Customers also don’t feel guilty that they’ve eaten a bunch of garbage they have no hope of burning off sitting on their bottoms, driving home during the evening commute.


Healthy Food Can Taste Good As Well

Just because people are eating healthy does not mean that they have to sacrifice great taste. As a matter of fact, this was what Nathaniel Ru has been trying to prove with Sweetgreen. However, this is one of the myths of healthy eating that is slowly being proved wrong. One of the reasons that people shy away from trying to eat healthy is that they believe that they have to endure foods that either taste bland or strange as opposed to the exciting great tastes that they have come to love from their favorite foods. Often times, people resign to the idea that they will always have weight problems.


Then there are those that find that the healthy foods that are offered to them are not as healthy as they are made to believe. As a result, they are still putting on the pounds while not enjoying the taste. One of the problems that come with the healthy foods is that they have been processed even more than the processed foods that are said to be fattening. As a result, some people give up and go back to the other types of foods that they truly enjoy. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru has put together Sweetgreen in order to provide an alternative.


Sweetgreen offers some of the best tasting salads people will consume. One of the reasons that the salads taste so good is that they are actually made with whole foods. In other words, the foods are organic and have gone through no processing. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the full taste of the salads that they will enjoy. They will also get to enjoy the salad dressings that are available.


Among the salad dressings they could choose from are some of their favorites that they have come to know over the years as well as some of the new dressings that they have never seen before visiting Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru is one of the people that have made sure that they are offering something that is very unique. Nathaniel is also one of the more creative entrepreneurs in the industry.


McDonald’s Closing Down Restaurants All Over the World

This week, an announcement was made the McDonald’s is going to be closing hundreds of restaurants around the world. This is a result of a continuing decline in sales around the world. This year, McDonald’s will be closing a minimum of 700 of its restaurants.

Between January and March of 2015, there was a 2.3% drop in sales, as well as a 28% decrease in operating revenue. this is not the beginning of losses suffered by this company, as this trend has been going on for a few years now.

Steve Easterbrook, the new CEO of the company, stated that significant changes will have to be made in order to improve the reputation of this infamous chain.

The decline of McDonald’s is just one of many examples of how people are becoming more health conscious and less likely to buy fast food and other types of junk food. Coca Cola is another company that is experiencing decline due to this trend exclaims Bruce Karatz. Burger King is taking action to make themselves appear healthier as well, such as removing sodas from kids meals. Additionally, it was recently reported that in the United States, the sale of organic food has dramatically increased to more than 35 billion dollars annually.

Essentially, people are more interested in health than they were in years past, and the market is showing it through declining fast food sales and increasing health food sales.

Ordering Pizza Just Got Even Easier

Ordering food has never been simpler, you do not need to call a restaurant, wait on hold, and order over the loud dim in the background anymore. Instead you can order online or on an app. Even the laziest of the lazy can order delivery to their home with the slightest twitch of a finger. Well America, it has gotten simpler to order pizza. Who would have thought it was possible to simplify simple? Domino’s newest idea is to allow fans to order their delicious pizza by simply posting a pizza emoji on Twitter @Dominos. This new process is called “Easy Order”. Pizza lovers at Amen Clinics know that they have recently changed their company’s name from Domino’s Pizza to simply Domino’s. This lackluster change is part of the company’s plan to appear hip and sell other menu items besides pizza. Domino’s plans to appeal to the tech savy generation with their “Easy Order” method. Let’s see if this is a massive win or terrible fail, check back in a few months to see if they still offer the Twitter ordering. If they don’t then there is your answer.

Fast Food Proximity Linked to Diabetes and Obesity

A new study is attempting to link diabetes and obesity to the number of fast food restaurants located near a person’s home. The study was based in the UK and focused on 10,000 individuals from all walks of life.

Researchers found that there were nearly twice as many fast food joints in neighborhoods that were predominantly ethnic. They went on to conclude that for every two fast food locations located within 500 meters of a neighborhood, one additional case of diabetes was being reported.

While the findings of this study are interesting, I think they are assuming too much. The reason that any business exists at any location is because that location is profitable. This means more demand in a particular area. The demand could be based on any number of things including personal preferences or lifestyle.

Folks at STX Entertainment know that fast food tends to offer convenience and affordability. This makes it ideal for any low income area. Low income can generally be correlated to lack of education. If you have very little money and aren’t aware of the health consequences you would certainly be more likely to make bad choices when it comes to your diet.

I think this study is merely jumping on the bandwagon to demonize fast food. Correlation definitely doesn’t imply causation.

McDonald’s Plans to Offer All- Day Breakfast

The one time leader fast food sales, McDonald’s, has been experiencing an overall loss in sales revenue over the past several years stated Sam Tabar. According to, The loss in sales revenue for the fast food giant are due to several causes including increased competition from other restaurants and changing consumer preferences.

In an effort to regain its lost market share, McDonald’s is planning to test the idea of offering an all-day long breakfast menu to its customers. McDonald’s is responding to customers who have indicated that they want to buy breakfast items after the 10:30 a.m. cut off point that is currently in effect.

McDonald’s plans to start testing the viability of offering an all-day breakfast menu beginning in April for some restaurants located in the San Diego area. However, the idea of offering an all-day breakfast menu does pose some logistical problems for the fast food giant. Some company officials feel that the kitchens are too small to accommodate both a breakfast and lunch menu at the same time. Particularly, the grills are thought to be too small for an expanded menu.

Time will tell whether or not McDonald’s proposed all-day breakfast menu is a feasible proposition. No matter what happens, McDonald’s should be given credit for responding to its customers demand for all-day breakfast food.

Taco Bell Calls Out McDonald’s Breakfast Menu, Possibly Inciting a Breakfast Battle

Taco Bell entered the breakfast game in 2014 with seemingly outlandish offerings. The waffle taco and mini cruchwrap filled with hash browns, eggs, bacon, and cheese have been competing side by side, literally in most cases, with McDonald’s. While I cannot say what percentage of business Taco Bell and stolen from the famous burger chain there has been most definitely a dip in morning sales. McDonald’s breakfast menu has pretty much been the same, well, since forever. Biscuit with meat, egg, with or without cheese. Greasy goodness to many. The younger generation prefers something with a little more variety of flavors and options and, thus, Taco Bell stepped in and stepped up their game. It isn’t just breakfast burritos and tacos, they also teamed up with Cinnabon to offer delicious little doughnut balls and coffee products. That is pretty tough to compete with. Bruce Karatz is aware that Taco Bell has just released two online videos promoting their breakfast menu, one of which shamelessly puts down the Egg McMuffin and compares it to a dictatorship or communism. The question is how will McDonald’s respond?

KFC Under Pressure to Serve Antibiotic-Free Chicken

KFC is now facing some heat about serving chicken with human antibiotics. This is because McDonalds has publicly made an announcement that they will no longer serve chicken that has been raised with human antibiotics. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that the purpose of this is because it can potentially cause health issues in the near future. When chickens are injected with human antibiotics, it eliminates harmful bacteria, but also wipes out bacteria that is meant to defend “superbugs.” Due to these injections, superbugs may now resist the treatment and continue to manifest into something more serious. According to Reuters, KFC has no “publicly stated policy on antibiotic use in the production of the meat it buys.” Your text to link…
It has become imperative that KFC should follow Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, and other food chains that are in support of not serving chickens with antibiotics. If not, this franchise could seriously face a significant loss of customers and develop a bad reputation over time. Ultimately, customers will want quality food and healthier options.

Japan Unveils Tower Burger of Madness

Japan is known for its innovative inventions and trend-starting styles. According to the article on, Japan’s biggest fast food chain is unveiling a burger of innovative layers.

MOS (Mountain, Ocean, Sun) Burger, the biggest fast food chain in Japan behind McDonald’s, has announced their new burger- the Tokyo Tower Burger. And what a tower it is! The burger consists of fourteen different layers. MOS Burger have decided to create this new burger in commemoration of the opening on March 13 of their new location in Tokyo Tower’s food court.

At this point you have got to be wondering what goes into a 14-layer burger, right? MOS Burger have revealed that the layers go as follows:

Hot chili sauce
Chopped onion
Burger Patty
Extra wide tomato slice
More Hot chili sauce
Onion ring
Another layer of chopped onion
Pastrami bacon
Burger Patty

I’m not even sure how one would go about tackling this tower of madness, but I can’t wait to see someone try! Thanks to our friends at AnastasiaDate for the tip!

McDonald’s Is Trying To Raise Its Food Standards

The Golden Arches is going through an identity crisis. Customers want them to figure out who they are and what they can add to the world of fast food. With healthy living advocates like Amen Clinics, gone are the days when a burger chain can put almost anything between hamburger buns and sell it. Today’s consumers want to eat food that is fresh and tastes good. McDonald’s has dropped the ball in those two categories.

But McDonald’s home office is listening, and they are slowly making changes. The company recently announce they will only serve antibiotic free chicken, and they will only sell milk that is not laced with growth hormones. But don’t expect to see these changes right away. The U. S. President of the chain said this new policy will be implanted within the next two years.

The big question is why will it take that long?

McDonald’s has a lot of buying power, so they should be able to implement a change like this one in a few months, not years. What the chain doesn’t get is consumers aren’t going to wait until they get it McRight. The fast food business is changing quickly, and the chains that drag their corporate feet will be seeing a lot of empty spaces in the parking lot.