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DonataMeirelles is One of the Most Popular Brazilian Fashion Influencers

As a mainstay in the world of high fashion, boasting more than thirty years of experience in the industry, DonataMeirelles has worked directly with many of its most prominent figures, even attaining the position of style director with Vogue Brazil. While recognized primarily for her exploits in the fashion world, DonataMeirelles has also dedicated a large portion of her time and efforts to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS. A staunch supporter for AIDS education and research, she has attended a variety of major events around the world concerning the topic, including the annual Cinema Against AIDS. Check out on for more fashion updates.

In recent years, she has also used her growing public platform to spread awareness to the world, often relying on the assistance of her 500,000 social media followers. Recently, the New York Times revealed that a second AIDS patient had been cured of the disease, causing a significant spike in public interest. After the news was released, DonataMeirelles immediately discussed her feelings regarding the new breakthrough, even citing the year 2020 as a realistic date for a worldwide cure. It was eight years ago that she first became actively involved in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS, when she was introduced to the amfAR, then known as the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

The nonprofit organization, amfAR, resulted from a merger between the California-based National AIDS Research Foundation and the AIDS Medical Foundation. The amfAR has taken a unique stance in its fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS, choosing to tackle the issue from a variety of angles, including education, public policy, prevention, and research. Through their consistent efforts, the amfAR has helped to provide more than 3,300 research grants, raising more than $400 million. While a portion funding for the amfAR is provided through donations, the vast majority is created through fundraising initiatives. Visit:

How to Look Your Best According to Donata Meirelles

What does it take to be the most beautiful person on the block? It’s not as hard as you might suspect it to be, especially when the right steps are taken to achieve that look. Vogue Brasil Style Editor Donata Meirelles comes from a long generation of beautiful women. These women prove that genetics does, indeed, bless us with our beauty, since each generation (Donata Peixoto, mother, and Helena Bordon, daughter) all encompass beauty in every aspect of the word. What are the secrets that have helped these ladies look amazing? Perhaps knowing the same information as these ladies will help you achieve the beautiful looks that you want for a long time ahead. Follow Donata Meirelles on Twitter for more fashion

The three sat down together to film a few videos and programs where they revealed their secrets and beauty tips. Make sure that you take care of your skin before anything else. Wash and soothe the skin every single day when you wake up and before bedtime to remove impurities and dirt and to keep the skin looking fresh and vibrant. Products used to treat your skin and your makeup choices are also both important, they all three agree. Even when its costlier than other products, splurge beauty products make a difference in your skin, your makeup, and confidence. Donata Meirelles knows what she’s talking about. How else would one earn such a position with such an amazing and trusted beauty magazine?

Confidence is important for every woman to have and Donata Meirelles can tell you this firsthand. She is an amazing lady who understands her worth and that comes from a mom and grandmother who also share those qualities. When you feel good, you look good because beauty comes from the inside out. Happiness eludes in your look and your style. If you’re stressed, find ways to alleviate the stress. Make sure you are happy from the inside out if you want to look amazing. And, of course, make sure that starts with confidence in yourself.

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RealReal Looks To Show Unicorns Are Real With New Funding

The RealReal is unique to this brick-and-mortar and online shopping niche with its track record of being able to “find the fake” in this space with its nearly overtrained staff to protect its reputation by protecting its name. Finding a used Louis Vuitton bag online is easy, but comfortably knowing that it’s not a good fake is something that is bred into the company’s success.

Following her stint as the CEO of, Julie Wainwright seems to have found a way to revive her career with the founding of the RealReal. Many will cite as the most memorable example of the “dot-com-bust”, Wainwright now represents the success of smaller-scope startups.

The authentication process at the RealReal is rigorous and the increase in revenue has led the company to the top of the luxury consignment market quickly as the business continues to expand.

With growth comes a need for willing investors and The RealReal has authorized the sale of $70 million in new shares, and if reached would see its valuation rise over the billion dollar mark for the first time. While there is no guarantee the shares, will be sold, many investors are viewing The RealReal as the newest unicorn in the niche.

Since the companies inception, it has raised nearly $300 million from various private equity and venture capital backers. Last year, the company closed Series G funding of $115 million seeing the company valued at around $750 million.

While headquartered in San Francisco, its expanded brick-and-mortar stores extend well beyond the “City by The Bay.” This newest round of funding should see The RealReal looking at 2020 for an initial public offering.

Competing Poshmark looks set to go public later this year as it reached $150 million in revenue in 2018. Other companies in the same arena include the female-founded Glossier which is now valued over a billion along with Rent the Runway among others.

The RealReal is hoping that its attention to detail and rigorous authentication process has a springboard to unicorn status.