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RealReal Looks To Show Unicorns Are Real With New Funding

The RealReal is unique to this brick-and-mortar and online shopping niche with its track record of being able to “find the fake” in this space with its nearly overtrained staff to protect its reputation by protecting its name. Finding a used Louis Vuitton bag online is easy, but comfortably knowing that it’s not a good fake is something that is bred into the company’s success.

Following her stint as the CEO of, Julie Wainwright seems to have found a way to revive her career with the founding of the RealReal. Many will cite as the most memorable example of the “dot-com-bust”, Wainwright now represents the success of smaller-scope startups.

The authentication process at the RealReal is rigorous and the increase in revenue has led the company to the top of the luxury consignment market quickly as the business continues to expand.

With growth comes a need for willing investors and The RealReal has authorized the sale of $70 million in new shares, and if reached would see its valuation rise over the billion dollar mark for the first time. While there is no guarantee the shares, will be sold, many investors are viewing The RealReal as the newest unicorn in the niche.

Since the companies inception, it has raised nearly $300 million from various private equity and venture capital backers. Last year, the company closed Series G funding of $115 million seeing the company valued at around $750 million.

While headquartered in San Francisco, its expanded brick-and-mortar stores extend well beyond the “City by The Bay.” This newest round of funding should see The RealReal looking at 2020 for an initial public offering.

Competing Poshmark looks set to go public later this year as it reached $150 million in revenue in 2018. Other companies in the same arena include the female-founded Glossier which is now valued over a billion along with Rent the Runway among others.

The RealReal is hoping that its attention to detail and rigorous authentication process has a springboard to unicorn status.

Fabletics, Feel and Look Your Absolute Best with Athleisure

If you happen to be looking for athletic gear that’s a bit more exciting than the boring grey or black with a dash of neon, check out Fabletics. This new generation of workout clothes is referred to athleisure. This means that not only is the clothing functional in the gym, but it’s also great for shopping, lounging, lunch, or whatever happens to be on your agenda. Kate Hudson is the brains behind the name. She not only offers her fashion input with her own line of gear, she also gives her top picks and other advice to women and men who want to be fit and fabulous.


Although the athleisure spotlight now has many different designers in the mix, Fabletics leads the pack. Demi Lovato has even debuted her own line with the company. The company has gone from a small operation, to now over 250 million dollars a year. Competing against Amazon, this is a rather large accomplishment. Kate Hudson is also involved in the operations of the business and has been credited with much of its success. While she admits that much of the success is due to trial and error, her advice is highly sought after by executives at Fabletics.


The company’s strategy has also been different than many other verona couture women clothing  manufacturers. Fabletics uses the “reverse showroom” technique to showcase its products. This method, used by a few other businesses, such as Apple, showcases the majority of its products online, with a more specialized retail component. With the retail factor, those who might not have purchased online can visit the retail store to check out the product line in person. This method has proven to be incredibly successful, as the retail stores are converting shoppers into customers at an incredibly high rate, far greater than most other conventional retailers. Customers can also purchase select items and bestsellers from the retail store, plus handle any customer service concerns.


Fabletics is an all-encompassing brand. Not only is there athleisure for fit women but those looking to get into shape, those who love their curves, kids and even a men’s line. Customers are able to get online and see which looks suit them best. From there the process is explained and readers can decide what works best for them. To get started and take the athleisure lifestyle quiz, head over to and get on the road to looking and feeling great!

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves ????

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The Disadvantages of Advertising According to Fabletics

The climate of business is changing at a rapid rate. One of the aspects of business that is changing is the marketing aspect. Companies are going to have to adjust the way they address the customers. Back in older times, the way to address customers was through advertising. Nowadays, advertising is not as effective anymore because customers are learning to see through all of the promises. They are looking at different sources of information such as reviews. While advertising is still effective when it comes to spreading awareness of a business, it is not as effective in gaining and keeping customers. The bar is raised and companies are going to have to look at other ways to prove themselves.


Fortunately, fashion retailers like Fabletics is prepared to take on this new world of business. They have looked into different ways of marketing which not only brings forth great images of themselves but also brings in satisfied customers as well. For one thing, customers have become more savvy when it comes to businesses they are going to be involved with. Customers now research companies they buy from in order to make sure that there is nothing very shady about the company. After all, if a customer feels guilty about supporting a company that is horrible when it comes to ethics, then they are going to shy away from the company no matter how appealing the products are.


One of the most important things for company owners to do is reach out and answer questions to the customer so that the customer will have more trust in the business. Also, delivery is very important. If businesses are not going to deliver on their promises, then they are going to lose customers. For one thing, one customer is going to be disappointed and is going to post reviews on the business.  Therefore, it is important for companies to be very careful with how they are conducted.


Demi Lovato Joins Fabletics And Their Fashion Empire

Demi Lovato is now a part of the Fabletics family, and she is joining Kate Hudson to design the finest athleisure clothing in the industry. This article explains how Fabletics is creating the best athleisure clothing for women, and Demi is adding her vision to the company. The company is opening stores in North America that will feature clothing designed by Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato, and they are using selling techniques that have helped companies like Amazon.


#1: Demi Lovato Is The New Face


Demi Lovato is the new face of Fabletics as she joins Kate Hudson. She is creating her own style of athleisure, and she wishes to ensure that her clothes will match with the current Fabletics line. She wants women to look their best in swimwear, gym clothes and casual clothes. The clothes women are wearing may take them around town, and they will feel sexy because the clothes flatter their bodies.


#2: A Woman Wearing The Fabletics Brand


A woman that is wearing the Fabletics brand will look her best as she may dress perfectly for casual encounters in town, and she may ensure that she is ready for the gym when she drops her kids off at school. A lady who is looking for the best clothing for her personal style will feel better about the clothes she has chosen, and she will quite enjoy wearing something that may be interchanged when she goes from the gym to the store.


#3: The Clothes Go On Vacation


Fabletics clothes from both Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato were designed for the beach, and the swimwear will look beautiful when a woman gets ready for the beach. She may take athleisure on vacation, and she will find it easy to look her best when she is relaxing away from home. The vacation that a woman takes will be enjoyable for her because she is wearing a better outfit, and she will notice that there are many swimwsuits to choose from.


#4: Reverse Showrooming


The reverse showroom experience for women helps them see clothes in a new Fabletics store that she found online. She will remember those clothes because she shopped for them online, and she may check her account in the store. The store will give her information about things she has purchased in the past, and she will find it quite exciting to shop as she would online while standing in the store.


Every woman who shops with Fabletics will find it easy to choose clothing that will make them look great. A woman who is committed to wearing the Fabletics brand will feel much better about herself, and she will begin to enjoy wearing clothes that she knows she may interchange as she goes about her day. A trip from the gym to the store will be easier when ladies have Fabletics in their closet. They may wear Demi Lovato’s styles today, and they will feel much more beautiful in clothing by an icon of new style.

Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Being successful in the fashion industry requires not only understanding what clients want today but in being able to anticipate how they will seek out your products tomorrow. Kate Hudson has spent her professional career developing ways to tackle this challenge, succeeding where many fail with Fabletics.


What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a fast-growing enterprise that broke the $250 million mark in just three years. Its primary focus is on active ware and utilizes a subscription service to attract consumers of all tastes and budgets. By having customers choose the brands offered and proactively providing only the best from them, Fabletics is able to eliminate the showroom drain while maximizing customer loyalty.


Beating Amazon

There is a reason why Amazon has 20% of the high-end fashion market. All that company has to do is allow its competitors to showcase their wares while undercutting them on price. Most companies suffer as a result, however, Fabletics is able to turn this digitization of shopping into a positive component of their business plan. Each item viewed in the store is placed in an online shopping cart, enabling members to make the purchase from the comfort of their own home. Thus, founder Kate Hudson is able to bring the best of online shopping to those who still seek out a quality retail experience.


Rewarding Loyalty

Fabletics members are able to take advantage of the growing data-aware systems employed to influence what products are offered. Their shopping experience, both in the digital and physical worlds, are thus streamlined in a manner that enables them to discover the perfect clothing article without having to waste time sorting through dozens of lower-quality or over-priced brands. The merger of retail and online outlets also enables clients to walk into the store and know exactly what they want, making the purchasing process more user-friendly without sacrificing customer service.


Growing Rapidly

With a 35% year over year corporate growth, Fabletics is able to leverage its quality brands and consumer experience in more retail locations while not limiting the special treatment its members have come to expect. On the contrary – the larger the company becomes the easier it is to utilize its pro-data policies to better anticipate the needs of its customers throughout the country.


Start Your Membership Today

Become a VIP member today and influence what items are available at your local Fabletics retail outlet. This is in addition to the many offers provided solely to members.

Evolution of Smooth: How One Brand Rose to the Top of Their Industry in Just Seven Years

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm as is perhaps the more familiar name, shook up the lip balm industry just seven years ago when they burst onto the scene with their now-iconic pastel orbs of lip balm.

The industry is over a 100 years old, and almost nothing in it has changed. The common little tubes that most lip balm comes in (think brands like Chapstick) are much the same as they always have been as is the fairly unisex way those brands markets their products.

EOS knew that the industry was due for a shakeup, a driving force in their ideas and decisions before launching their product line, which is now second in sales only to Burt’s Bees. But how exactly did EOS lip balm manage to rise to the top so quickly?

A large part of their strategy revolved around designing an innovative product unlike anything else available on the market, which led to the creation of the little egg-shaped containers. Designed to stimulate all five senses, the containers come in a variety of appealing colors as well as unique flavors and scents.

Another key piece of their strategy was determining a demographic. Unlike other lip balm brands, finding a demo to target has been instrumental in their success. Women are the primary purchasers of lip balm and yet, most companies choose a unisex approach. This left a wide-open door for EOS when they chose to connect with millennial women in order to sell their product.

Getting into stores proved a slight roadblock, however; initially, no companies wanted to carry the products, but eventually EOS found a buyer – and found their way into celebrities’ handbags, beauty magazines, and girls’ bags everywhere.

Read more about Evolution of Smooth and their success story in their exclusive interview with Fast Company.

EOS Products are available online via and Ulta:


The top Best Pajama Sets You Can Always Wear in Public

Despite the ever revolving door of trends, pajama dressing has managed to remain constant. At first, there were lots of speculation about it with the silky bottoms and the drawstring elastics, thereafter flourishes of the lace trimming slip dresses and pretty camis.

Today, most designers on have taken the pajama trend to a new level of spring with robes at Thakoon and pajama sets, pretty nightmare chemises at the Celine, the piped pajama shirts at the Alexander Wang and the little lace things at the Givenchy. There are high sings the stars are the real adopters of the comfy trend. Selena Gomez put on a Derek Rose Pajama together with a bold lip and sandals.

You need to consider the sleek accessories in order to help complete your look to prevent anyone assuming that you did roll out of bed.

The Derek Rose
Try and copy Gomez and you can style yo0ur silky set using a bold lip and bright red sandals.

On the Runway
Designers like Alexander Wang, Thakoon used a literal approach during the spring and sent out their pajama sets on the runways.

A cropped cullotte silhouette and a statement making floral print helps in modernizing the set. You need to pull and Alba and style yours using a racy black lace bralet in case of a sexy take.

The Sleepy Jones
You can always take inspiration on Youtube from the Thankoon runway and unbutton your shirts for a plunging neckline.

The Bodas
You can always wear the bodas together as a set or separately. You can wear the shirt together with a black silky wide leg pants.

The H&M
The mismatched stripes are always more wearable on Instagram. You can always shrug on a sharp black blazer for you to break up the print and let it slip into the black loafers to achieve the preppy polished feel.

The Olivia Von Halle
You can always commit to a top to toe pattern in order to make a statement.

About JustFab
JustFab has now reached 35 million members in the globe just through its lifestyle portfolio fashion brands such as ShoeDazzle, JustFab and FabKids. All these usually provide a curated and personalized shopping experience in JustFab with outfit recommendations and styling advice from the fashion consultants and style experts.

JustFab, formed in 2010 is a firm dealing with lifestyle fashion which produces a personalized and engaging shopping experience to the more than 35 million members. JustFab, has managed to transform the way ladies shop for fashion all over. This has provided the members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, US, Germany and France the celebrity treatment.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Now Have Fashion Line To Show Support

Football team the Pittsburgh Steelers is kicking off the beginning of the season right by introducing a new fashion campaign. This isn’t just t-shirts and hoodies, there is going to be many versatile items for all types of fans. Pandora, a company well known for their charm braceletes, will be one of the notable brands involved in the campaign. Other big name brands involved are Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Bahama, and Nike Golf. The point of the new fashion line is to show off the diversity involved in being a Steelers fan. You can dress it up or dress it down no matter what Steelers product you’re wearing. You could slip on a casual Steelers shirt and wear it with jeans and then when you’re heading out for a night on the town or to just dinner with friends the outfit can be classed up with a scarf and some jewelry all while still showing your Steelers pride. This new fashion campaign allowing fans to show up to the game day party in style wouldn’t be possible without the director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla. She’s the mastermind behind the “easy to use from any device” website. You can access the site here. Her keypoint when creating the site was that she wanted fans to be able to shop for Steelers merchandise from any type of device quickly and easily. Susan McGalla states that they would receive numerous fan letters asking where they could purchase what a player was wearing on the sidelines or what a player might be wearing while boarding the plane. The fashion campaign is also implementing “It’s not just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday” so fans can then enter photo contests with their Steelers supportive wardrobe and could possibly win a new all Steelers wardrobe. McGalla has been in the retail business for quite awhile. In the early 1990s she was a divisional merchandise buyer at American Eagle Outfitters. Through working various managerial roles she eventually wound up as CMO or Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. During her time there she oversaw the new brand additions of Aerie and 77kids. susanmcgalla left American Eagle in 2009 and moved onto become a member of the board of directors at HFF, a commercial real estate firm. In 2012, she then founded P3 Executive Consulting and currently she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.