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How Hard Work and Dedication Made Milan Kordestani a Global Star

Many entrepreneurs today fail because they want to get rich overnight. They do not know that any business requires time and dedication to thrive. Milan Kordestani can attest to this. She is one of the entrepreneurs who has patiently worked their way up. As young as eleven years, Milan started to help her parents at the bakery. This helped her acquire excellent customer service skills and work ethics that she has utilized until now. According to Milan, the skills you learn when young will carry you through life.

Today, Milan Kordestani is the founder of the famous Saint German Catering. Through her experience, knowledge, and exceptional business skills, Milan has grown the business into an award-winning company. Her dedication and handwork to her business have helped her win many awards that include being recognized as the enterprising woman of the year 2014. The Enterprising Women magazine gives this award every year in recognition of women who have done exceptionally well in business. Milan has also been recognized as one of the women who has offered mentorship or support to other female entrepreneurs and has become a leader in the community.

Milan Kordestani does not only engage in food and catering. Her love for pets has made her fund the popular Jack miller program that deals in interventional endoscopic Diagnostics and Radiologic diagnostics and Therapeutics at Pennsylvania University. This is a veterinary program that offers help with little soft tissue surgeries, and other pet therapies through progressive treatment.

Milan has an inborn desire to champion for the success of women entrepreneurs. This is evident in her founding the famous Mina Ebrahimi Foundation. The foundation is aimed at empowering women of different age brackets to establish their future in the business world. Milan is dedicated to guiding and leading these women into making the right decisions. She believes that empowering a woman helps empower the future generation as well. Through her selfless initiative, many women have managed to grow thriving businesses. Milan is also a dedicated philanthropist. Milan has selflessly helped her community in various ways, and this has made her name memorable to many people. Milan Kordestani believes in using whatever resource she has to help others find happiness and fulfillment in life.