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4 Steps To Finding A Good Family Attorney

Finding a good family attorney is not as simple as it might seem. You need to make sure that Dennis Durkin, the attorney you’ve hired, will provide you with the necessary attention and expertise in order to ensure your desired outcome is achieved.

  1. Do Your Homework

Evaluate what cases Dennis Durkin has handled in the past, such as similar cases to your own so that you know right off of the bat if this person will be able to handle your unique situation. They must be willing to work with you and be flexible in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

  1. Check Reviews

Read online forums and ask others around you if they are happy with the services they received from the lawyer. They should be professional enough to handle your case and be prepared to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Ask Questions

Do not make a hasty decision based solely on the first meeting with your potential family-law attorney because you may not get exactly what you want at the end of the day. Ask what their fees are, time frame for completion, and what they can offer you to make the most out of your case.

  1. Request References From Current Clients

Call each client Dennis Durkin has dealt with to see how satisfied they are with their services. Ask them why they chose the lawyer, what issues they have dealt with, and the outcome of their case. You need a confident, competent attorney who will be available when you need them and will give you the best results possible.

The only way to be sure that you are making a good choice is to do thorough research on the potential candidate. Find someone who is adept in your field of expertise. The more information you have, the easier it will be to make a decision that is right for you.

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Finding a Reputable Family Law Attorney

You may be wondering, who is a good family law attorney and what are the signs of a good one? Here are some professional tips to find a great family law attorney for your case!

  1. Look for a lawyer who has experience.

This is probably one of the most important things to look for when trying to find a family law attorney. How would you like it if you were going through bitter divorce proceedings, and the lawyer that was hired by your spouse was far more experienced than yours? You wouldn’t like it at all! You want someone who has handled cases exactly like yours before.

A good family law attorney will have experience in divorce and custody cases, as well as prenuptial agreements and other areas of the law. Dennis Durkin is a divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, and has years of experience in family law.

  1. Make sure they have professional affiliations.

You might be wondering why this is important. Why do you want to make sure your lawyer is a part of professional organizations? It’s important because these organizations require members to uphold certain standards of conduct, and if the members don’t continue to uphold those standards, they may lose their membership and any rights that go along with it.

  1. Look up reviews online to see what others have said about the attorney’s work.

You can find reviews of family law attorneys online, and they are usually pretty informative. You should look up both the positive and negative reviews, to see what others had to say about the attorney you’re thinking about hiring. Dennis Durkin has received outstanding reviews from clients in San Antonio, TX.

  1. Ask about their personal practices.

Your family law attorney should disclose any information that he or she is aware of regarding your case before you hire him or her. One very important thing to look for is a retainer agreement, which spells out restrictions on the attorney’s work with you as well as the time frame in which they have to complete the case. Dennis Durkin has a retainer agreement that tells you exactly what is expected of both the attorney and the client.

This is a very important decision, and one you shouldn’t make lightly. You want to choose a lawyer who will take the time to understand your situation and to help you through the turmoil that often accompanies divorce proceedings.

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