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The Magnises Card Gives Customers Bountiful Perks

Magnises is a black card for all of those young professionals that are interested in getting some of the extra perks that they would otherwise miss out on. There is no secret that the young professions are going to get good jobs after they graduate. What they do not have, however, is access to black card. That is the reason that more people are taking a serious look at what Magnises is offering. Billy McFarland has made people recognize the value of getting acquainted with this Magnises card. People that want to save money when they are out will instantly see the benefits of a card like this.

What Billy McFarland was has done is create a card that can get people into VIP parties. The great thing about this is that this doesn’t have to be another credit card; it is simply a boost for the credit card that someone may already have. The ability to get specials for free drinks at bowling alleys or discounts on bottles of champagne are some of the great perks. You may even find yourself in the same space with celebrities at a VIP party because this the what Billy McFarland has worked to include with Magnises perks. McFarland is a young entrepreneur with a plethora of different businesses, but he recruited help from seniors with experience in building up these types of perks for customers.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

One thing that people may notice about the Magnises black card is that it is a little bit more diverse than the typical black card. Members of Magnises can get access to a Work Pass, and this gives them a discount on their work space areas like the Alley NYC. People can get a discount for as much as 80% off. This is something that has made a lot of entrepreneurs consider the benefits of Magnises.

People that are going to book hotels on a regular basis will also see the benefits that come with having the Magnises card. The procrastinator that books hotels at the last minute can still find the great deals that others people that book early have access to. This is with the Hotel Pass feature that is part of the Magnises package. Consumers will discover that this card gives them access to the Dream Hotel with the Magnises card where they get access to exclusive perks at

This is a black card that is new. A lot of people are trying to figure out what all the perks for the Magnises card are because it is still growing. This is the good thing about this card. McFarland is still on a mission to bring even more features to light. Concierge service is good, and a lot of people expect this with a black card. Magnises has this, but McFarland wants people to have access to so much more. He has become very masterful in bringing a wide assortment of different features to the black card, and he is working on even more perks.

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