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Alpha Aviation Group’s Founder and Director, Bhanu Choudhrie, Is the Featured CEO

Bhanu Choudhrie is behind several thriving institutions, including Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. He also serves as the company’s director. AAG is a subsidiary of Choudhrie’s private equity corporation, C&C Alpha Group, which has been extensively growing over the years. Alpha Aviation Group is the only Philippine flight school with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The institution is proud to be the leading supplier of airline pilot training services worldwide. Choudhrie has an exceptional knack for choosing aviation assets that are especially promising for the future because of his vast expertise in investing in the hotel, healthcare, and real estate industries.

But what developments have occurred in the aviation industry? Bhanu Choudhrie: The growing middle class in emerging markets like Asia and Africa is helping fuel demand for commercial airliners, which is a big boon. It has led to an increase in the size of fleets.

The shortage of pilots for big commercial flights is challenging to address, partly because entry-level pilots are often expected to have extensive experience in smaller aircraft, even though such roles pay much less. Training a commercial airline pilot costs over $150,000, whereas starting earnings for pilots at smaller airlines are in the low $20,000s. It would be beneficial to find a way to balance the situation, added Bhanu Choudhrie.

Hence, there is a rising need for pilots in Southeast Asia because of the region’s rising middle class. Further, some 30,000 American pilots will be retiring in the future years due to the aging of the baby boomer generation. AAG training school views this as a great opportunity. More than three hundred and fifty pilots have been placed with airlines such as Jet Airways and Philippine Airlines, thanks to their efforts. More importantly, Alpha Aviation Group earns over $20 million annually in sales.

Bhanu Choudhrie: We initially took a chance by investing in Air Deccan. Things were on a tight budget, and the investment wasn’t expected to be profitable. Thankfully, the growth of India’s middle class meant that more people were seeking economical ways to travel to places that had previously required spending two or three days on a train. Choudhrie added: We contributed to India’s aviation development and the liberalization of the airline sector via the purchase of Air Deccan. To know more click: here.

How IM Academy CEO Chris Terry gives back

Chris Terry, founder and CEO of IM Academy, has built a career on empowering people to achieve their goals. The whole-life learner and best-selling author’s philosophy is that “knowledge is power” – a belief that he strives to live by through his daily actions.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO has built his industry-leading learning platform for the past ten years. He is now on a mission to empower millions worldwide to reach their full potential. His motivation comes from a strong desire to see people have better lives. Below are some of the ways he gives back.

  1. Connecting people to the tools they need to thrive

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder has been helping people across the globe succeed in the financial markets. The IM Academy platform is a comprehensive solution offering world-class education on Digital Forex trade and other areas.

  1. Helping others reach their goals

Chris Terry IM Mastery Academy President, is crucial in helping people build better lives for their families by using social media marketing strategies.

  1. Providing inspiration

Chris Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder is constantly sharing his stories with an audience of millions on his blog, the Coaching Academy. He has impacted millions of people around the globe through his blog and social media platforms. Whenever he shares a personal story, he sparks a passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential.

  1. Empowering others through entrepreneurship

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO, has an inspiring story about how he became a successful entrepreneur. He has been featured in many worldwide publications, including, Forbes and Huffington Post, due to his success in the industry.

  1. Benefiting his community

Chris Terry regularly contributes to charities and non-profit organizations. His contributions have made an impact on a global scale, including providing clean drinking water to thousands of people across the globe.

  1. Driving change through mentorship

Chris Terry has been mentoring leaders around the world for many years. His teachings have helped them build companies worth millions of dollars in just a few years. Just click this page for more information.


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The future of German sport, according to Alfons Hörmann

The German sports system has been criticized for a long time. This was the case because the sports institutions and federations could not provide a high level of development and modernization. The only way out of this situation was to change the system itself. For instance, two different systems were used in Germany: a public system, which is financed by taxes and other income sources, and a private system, which is funded by sponsorships (e.g., sports clubs).

To solve this problem, many reforms have been introduced in recent years. The most significant reform was done in 2012 when the federal government passed a law that abolished private sports clubs altogether. “Aufhebung der Mitgliedschaft” (Abolition of membership). From 1 July 2013, all memberships will be canceled automatically after five years without any possibility for renewal or extension. According to this law, as well as other reforms, there will be no longer any membership fee for adult memberships on top of the taxes paid by them for their membership fees into tax offices; however, these fees will still be collected by federations and sports associations when they are working with children and young people.

This reform was a success because it reduced the number of private sports clubs in Germany. However, there are still many private sports clubs in Germany, especially in smaller towns and villages where the number of sports clubs is smaller than the number of people living there. This is because they are often founded by entrepreneurs who want to make a profit. They do not have any interest in developing sports but only in making money. They do not pay their members but only take their money.

I believe that one of the reasons why this reform did not work was because it was introduced at the same time as the Olympic Games in Germany. The Olympic Games are one of the most significant events that attract attention. However, they do not substantially impact the development of sports in Germany. They only attract people to come to Germany and visit the Olympic Games, where they will spend money, which is not always good for German sport.

The Olympics are one of the most significant events that attract attention. However, they do not substantially impact the development of sports in Germany. They only attract people to come to Germany and visit the Olympic Games, where they will spend money, which is not always good for German sport. Get more info with Alfons Hormann at

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus Uses His Success To Help Struggling Entrepreneurs

Luke Lazarus, CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting, knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from the time he was eight years old.

He had owned and operated several businesses by the time he graduated from high school.

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Lazarus put the same amount of effort into his grades.

He graduated from high school with a 4.0 average, and colleges from Australia and the United States heavily recruited Lazarus.

Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

By the time Lazarus was in his mid-twenties, he already had four successful businesses.

By the time he was in his early thirties, he had sold all of his business and had enough money to retire. However, retiring was not an option for Lazarus.

Instead of retiring, Lazarus started another business.

Luke Lazarus Consulting helps other entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true.

A big problem with entrepreneurs is the need to know everything. In reality, they should not know or do everything.

Lazarus explains the concept of outsourcing to new entrepreneurs.

Whether an entrepreneur’s weakness is accounting or marketing, there are people who specialize in those areas.

Lazarus has earned the reputation of being caring, effective, and honest.

After assisting his clients in creating a solid business model, he encourages them to find funding for their businesses.

Lazarus places a heavy emphasis on branding to ensure that his clients will start earning money.

Lazarus also helps struggling business owners discover their weaknesses and help turn them into successes.

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What Are Some of The Healthcare Insights Provided by Mahmoud Khattab?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2021, all sectors, including the world health care sector, have been immensely affected globally. The whole chain of world health care sectors has experienced inequality and imbalance throughout 2020 and 2021 including, health care infrastructure, the health care supply chain, and the healthcare workforce.

Due to the changes being witnessed in the ecology systems, both public and private health care systems have been forced to adapt and find innovative ways to operate within a short period. According to global health statistics, foundational health shifts have critically worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These foundational health shifts include vaccine development, pharmaceutical innovation, technological advancement, and data analytics.

Mahmoud Khattab, a professional medical doctor who currently holds the CEO position at Precision MD, has recently provided some global health care insights that health and medical professions should consider and prioritize. Mahmoud Khattab understands the global health challenges that most healthcare providers, stakeholders, and the government are facing due to the changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, the healthcare systems should work to improve their flexibility to overcome the challenges of innovating and adapting to new future changes. To create a healthy future, healthcare shareholders and the government should analyze and enhance their ability to explore and respond to any current or present healthcare concerns such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mahmoud Khattab notes that consumers are the leading cause of healthcare system changes through their needs and objectives, which have rapidly accelerated innovation in the healthcare sector. In addition, consumers have highly demanded patient and doctor interactions through digital enhancements.

With these demands, Mahmoud Khattab encourages healthcare professionals to create and develop new digital services and devices, which will, in turn, enhance and improve patient satisfaction, monitor and track patient’s health and improve medication adherence. See insights from Mahmoud Khattab on Medium

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Alpha Aviation Group Becomes Among The First To Provide MPL Training

Starting a company from the scratch when you have big brands as your competitors can be tricky. What is worse, the competitors are well known and associate themselves with big names in the industry who play a huge role in decision-making with some being in positions of influence.

Aware of these and other obstacles, Bhanu Choudhrie vowed to set his foot on the ocean. Yes, the investor knew that it was not business as usual but he had done his own study and realized the loopholes, which he was read to fill. Today, after some 15 years in the industry, Bhanu Choudhrie is a happy man that he made a wise decision.

First, it was setting up the business amid industry players that had developed strong roots. Then, Bhanu Choudhrie was ready to spend whatever amount was needed to propel Alpha Aviation Group into an international aviation company that could be trusted. With proper background research and the motivation of a few students that had enrolled, Bhanu Choudhrie was set to take Alpha Aviation Group to another level.

When the right came, Alpha Aviation Group was awarded the recognition and allowed to offer MPL training. With this break though, it was now easy for AAG to compete at equal level with industry experts that he met in the field. With the authorization, came benefits for the students and the company in general.

For learners, they were now no longer needed to fly for the traditional 230 hours. Instead, pilots were required to have in-flight hours not exceeding 70 hours. The other catch Bhanu Choudhrie introduced is the cost effective training. When he started many years ago, many trainees decided to quit piloting because the companies present at the time charged exorbitant fees. His approach to managing the company has made Alpha Aviation Group one of the premium aviation companies in the world today.

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Andrew Frame’s Safety App “Citizen”; Offers New Protective Measures Against COVID-19

In March of 2020, the world was taken by storm by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rush to gather supplies for the coming quarantine that caused many people’s lives to turn upside down, access to information regarding potential threats and hazards was more important than ever. In light of this, Citizen App, the safety-awareness app specializing in providing users with local reports and 911 intelligence, launched a new feature that traces contact with COVID-19 to better inform users.

When Andrew Frame first founded Citizen in 2017, it was the first app to combine location information and 911 intelligence to keep users and their loved ones safe. Furthermore, Andrew Frame and his team have worked hard to eliminate the potential for mob activity and racial bias, including violence interrupters like Erica Ford, the former CEO of the NAACP Ben Jealous, and former NYPD commissioner and Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton.

“If you use Citizen, you will be aware of everything going on around you,” said Andrew Frame, the founder and CEO of Citizen, “most of our users find this very empowering because they want to know what’s going on.”

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur and software programmer with a history of founding technological enterprises, having founded his first company at the mere age of 15. He would join Cisco Systems as a support engineer just two years later, where he would be recruited to the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE) team.

Within his first year at the company, Andrew Frame received the top technical certification at Cisco, the dual CCIE Certifications, making him the youngest person ever to earn it. In 2004, he founded the telecommunications company Ooma, which offers services for personal, business, and home use. Go to this page for more information.


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Barry Lall on How to Practice Gratitude and Spread Joy

In both his personal and professional life, Barry Lall believes that gratitude is the key to success. When we are thankful, Barry says, we tend to feel better. We tend to be less anxious, depressed, and stressed. This is especially relevant to entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the hospitality sector, especially those trying to balance the demands of a well-run company with the tough ones that come with it. Just like Barry has done for the past three decades.

It has been a great pleasure to see Barry grow professionally and personally, as his career has driven him to improve continuously. Understandably, corporate work for many business leaders feels like a burden — a seemingly innumerable list of things that should be done to take care of one’s family. Barry’s personal and professional lives come together to give him a sense of fulfillment.

There are a variety of ways in which we can express gratitude throughout our lives. The more we enjoy each wonderful moment and celebrate our little victories, the more we can lift the spirits of those around us and bring down the overall mood in the room.

As CEO and President of Pinnacle Hotel USA, Barry Lall runs an organization with several hotels throughout California and Texas, which have a total value of over $250 million. Pinnacle Hotels operates three brand names, hybrid hotels, Doubletree Hotels, and Marriott hotels under the Hyatt Regency and Doubletree by Hilton brands.

Having previously served as the CEO of a large organization, Barry provides entrepreneurial advice to new business owners. Along with overseeing Pinnacle Hotels’ 650 employees, his duties include assisting his wife with the Lall Family Scholarship that offers scholarships for college-bound students. These two institutions jointly award this scholarship to students who would not otherwise afford it. Barry also offers an internship program at Pinnacle Hotels for those interested in learning the fundamentals of hotel management on the job.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and His Role in the Commerce Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is a legendary Indian-British entrepreneur who was born in 1978. In 2000, he relocated to the UK and, in 2001, became the managing director of C&C Alpha Group, a family company based in London. The company is known for investments in real estate, hotels, utilities, aviation, and healthcare services. It also provides advisory services to investors.

Bhanu Choudhrie initiated Alpha Aviation, a global pilot academy with offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The school’s graduates have provided services to leading airlines, including Cebu Pacific Airlines and Air Arabia. Choudhrie philanthropic group attracted much attention in 2002 by sponsoring female athletes during the Tokyo Olympics. He also led Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation, which Ameris acquired in 2018.

As a supporter of the British Liberal Democratic Party, he donated money to support the party’s 2010 general election. When Choudhrie mastered financial success, his desire to give back grew. He helps children realize their dreams through charity, especially in India, where most children have to work to bring the little money, they deserve to support their families. Such families have no money to pay for meals, let alone send their children to school.

Bhanu Choudhrie put a lot of thought into choosing his investment field. He is not only a corporate executive who decides to invest anywhere in the world. As a London resident, there is no doubt that he has the opportunity to invest in various business opportunities that will change the world. However, he chose to invest in multiple countries/regions. He started with an airline but then turned to other investments that are critical to the success of his venture portfolio.

However, his affinity for India is not based on his being an Indian but believes that the country has more business opportunities. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, India has recently developed a cheap business strategy that will play a central role in helping most people around the world invest in the country.

Over the years, the Indian government has been criticized for its restrictive business policies, restricting most local business leaders from investing and developing their businesses. Traditionally, India has used government agencies to thrive. The London entrepreneur believes that the new policy will benefit locals and other global entrepreneurs who are ready to provide resources in the country.

Achievements of Nitin Khanna

Though change is a special thing that should be guidance to every entrepreneur, one must know the things that require change and those that do not. Not every part of a business requires spontaneous changing. Issues like principles should not be affected by change always. Titan entrepreneurs like Nitin Khanna have always maintained the same principles in their entire careers. One cannot know the principles that work for them if they do not test them. When the principles seem to work, there is always no issue when one sticks to them for the benefit of their career. Besides, principles that lack a clear definition always bring undesirable issues to their users. With the proper analyzing of the latter, an entrepreneur can always know that steps bring them better developments.

Nitin Khanna has been having a good time in his career. At first, he established a paper venture. With the fast-moving technologies, he knew that he had little chances of making a lot in his career. For a long time, he always knew that he had a bigger fate in his life. The breakthrough that most people gained in technology gave him the motivation to try out the industry.

He established the venture that did not ever fail him. By operating in the latter for years, he acquired most of the matters he was looking to acquire. The projects he managed for the United States government were more encouraging to him. He used most of the capital he earned form the company to launch a merger and acquisition venture. The company has been facilitating the coming together of companies since its launch. The venture brings together people that have similar plans and interests. Through it, many companies have found their potential partners. He always receives his share from mergers that emerge as victorious. He is also amazed by the issues of cannabis legalization. To him, cannabis has enabled people to live healthy through its medicinal effects. He has found a rare opportunity to venture into this industry as controversies have always faced it. Besides acquiring the most substantial revenues in the sector, he continues to gain encouragement to move further.

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