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Andrew Frame’s Safety App “Citizen”; Offers New Protective Measures Against COVID-19

In March of 2020, the world was taken by storm by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rush to gather supplies for the coming quarantine that caused many people’s lives to turn upside down, access to information regarding potential threats and hazards was more important than ever. In light of this, Citizen App, the safety-awareness app specializing in providing users with local reports and 911 intelligence, launched a new feature that traces contact with COVID-19 to better inform users.

When Andrew Frame first founded Citizen in 2017, it was the first app to combine location information and 911 intelligence to keep users and their loved ones safe. Furthermore, Andrew Frame and his team have worked hard to eliminate the potential for mob activity and racial bias, including violence interrupters like Erica Ford, the former CEO of the NAACP Ben Jealous, and former NYPD commissioner and Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton.

“If you use Citizen, you will be aware of everything going on around you,” said Andrew Frame, the founder and CEO of Citizen, “most of our users find this very empowering because they want to know what’s going on.”

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur and software programmer with a history of founding technological enterprises, having founded his first company at the mere age of 15. He would join Cisco Systems as a support engineer just two years later, where he would be recruited to the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE) team.

Within his first year at the company, Andrew Frame received the top technical certification at Cisco, the dual CCIE Certifications, making him the youngest person ever to earn it. In 2004, he founded the telecommunications company Ooma, which offers services for personal, business, and home use. Go to this page for more information.


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Barry Lall on How to Practice Gratitude and Spread Joy

In both his personal and professional life, Barry Lall believes that gratitude is the key to success. When we are thankful, Barry says, we tend to feel better. We tend to be less anxious, depressed, and stressed. This is especially relevant to entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the hospitality sector, especially those trying to balance the demands of a well-run company with the tough ones that come with it. Just like Barry has done for the past three decades.

It has been a great pleasure to see Barry grow professionally and personally, as his career has driven him to improve continuously. Understandably, corporate work for many business leaders feels like a burden — a seemingly innumerable list of things that should be done to take care of one’s family. Barry’s personal and professional lives come together to give him a sense of fulfillment.

There are a variety of ways in which we can express gratitude throughout our lives. The more we enjoy each wonderful moment and celebrate our little victories, the more we can lift the spirits of those around us and bring down the overall mood in the room.

As CEO and President of Pinnacle Hotel USA, Barry Lall runs an organization with several hotels throughout California and Texas, which have a total value of over $250 million. Pinnacle Hotels operates three brand names, hybrid hotels, Doubletree Hotels, and Marriott hotels under the Hyatt Regency and Doubletree by Hilton brands.

Having previously served as the CEO of a large organization, Barry provides entrepreneurial advice to new business owners. Along with overseeing Pinnacle Hotels’ 650 employees, his duties include assisting his wife with the Lall Family Scholarship that offers scholarships for college-bound students. These two institutions jointly award this scholarship to students who would not otherwise afford it. Barry also offers an internship program at Pinnacle Hotels for those interested in learning the fundamentals of hotel management on the job.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and His Role in the Commerce Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is a legendary Indian-British entrepreneur who was born in 1978. In 2000, he relocated to the UK and, in 2001, became the managing director of C&C Alpha Group, a family company based in London. The company is known for investments in real estate, hotels, utilities, aviation, and healthcare services. It also provides advisory services to investors.

Bhanu Choudhrie initiated Alpha Aviation, a global pilot academy with offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The school’s graduates have provided services to leading airlines, including Cebu Pacific Airlines and Air Arabia. Choudhrie philanthropic group attracted much attention in 2002 by sponsoring female athletes during the Tokyo Olympics. He also led Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation, which Ameris acquired in 2018.

As a supporter of the British Liberal Democratic Party, he donated money to support the party’s 2010 general election. When Choudhrie mastered financial success, his desire to give back grew. He helps children realize their dreams through charity, especially in India, where most children have to work to bring the little money, they deserve to support their families. Such families have no money to pay for meals, let alone send their children to school.

Bhanu Choudhrie put a lot of thought into choosing his investment field. He is not only a corporate executive who decides to invest anywhere in the world. As a London resident, there is no doubt that he has the opportunity to invest in various business opportunities that will change the world. However, he chose to invest in multiple countries/regions. He started with an airline but then turned to other investments that are critical to the success of his venture portfolio.

However, his affinity for India is not based on his being an Indian but believes that the country has more business opportunities. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, India has recently developed a cheap business strategy that will play a central role in helping most people around the world invest in the country.

Over the years, the Indian government has been criticized for its restrictive business policies, restricting most local business leaders from investing and developing their businesses. Traditionally, India has used government agencies to thrive. The London entrepreneur believes that the new policy will benefit locals and other global entrepreneurs who are ready to provide resources in the country.

Achievements of Nitin Khanna

Though change is a special thing that should be guidance to every entrepreneur, one must know the things that require change and those that do not. Not every part of a business requires spontaneous changing. Issues like principles should not be affected by change always. Titan entrepreneurs like Nitin Khanna have always maintained the same principles in their entire careers. One cannot know the principles that work for them if they do not test them. When the principles seem to work, there is always no issue when one sticks to them for the benefit of their career. Besides, principles that lack a clear definition always bring undesirable issues to their users. With the proper analyzing of the latter, an entrepreneur can always know that steps bring them better developments.

Nitin Khanna has been having a good time in his career. At first, he established a paper venture. With the fast-moving technologies, he knew that he had little chances of making a lot in his career. For a long time, he always knew that he had a bigger fate in his life. The breakthrough that most people gained in technology gave him the motivation to try out the industry.

He established the venture that did not ever fail him. By operating in the latter for years, he acquired most of the matters he was looking to acquire. The projects he managed for the United States government were more encouraging to him. He used most of the capital he earned form the company to launch a merger and acquisition venture. The company has been facilitating the coming together of companies since its launch. The venture brings together people that have similar plans and interests. Through it, many companies have found their potential partners. He always receives his share from mergers that emerge as victorious. He is also amazed by the issues of cannabis legalization. To him, cannabis has enabled people to live healthy through its medicinal effects. He has found a rare opportunity to venture into this industry as controversies have always faced it. Besides acquiring the most substantial revenues in the sector, he continues to gain encouragement to move further.

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Sujit Choudry Collaborates on Constitutional Transitional Manual

Sujit Choudry has recently added a new item to his long resume of accomplishments. He has collaborated with fellow legal scholar George Anderson on a new volume entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

The volume has already been hailed as a major work on the subject. Although the work is bound to prove controversial in some quarters, the scholarship and exegetical prowess that Sujit Choudry and his collaborator have shown is beyond reproach.

The book is especially relevant in the modern political climate of constitutional crisis and regime change. Nations such as Chad, Libya, Myanmar, Yemen, and others have proven themselves to be highly vulnerable on both counts.

Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have attempted to explain within the space of a single volume the various constitutional crises that can lead to a major conflict. In such nations, territory is often secondary to political or tribal affiliation.

The book will prove to be excellent reading for people who are interested in the breakdown of these nations along such line. It provides a careful and highly detailed exploration of how constitutional law can heal such factional divisions.

Sujit Choudry has received high praise from experts in the field. His latest volume is another milestone in a career that is already one of the most illustrious in Canadian legal history.

Sujit Choudry has long been a renowned expert on Canadian law and Constitutional issues. During his days as a student of law, he earned degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He then served in the capacity of Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Sujit Choudry was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001. He spent nearly two decades in the position of constitutional law scholar. In this capacity, he served fruitful terms at the Universities of Toronto, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

As a recognized expert on Canadian law and its Constitution, Sujit Choudry is in a unique position to educate both legal scholars and interested layman. His latest editing project will go a long way toward achieving this noble end.

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Seymour Segnit Builds Up The MAGFAST Company


The MAGFAST company name is gaining greater recognition in the tech world. Consumers find the products offered under the MAGFAST Family of chargers to be valuable and innovative. The name comes from a fusion of “magnetic” and “fast.” Founder Seymour Segnit discovered that chargers capable of connecting with magnets could have decorative value. The combination of magnets and wireless charging also cuts down on clutter.

And the “fast” part is not to be overlooked. The company offers six chargers capable of powering up various device batteries without taking too much time. No wonder Seymour Segnit can say MAGFAST veered into profit territory not long after its initial founding. When a product gives people a great deal of what they want, then the product is likely going to move in the market. Find More Information Here.

He came up with the MAGFAST charger idea when trying to organize his new home in New York better. Many entrepreneurs come up with ideas based on asking themselves, “How could I make life easier?” MAGFAST chargers offer improvements on traditional chargers that do make things less bothersome for smartphone, tablet, and other device users. Who wants all those tangled charging cables on the coffee table?

Seymour Segnit also looked at the top technology companies for inspiration. He noticed that these companies rarely offered a single product. Instead, suites of products and services were available. Likely, the decision to come up with six different unique chargers stemmed from seeing interest in suites. Looking at companies such as Apple and Microsoft for inspiration isn’t a bad idea.

MAGFAST might be a small business, but the company quickly established a global presence. Seymour Segnit mentions he engages in team meetings regularly. The team members are located in several countries. MAGFAST continues to grow and may surprise people at how soon it becomes a global player in electronics accessories industry. Read This Article for related information.


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Gustavo Martinez Is An Advertising Consultant Who Uses His Many Talents To Benefit His Clients

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing consultant who comes up with many of his ideas by relying on his team. He is known for his ability to create diverse marketing teams who rely on innovative techniques and feels like his role is to simply inspire them to reach greater heights. Martinez believes that marketers need to be recognized for their talent and for what they have contributed to any campaign they are working on. He focuses on giving each marketer in his team tasks that they are most suited for, and this has helped him to continue to thrive in the sector for many years.


Gustavo Martinez has been serving clients in his industry for many decades. He created many popular marketing campaigns in the past and continues to do everything he can to propel his clients’ companies towards success. Martinez has commented that he is a workaholic and that he spends at least 10 hours every day serving his clients’ needs. He knows it is important to create the kind of environment in the workplace where marketers feel comfortable collaborating with one another. He believes that a free exchange of ideas is always important in his sector, and he also feels that passion is one of the most important ingredients in the success of any marketer.


Gustavo Martinez learns a lot from people because he is an excellent listener. He knows that every person on Earth has something to offer that makes them worth paying attention to. Martinez makes workers and people feel valuable because of his ability to bring the best out in them. He also engages in philanthropy, but you most people don’t know this because of how he approaches helping people. He wishes more people would take part in philanthropy simply because they want to help make the world a better place. He has noticed that many businessmen use philanthropy as a way of making themselves look good. He feels this is more like marketing rather than philanthropy, which he takes part in out of the goodness of his heart.


Gustavo Martinez is now working with UV Business Acceleration where he uses his gifts to help startups succeed. The majority of startups fall short during their first few years of being in business, and he wants to change this statistic. Martinez sees the products that company’s offer and their advertising campaigns as one and the same. Through professional design and analytics, he is helping startups to find their footing in today’s crowded business world.


Gustavo Martinez continues to share his many talents with the world by working with companies who need him most. In the past, he has worked with many well-known marketing companies including J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Ogilvy and Mather, McCann World Group, and Price Waterhouse. He is now serving as a consultant in the advertising industry, which allows him to be more independent. He also feels his current position allows him to give his clients a more personalized approach. He is expecting the Internet of Things to change the way that marketers help their clients reach their customers in the future.


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Igor Cornelsen Holds Steady With His Investments While Brazil Undergoes A Recession

Igor Cornelsen is an investment professional who has accomplished a lot during his career. He was born in Brazil, and while many investors are bailing out on their investments in his home country, he was able to continue to earn a profit during its recent recession. When he was younger, he planned on becoming an engineer, and he studied at the Federal University of Parana where he first majored in engineering. After doing so for a couple of years, he made the decision to switch his field of study to economics. He later earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the school.

Igor Cornelsen then went to work with a bank in Brazil where he was able to use the skills he learned in college. He was eventually promoted to serve on the board of directors at the bank but moved on to new challenges after it was bought out by Bank of America. Cornelsen served with Unibanco after this and then went to work with London Merchant Bank during the mid 1980s. He later served on Unibanco’s board of directors before deciding to go into business on his own.

During the mid 1990s, Igor Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investments Inc. Today, he continues to work with his investment company as its proprietor and also helps new investors to become better at making money. Instead of always investing in companies that are doing well, he has been able to turn a profit by investing in damaged stocks. He feels these are often undervalued and that they can be held onto until these kinds of companies are doing well again. Igor Cornelsen now spends most of his days in Florida or Sao Paulo. He enjoys playing golf and continues to keep up with his blog where he helps aspiring investors to become better at what they do.

Financial expert and Meat manager-Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin began his career in the meat sector more than 43 years ago. Before his career in the food production industry, Sheldon had a successful career in the banking and finance sector. Mr. Sheldon was not only enjoying his career in the banking industry but he also had his financial consulting firm which was also a success. Lavin is a positive leader and a go-getter who takes advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Currently, the banker and the investor is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group which is an ancient meat production company. Since he took over the management of the firm, OSI has become an international food supplier. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin began his journey into the food industry when he took part in arranging financial dealing s for Otto& Sons which is an affiliate of OSI Group. In 1970, the Otto& Sons firm had an opportunity of becoming a meat supplier of McDonald’s but needed funding that is where Lavin came in with his financial and banking experience to assist the organization. The bank would alter request Lavin to have an ownership position in Otto& Sons which he refused because it was not his line of business. Nevertheless, Mr. Sheldon agreed to act as a consultant of the group. After a few years, Mr. Lavin began to be more involved in Otto& Son’s business as the organization was now expanding their portfolio to other locations of the world. In the late 1970’s the McDonald’s requested Sheldon Lavin to join the food processing business which he agreed and he became fully involved in the business.

After his High School graduation; Lavin attended the University of Illinois, and Northwestern University where he studied accounts and finance, Lavin alter received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business from Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been operating his financial consultant firm for over 15 years with its location in Downtown Chicago. During his tenure as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group; Lavin has been recognized on several occasions. Lavin has also served on various boards including; being a trustee for MacDonald House Charities, Board member for Goodman Theater, Rush University Medical Centre as a Board member, the President and Director of Sheba Foundation, among many others. At the age of 83, Lavin still has the dreams and the motivation to expand OSI Group to be more than its current status. Lavin is also an active philanthropist who supports various charity activities in the community. View:

The Qualities of a Successful Business

Toyo Setal is the type of company to put the interests of the consumer first. After all, it is the consumer that powers the entire structure of business, and being that they are all connoisseurs of everything business related, they certainly want to see this structure expand.

This is a process that can leave everyone satisfied, and it is their goal to make sure that this is the reality we face as consumers. When you have so many different companies competing for the top spot, it can often be difficult to ensure that the top positions are inhabited by individuals who honor a code of ethics.

That being said, Toyo Setal has proven themselves to be ethical time and time again, and they are willing to do so however many times it is needed. They believe that their work is important for the entire world, and they are extremely passionate about pursuing it as far as they can. This is why Toyo Setal is made the way they are. They are built so that the people within their corporation can rise to the top if they are willing to put in the effort. This is the promise that every employee Toyo Setal hires receives; so long as you are willing to grow, there will be a home with you at the company.

This is, on a smaller scale, what they are trying to do with the rest of the world. They want to make sure that people are receiving the opportunities they deserve to live a perfectly happy and fulfilling life. Without these opportunities, life can often feel full of dread and void of happiness. This is a reality that they want to avoid, so they try to make sure that their outlooks are positive.

They believe that half of the battle when it comes to staying consistent in business is holding up your level of morale. Without a mentally empowering force to keep you going, it can be difficult to adapt to the challenges that will invariably be set before you when you enter business. Such a field is extremely competitive, and this is why companies like Toyo Setal tend to dominate it.

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