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Dr Barry Lall is An Excellent Example of a Transformational Leader

For a corporation to grow, it must be founded on a solid mission and vision. Sometimes, people set a very mouth-watering vision and mission, but their effort towards achieving them is not even close to what is required of them. Others can be visionary and hardworking but have not created a conducive team working environment, hence not close to being transformational leaders. Therefore, to achieve your company’s goals, you should put efforts equivalent to what you aspire for and lead your team into embracing the vision and working towards its achievement.

Some of the things that a leader in the hospitality industry shouldn’t miss include motivating, charismatic, empathetic, and ethical. Bharat Lall is an excellent example of a leader who always motivates, sympathizes, and works with the team to achieve Pinnacle Hotels USA’s vision. For instance, he cannot ask an employee to do what he can’t do. After arriving in the US, Dr. Barry Lall continued practicing his profession, doctor, which can be traced to his childhood dream of becoming a physician. It did not take him long before changing to entrepreneurship.

Since the inception of the idea, which bore the Pinnacle Hotels USA that started with a motel with twelve rooms, Barry has transformed it to having a portfolio of nine hotels. Such transformation is because Lall is financially disciplined, visionary, hires visionary people, and has instilled leadership culture from bottom to top. Before venturing into hotels, the company specialized in properties. Using the principle “Together We Can” in 1993, Dr. Bharat came together with his two pals, creating a hotel firm.

Since construction could be time-consuming, they could buy underperforming hotels, after which they could refurbish them before starting operations. This partnership turned out very successful, and now the Pinnacle Hotels USA makes forty million dollars yearly with the help of its workforce that exceeds four hundred. Happy of the success, Barry gives back to society in many ways; education is his leading philanthropic cause.