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Eric Lefkofksy –Using Big Data to Solve the Cancer Puzzle

1.7 million Americans will have been diagnosed with cancer in 2017. They will be treated in a few thousand treatment facilities. The doctors treating them will be scribbling notes about the progress of each patient. And in spite of the already vast amount of literature available on the subject, some treatments will work in some patients and others won’t, in other patients. The reason why this happens remains hidden in those hastily scribbled notes: a vast but disorganized gold mine which is hard to mine currently. This is where Eric Lefkofksy steps in. The Chicago-based startup “Tempus”, which he co-founded, has the required tools to create this vast database, capable of taking in the data, processing, and providing the required advice about the treatment for a specific patient to a doctor: it is an “end-to-end” solution, which Eric now runs full time.

Eric Lefkofksy, 49, is a successful entrepreneur- billionaire- his net worth, as of 02/15/2018 was $ 2.1 billion. He also co founded the venture capital firm Lightbank, through which they have invested in over a hundred start-ups, such as the ecommerce company Beachmint. The two have also created another data science company Uptake, which helps client companies improve their operations and safety.

Eric Lefkofksy grew up near Detroit and attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate and law degrees.

Eric is also active socially, being a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago , Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. His Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports education, human rights, art, and medicine. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business., and has authored the book “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation”.

Starting with his creation of tempus, and going all the way to his interest in making Glencoe- his Chicago suburb- a safe and better place, Eric Lefkofksy shows all the signs of being a caring, engaged citizen.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Giving A Hands-On Surgical Technique Demonstration

In recent news, it was announced that Dr. Rod Rohrich, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon will be attending the Baker Gordon Education Symposium in February of this year. The conference is scheduled to take place between February 8th through the 10th and will be located in Miami. The symposium is related to the latest breakthroughs and technology regarding cosmetic surgery. The event is going to include live demonstrations of the latest surgical techniques which will be viewed by top plastic surgeons from all over the country. In addition, there will be lectures held by several top international surgeons, of which, Dr. Rohrich will be taking part in along with the panel discussions. He will also perform a live surgery demonstration addressing Primary Open Rhinoplasty. After the symposium in Miami, he will also attend the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Metting which are scheduled to take place between February 28th and March 3rd, 2018.

A variety of topics will be addressed at the Cosmetic Medicine Meeting. Some of the topics that are scheduled to be addressed include patient safety, IPL, lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, fat removal, dermal fillers, ethical social marketing, and skin tightening. The conference also will address the most up to date surgical techniques for body contouring, breasts, and face. As a part of the hands-on portion of the conference, attendees will have the options to participate in a live cadaver lab where they can learn these techniques.

Dr. Rohrich is the founding Chairman, as well a professor for the Department of Plastic Surgery for The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He is al Uso practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He has earned several distinguished awards and is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. He attended Baylor University College of Medicine where he received his medical degree. Previously he attended the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. He is originally from North Dakota where he grew up on a ranch.

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Dr. Mark McKenna a Visionary Leader who is Steering the Medical Aesthetic Industry to Greater Heights

Dr. Mark McKenna is a serial entrepreneur and an elective healthcare expert. McKenna is known in the business world as the founder and CEO of OVME. The company that McKenna founded is an aesthetic based medical practice that has incorporated the use of technology and are reinventing elective healthcare.

McKenna having worked in the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years grew his practice, and that’s when the idea of establishing his own company was born. Making realized if he disrupted the industry then that will create an opportunity for a new business.

McKenna typical day starts at 6 am in the morning where he wakes up, wakes his daughter and together they take breakfast while his wife is still in bed. McKenna then takes a shower and by 8 am he is seated in his office where he works until around 6 pm. McKenna after work goes back home and together with his wife and daughter have dinner. After dinner, McKenna spend a few hours training then goes back home do a bit of work and then retires to bed.

McKenna being an entrepreneur brings ideas to life through a combination of three things and that is goal setting, meditation and  practicing visualization. McKenna is a voracious reader something that has made him more productive in life. According to McKenna one thing that he would have done differently having been given a chance is taking more time in realizing his passion at a young age as this would give him direction on the path he should take in life   leading to better choices. One strategy that has helped him grow his business is surrounding himself with people that are smarter    than him. Dr. McKenna passion for medicine developed at a very   tender age as his father was also a doctor. McKenna went to Tulane University Medical School to study medicine. McKenna holds a medical degree and an MBA. To Know More Click Here

McKenna started his entrepreneurship journey in the state of New Orleans however in 2005 things took a dramatic turn. New Orleans state experienced Hurricane Katrina which damaged everything including McKenna Business Empire. After the catastrophic event, McKenna actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans but later relocated to begin a new practice in Atlanta Georgia.

MB2 Dental – Keeping Dentists Stress Free by Offloading their Administrative Responsibilities

If you are a dentist as well as the business owner of your dental clinic, you must already know the stream of challenges you face on the central front on a daily basis. There are many different types of problems that the dentists face in their office regularly, and which has nothing to do with their area of expertise, which is more frustrating for the dentists. Having specialized with dentistry and sitting for hours to match the balance sheet or with book-keeping papers is certainly not a dentist would have planned back in the medical college. However, it is a problem that now has a solution from of MB2 Dental.MB2 Dental offers comprehensive dental practice management solution and services that ensure that the dentists can go back to doing what they are good at while leaving the rest of the worries to the professionals of MB2 Dental. Having said that, the dentist or the business owner of the dental office would continue to retain full control on the dental standards maintained, and the professionals of MB2 Dental would keep the business owners in the loop about the administrative issues.

It would ensure that the administrative jobs like billing, accounting, HR solutions, recruitment, credentialing, bookkeeping, appointment, reception, documentations, medical records keeping, and more, is taken care of well. There are many MB2 Dental affiliated dental offices today across the United States and the suites of services offered by the company come at a very nominal price, which makes it even more conducive for the busy dentists.One of the leading dentists in the United States who has achieved great success due to the services offered by MB2 Dental is Dr. Akhil Reddy. He received Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Pacific and went on to study dentistry at the same university.

After becoming a dentist and starting his independent office, Dr. Akhil Reddy faced many challenges and had to struggle to market his dental clinic and increase the footfall of the patients.However, after getting affiliated to MB2 Dental, things changed drastically for him as not only the firm helped in marking the dental practice, but also streamlined the administrative works at the office. It helped him focus on providing excellent care to his patients, which in turn, worked positively for him as it helped with word of mouth marketing in the region. He continues to run his dental office successfully today with the aid of comprehensive administrative services offered by MB2 Dental.

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With USHEALTH Group, Clients do not have to Strain Hard to Take Caution for Medical Care

The USHEALTH Group, formerly known by the name Ascent Assurance, is a U.S.-based insurance heavyweight. This insurance giant became operational over 30 years ago. The corporation provides insurance plans like Illness and Accident, Dental coverage, Short-term Accident Disability, Disability Income, Vision, and other Specified Diseases within the U.S. Through its internationally known subsidiaries; US Health Group has rendered top-notch insurance services to more than 15 million clients. The insurance powerhouse operates from Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm Central time.


US Health Group has strategically positioned its main offices at Fort Worth, Texas. This strategic location places the company around the mid-southern section of United States, making it more centralized. Therefore, US Health reduces the travel burden for individuals seeking to travel from the far end states, such as Oregon, Maine, Florida, and California.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

US Health provides Individual and Family Insurance covers. Health insurance is indisputably the most important insurance plan, even though millions of people live without it. With Family Insurance, the policyholder can avoid debt. This coverage takes care of all the hospital bills in case the insured or his or her family member is hospitalized.

Why is USHEALTH Group Incomparable?

Like other major companies, US Health has taken an effort of connecting to over 10,000 of its employees and agents on LinkedIn. This means that it networks effectively with prospective clients, organizations, and business partners. The company allows its customers to leave reviews or comments on their experiences after interacting with US Health’s representatives or receiving services. This tactic has enabled US Health Group to build its reputation. Potential clients can make informed decisions since they get to see what others think of the services rendered. Affordability of their services is yet another factor that makes it easy to sign up for the Group Family Insurance plan. They consider income generated by different individuals and create a plan that best fits them. Click here to know more.


US Health has enjoyed outstanding reviews and compliments from its longstanding clients for its commitment to its goals and customer services. Many Clients within the U.S. claim that the company gave them hope in their time of need.

Losing Weight Is Easier After A Visit With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Losing weight is what many people have struggled with for years, but plastic surgeries have made losing weight a lot easier. If a person chooses liposuction or a tummy tuck, not only will they lose weight but it’s possible to redistribute the fat that’s taken out of the body to another part of the body. This all sounds like science fiction, but technology has caught up to the imaginations of the doctors that used to only dream that things like this were possible. There are many celebrities who have gotten their backsides bigger by adding fat from other parts of their body, and a good surgeon can make the results look spectacular.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top plastic surgeon from Texas that specializes in fat transfers, and this means that a woman who wants bigger breasts that look natural can transfer fat from one part of her body to her breast area. If a woman wants a bigger backside, then she can have the fat transferred to her buttocks, which will then make her behind look bigger. No matter where a person wants fat transferred, Dr. Jennifer Walden can do this, and she is one of the doctors who specializes in this trade. Although some doctors can perform fat transfers, some of them may not do the procedure correctly, and the person can end up with a lumpy looking area after the surgery is performed.

Fat transfer is a very delicate procedure, and if the person is receiving liposuction or a tummy tuck to get the fat that they need to have transferred, then a good surgeon should be the one to perform it. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a good surgeon but she is board certified, extremely knowledgeable, and she has many years of experience. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been the first choice of many of her patients, and some never thought of any other doctor to perform their surgery, except for Dr. Walden. The amazing Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top Texas doctor, and she’s also one of the best surgeons in the state as well as in the nation. Visit her website for more information and to make appointments.