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Gump’s Has an Exciting Future Ahead of It


Gump’s began as a furnishings and decor store in the year 1861. It was set up by Solomon, a member of the Gump family. However, each of the members of the Gump family labored together.

Thus they made sure that the store was a successful entity. Over the years, Gump’s changed from its humble beginnings into something very much grander and more lavish than its founders had imagined. Since 1861, the Gump’s name has become synonymous with high-quality goods.

Recently the store has been purchased by some new owners. The latest people to own Gump’s now want to set up a program to connect consumers with the Gump’s brand on the world wide web. The present owner also plans to reopen a physical Gump’s location in time for 2019’s busy Christmas shopping season.

The well-known Gumps, based in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY will once again offer items for sale from famous designers such as Hermes and Buccellati.

These are some excellent examples of the kinds of exciting plans that these people have for the Gump’s retailer. Mr. Chachas is the new owner of this Gump’s store. The fact of the matter is that Chachas has always wanted to run the Gump’s company ever since he was a young child.

Mr. Chachas used to be a fan of this Gump’s department store when he was a young kid. He especially admired the colossal statue of the Buddha that the managers placed before the store. Gump’s and Christmas also possess a lengthy history. Read This Article for related information.

Gump’s is additionally located primarily in both the City of New York and San Francisco. Many shoppers in the San Francisco region have fond memories of purchasing their Christmas gifts at the upscale Gump’s retail outlet. Now that Gump’s is going to be reborn, countless clients will be able to participate in what has become a Christmas tradition in the San Francisco region. Get Related Information Here.

Gump’s invites all its local and global customers to examine its beautiful collection of luxury goods.


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Gump’s Finds a Second Life


Gump’s began in San Francisco when it was founded by Solomon and Gustave Gump and his family in 1861. While it began modestly as a seller of mirrors and frames, it has become one of the premier luxury brands of jewels and gifts along with homeware and furnishings in the world.

The company obtains its inventory by searching the world for exotic items. It brings back works of art that could never be found in the west. In 1906 the company moved to its location in Union Square. In the fall of 2019 it will operate under new ownership. Over the years Gumps has served millions of customers. Anne, Christopher, and Jack Chachas are the new owners and they will oversee operations in North America and Europe.

It was their father, John Chachas who first found interest in the Gump’s company. As a young boy he was fascinated by a statue of the Buddha that was on display in the store. In 2005 when John was organizing the sale of Gump’s, he asked for the statue as part of the deal. Read This Article to learn more.

Instead of receiving a cash payment he accepted the statue that he had seen 50 years earlier. At that time it had cost just $800. When the statue was appraised in 2007 it was worth $240,000. John could not take the statue with him unless he replaced it will a replica. Visit This Page to learn more.

Using a 3D printer, he spent $25,000 for a copy to be placed in the store. Chachas went on to sell the statue in Hong Kong for the enormous sum of 4 million Hong Kong dollars. The new Gump’s company will retain many of the employees. It will be moving from its previous location, but it will remain in San Francisco, CA along with a location in New York, NY.


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