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The Westside Highway Car Wash’s New Donut

The Underwest donut shop is located at The Westside Highway Car Wash is where the former chef of Chanterelle works, named Scott Levine, and he makes some of the best tasting donuts known to the area and it draws in people all the time for it. They have some of the best donuts in the whole world, and apparently they are even thinking of making a seasonal donut ice cream sandwich that is due to being released over the next few weeks or something along those lines.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, the Underwest donut shop just released their new and clever donut which is called “The Carwash” and it is a plain donut with a simple three stripes down the front in pink, blue, and green colors to represent the different soap solutions in the car wash buildings themselves as you drive through the machine. This simple, yet elegant snack is one of the most delicious things that you will come across.

Members of Skout note this is really a good thing that the small donut shops run by mom and pop venues get some fame and attention from the media. Hopefully this new ice cream donut sandwich and their new flavors will be enough to expand their customer base, and that it will help the locals recognize what a great job they have been doing with the place and so forth.