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Andrey Andreev Continues to Leap to Forefront of Technological Innovation

What does it take to be the best of the best? We all wonder what leads people to the forefront of their particular industries. And we hope that we might be able to do the same one day. But to do that we need to examine the lives of the people who continue to sit at the top of their profession. Andrey Andreev is a prime example of how someone rises to the top of the tech industry (Successstory). 


There’s one thing in particular which comes up again and again in his life. He’s always been able to use his current path as a stepping stone to the next. Andrey Andreev is often on the forefront of cutting edge technology. But it’s important to keep in mind that cutting edge tech is never static. It’s always changing, and one must be ready to do the same in order to stay in the lead. 


How has Andreev been able to accomplish this? To figure that out we can look at his most recent success story and see how he got there. He currently runs Badoo, which has around 360 million registered users according to Forbes´list. His career path to get to this point is fairly easy to see. He’d already succeeded with an earlier company that used social networking. He took the general idea for an online dating service and made it the single biggest example of its kind in Russia. It’s easy to see how one could transition between the two services. Matching people for dating and matching people for general social activities isn’t that different. 


But it might be better to say that what drove Andreev to this point is insight into people. Technology doesn’t evolve on its own. It changes according to what people take to in their day to day lives. When one examines Andreev’s managerial style it’s clear that he understands people. He’s said that he views running a company as an attempt to make people happy. And that more than anything else might be how he’s been able to stay on the cutting edge of his profession. He sees potential in everything. Whether it’s technology or the people who makes use of it. And in paying attention to this potential he’s able to grow alongside it. 

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Whitney Wolfe The Great Investor

For those with a vision of starting up an app, the primary concern they have is the popularity of that app globally. It requires a strong-willed person with excellent strategies and the patience to see the app grow gradually.

This best describes Whitney Wolfe Herd the CEO and Founder of Bumble app an online dating app. Bumble has gained a lot of popularity due to her strategic leadership. This has seen the number of users rise to more than 10 million people. Her main reason behind founding Bumble was to give women an avenue to correct the way in which women connected and interacted with their male counterparts in a bid to date.

Rarely do we find someone’s hard past pave the way to their breakthrough in future. Whitney Wolfe underwent some setbacks in her journey to success. At Tinder where she was a co-founder, she had to quit the company due to alleged sexual harassment and intimidation towards another partner. She later encountered online bullying whereby great masses of people ganged against her online. She used these experiences as a stepping stone which gave her the needed skills for her venture in app creation.

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Bumble initially began as a female alone social site named Merci. Whitney Wolfe big idea was noted by the CEO of Badoo the biggest dating site namely Andrey Andreev. Andrew offered to partner with Whitney and also provide the funding required to grow up a company together. At first, Whitney Wolfe was reluctant to take the offer since so much was at stake. She got support from her husband Michael Herd encouraged her to take up the offer. She, therefore, agreed to this partnership and this led to the founding of Bumble with 20% of the company belonging to her,79% to Badoo and 1% to two other partners.

The success of Bumble can be attributed to the vast experience of Andreev in the dating industry and the excellent work done by Whitney. Whitney started her career journey by taking a degree in International Studies at Southern Methodist University. Even back then she demonstrated a high level of innovativeness in the market when she founded her first company called Foray. She would later get a strategic partnership with Patrick Aufdenkamp who is a celebrity in making totes from bamboo. Bumble has grown under her leadership as can be witnessed by the number of employees employed and some fans.

Whitney Wolfe Helps People Fall in Love and Much More

Whitney Wolfe is doing a lot when it comes to the dating app industry. She started Bumble, and this has been one of the most enlightening dating apps around, but she is not stopping there. The recent bride that got married on the Amalfi Coast is doing so much more for social media in general.

She is stepping forth with Bumble Bizz to get people connected if they are trying to engage in networking. She is stepping into a different realm of social media with Bumble BFF for those people that simply want to build friendships. There is so much that Whitney Wolfe is packing into the Bumble app. She is on a mission to conquer every aspect of social media, and she only plans to do it with a single app.

This is a very lofty goal for the wife of Texas oil tycoon Michael Herd, but it is not impossible. People have already embraced Bumble, and it appears that Whitney Wolfe has even more tricks up her sleeves when it comes to social media. She is finding a way to actually give people access to a wider variety of social media connections through her app environment. People can go with the free version of Bumble, or they can engage in Bumble boost and get connected with even more options that can be used with a Bumble app. So many people have taken the time to see what Bumble is about, and it really seems like Bumble is the app that people embrace because it looks at the dating world in an entirely different way. Women are the ones that are making the first move, and for men this is exciting.

For so many years men have been the ones to approach women, and now that Bumble is out there women are the ones that have to make the first move and say something. Many men are fascinated by this. There are some men that are dating that have discovered this app, and they would have it no other way. This is something that has attracted people to Bumble, and in the future even more people are going to get to know more about this app because it’s different. Whitney Wolfe did not want to do the same thing everyone else was doing. She wanted to bring a company to light that was going to make dating fun again.

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Benefits of Online Dating Applications

The art of online dating has changed dating for the better. In the past, dating was a bit challenging especially for men. There are several impacts brought about by dating apps and websites. The consequences are listed below;

Fast, convenient and easy

Online dating is a pretty simple process. Once you are subscribed to a dating app, you will meet other people with missions similar to yours. Hence, you will not have hard times convincing your targets since they are already interested. The speed, convenience and ease of online dating surpass any other dating method. It is instant. You do not have to travel or set aside time to meet physically.


Dating apps prevent you from being rejected on your face, which can be very devastating. People may restrain their feelings when physically meeting because they are too shy to talk about them. In online dating, people tend to be free when disclosing about themselves hence helping you to understand them better.

Wider network

Most people make small, peer groups of friends who have limited chances to meet new faces outside these circles. Even when they meet other people, the meeting locations are usually limited to restaurants, clubs, churches and workstations. Online dating apps enable you to connect to the outside world. It is the people you would probably not have encountered through the traditional avenues. Therefore, it opens the door for a wider variety of potential soul seekers. You can access people from across the globe and identify singles with interests and priorities similar to yours to increase your probability of locating a perfect match.

Cost effective

Real-world dating is pretty expensive. You will spend money on fuel, dining and entertainments methods such as concert or movies. Spending all this time and resources does not guarantee you success in locating a perfect match. While you can spend all these and fail to like the person or get rejected, dating apps are virtually free of charge. Traditional dating methods can even result to be very expensive in the long run especially when trying several targets.

Skout is an example of dating website and application that have helped millions of people worldwide meet online effortlessly and live happily ever after. It was one of the pioneer dating and mobile discovery app to emphasize on generalized user position. Skout is accessible on both Android and iOS operating systems. Some other unique properties of this platform are Nixter, a nightlife application and a group messaging app called Fuse. Skout had over 500 million users by the year 2013.

It uses a mobile phone GPS to assist users to locate other users within a radius of each other. It does not recognize a user’s actual location, and users can as well choose to disable its location-tracking features. GPS location-tracking button is only active in the adult society. While searching for potential lovers, users can see their target’s profiles as well as their recent activities to assess if they are their type. The dating app also enables users to send instant texts or virtual gifts to their targets. The app segregates its teen and adult communities. The beautiful app is available worldwide in 180 countries and 14 languages.