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George Soros Explains The Threat Posed By Putin’s Russia

The world is sitting at the precipice of a global financial and military meltdown explains George Soros in an article published by Project Syndicate. The financial expert is well known as the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992, and for the stunning growth of his hedge fund that has given the 86 year old a fortune estimated by Forbes to have reached more than $24 billion. Soros has become an outspoken critic of many of the leaders of the world, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel often criticized for her reaction to the many problems facing the European Union.
After reading the article written by George Soros I found myself agreeing with much of his argument that Russia is attempting be destabilize the European Union to protect herself from economic problems. We have all seen the many issues facing Russia with falling oil prices weakening economies across the globe, which Russia has seen combine with economic sanctions to slow the financial growth of the country. I believe Soros is correct in his theory that the maturity of debts facing Russia will see the Presidency of Vladimir Putin fail, and result in major social and economic problems across the world.

The bombing of Syrian targets seems to have shifted in recent months to see Russian planes targeting civilian areas of the major cities of the country, which has driven thousands of refugees into Turkey and on into Europe. In news reports I have seen German Chancellor Angela Merkel state her belief this poses the greatest possible threat to the European Union and its future. The bombing of civilian targets is highlighted by Forbes billionaire Soros as being a choice made by the Russian leadership in their bid to limit the potential damage to itself in an economic sense.

George Soros provided much for me to consider in his article, which detailed the ways in which world leaders have closed their eyes to the problems Russia’s intervention has caused. Global leaders should be questioning the reasons why Russia is keen to continue a bombing campaign that appears to be doing little to combat the threat of ISIS. Instead, Russia hopes Europe will collapse under the weight of the flood of refugees entering European Union member states, which are already feeling the financial strain placed upon them by problems in Greece and Ukraine. George Soros believes the collapse of the European Union will limit the economic sanctions Russia faces for its invasion of Ukraine, and could allow further military movements west into more of Ukraine and economically strong Poland.