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How Entrepreneur Barbara Stokes Helps People In Huntsville, Alabama, And Beyond

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, is a firm that constructs and delivers temporary homes in the wake of a natural disaster. It is led by Chief Executive Officer Barbara Stokes who co-founded this company in 2011. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

Barbara Stokes has extensive experience working with FEMA. Her company responds quickly to provide housing such as it did after Hurricane Harvey laid waste to Houston, Texas. Barbara Stoke’s company builds modular and mobile homes in its Huntsville facility. Read more at Business Insider.

She says that she works with her team on a daily basis to take their structures from concept to completion efficiently. Barbara Stokes relies on the skill she learned at Mercer University which includes manufacturing, management, and the principles of thermodynamics.

Outsider her work, Barbara Stokes is a busy mom to three children. She also volunteers extensively in the Huntsville community such as for food banks and other worthy causes.