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Clement Perrette Highlights the Role of Climate Change in Oceans and Marine Life

Clement Perrette is one of the few industrial professionals who are joining the bandwagon of philanthropy and other activities geared towards helping the community at large. As a financial expert, Perrette has achieved significant success, especially at Barclays Bank, where he worked as Managing Director.

Perrette’s achievements in the Europe financial policies and capital markets can never be underestimated. He has also contributed to customer satisfaction and other useful management aspects that have played a key role in the development of various companies.

Besides the professional achievements, Clement Perrette is playing a critical role in ocean conservation. Over the last few years, the issue of climate change has dominated the world. From the predominantly social aspect where it belonged, it has moved to the political realms where parties are declaring their support for climate initiatives while others have significantly played down the issue of climate change around the world.

However, Clement Perrette believes that climate change is real and is currently affecting thousands of individuals in various capacities. Perrette notes the increased ocean and sea levels which has resulted from melting ice caps in the Arctic Circle and mountain tops. Increased global warming has increased the rate at which the ice melts each year, which will have significant climatic impacts in global trends in the next few years. His involvement in the issues of climate change has gained attention from other individuals in the finance sector. See This Article to learn more.

Clement Perrette is behind the book, ‘Call of Blue’, which details the impacts of climate change on oceans around the world. He has significantly touched on marine life and the number of fish that are dying every year due to the increased pollution in oceans. Perrette has worked with The Uproar Fund on the same issue of climate change. He also acted as the Executive Producer of the film, “Ocean Souls”, which details the role of human beings in climate change.


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