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Asot Michael Explains Why Copying the Democratic Process in the United States will not work in Antigua and Barbuda

In every small country in the world today, learning from the larger nations, especially towards the issue of political stability and democracy, is a very important aspect. This is something that has been in the world for very many years. There is always an expectation that a stable country provides some very good lessons when it comes to the rule of law and democracy to the smaller nations that have young democracies (Pinterest).

In this case, the United States has always been an essential reference point to a huge number of countries that have been looking to have some mature democracies. It currently remains as one of the oldest democracies in the world, which is the main reason why most of the smaller countries have been trying to replicate its democracy and constitution in their own countries with the hope of getting some better systems. However, according to Asot Michael, it is now very important that the country, Antigua and Barbuda, comes up with a homemade political system that will generate its own political stability and peace within the country. In his view, the United States has significantly lost credibility when it comes to the rule of law and the issue of democracy in the last few months, which is something that should not be taken lightly.

In the view of Asot Michael, the fact that a president in power failed to recognize and appreciate that another candidate has won a fair and democratic election seems to be the source of the insurrection that was witnessed on January 6th. However, this was not the only incident where the country failed to meet its high standards in adhering to the issue of democracy and the rule of law. In the last four years, Asot Michael has noted the dwindling influence of the United States on the international stage. There has been an administration that has been at the helm of some of the considerable cases of unlawful activities that have significantly affected the country. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda cannot afford to go through the same route that the United States is experiencing but deserves to formulate its path.

Robert Deignan and His Journey in Setting Up ATS Digital Services

With more than ten years of experience in the tech industry, Robert Deignan holds a certain distinction in the sector that doesn’t come easy to anyone. Currently helming his own firm, ATS Digital Services, Deignan continues to add to his stature as a reliable tech expert and a business leader by each passing day. 

Through ATS Digital Services, Deignan offers the services of remote tech support to those who need assistance in setting up and running their day to day technology and networking equipment. From letting people at home setup their choice of software to troubleshooting their networking issues, the experts at ATS Digital Services specialize in solving a plethora of problems

This speaks volumes to the expertise of Robert Deignan, who co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, at a time when remote tech support had not gained that much traction especially within the Florida area. At the same time, those who were not that proficient with modern technology had continued to face issues with that computers, networking infrastructure as well as printing devices, which was a problem that was prevalent all around the world. 

With his expertise and focus, Robert Deignan built ATS Digital Services from the ground up to provide effective solutions to these issues. With a team of experts, reliable infrastructure, and exceptional customer services behind its back, Deignan was able to pull ATS Digital Services through its crucial first few years with the utmost expertise. As a result, the company has today reached the point where it provides its remote tech services all over the world to anyone who needs assistance in running their computer equipment optimally. 

Robert Deignan pulled off this feat through his certain mix of skills, education and experience. As a Purdue University graduate, successful businessman, and experienced tech expert, Deignan had the tools at hand to make sure that his primary venture did not only take off, but also change the face of remote tech support for those who came in contact with it. Today, he continues in his role as ATS Digital Services’ CEO to ensure that he keeps contributing to his company’s success as much as possible. 

Community Impact Started by Aaron Lupuloff

Over the years the United States education has had some of the worst test scores when compared to other countries. This decline in education may have to do with the emotional state of the students. Recent study showed that 94% of students performed better when they were happy.

Aaron Lupuloff took passionate action to make sure the Gwinnett County Public Schools had resources for everyone to get a well deserved education. Aaron Lupuloff is the senior executive director of the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. Lupuloff is over all the schools in Gwinnett County Public schools. One school in particular is the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology;this school is ranked the best school in the state of Georgia. Also ranked the number thirteen of the best schools in the United States.

Aaron Lupuloff is the driving factor as to how this school district is so successful. Lupuloff, having five children of his own go through the school system, is another personal motivator for himself. Aaron Lupuloff states that he not only is pursuing high success for his children but sees it necessary to make sure 1 in 10 students get the guidance they need. Community also plays a big part in the schools’ success. The community shows support by having school supplies and backpack drives to make sure all students are equipped for school.

Having Aaron Lupuloff advocate for the community has brought much change, not only in Georgia, but across the United States. This means that the Gwinnett Public Schools are seen as an example on how to change education for all schools.

However, Aaon Lupuloff is no one-man show. He tries to stay humble and include all ideas from the community to help make Gwinnett County a continued success. Aaron Lupuloff believes that collaboration and communication are crucial for community success.  To see more about Aaron visit


Aaron Lupuloff Works Towards Education Reform

With the popularity of standardized testing decreasing across the globe, many are acknowledging the need to find more efficient methods to evaluate students, including those with neurodiverse needs, such as ADHD and autism. Educators are taking steps towards providing students with supplemental education programs beyond simply “teaching to the test”. Students deserve education reform that will provide a well rounded curriculum, with programs that encourage curiosity and creativity. These programs need funding from organizations like Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.

According to, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation aims to provide resources to maintain and improve Gwinnett County’s high quality education system. The foundation is managed by a board of individuals with diverse career backgrounds, including current presidents and CEOs of various companies. The Senior Executive Director, Aaron Lupuloff, joined the team in 2015, making him the newest managing member. The $455,748 raised by the foundation in 2018, serves as a testament to the board’s success. This money went towards scholarships, school programs, and developing educational opportunities for students.

Aaron Lupuloff served twenty years as senior managing director at Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. The value of his extensive financial management background was recognized by GCPS Foundation. David Seago, GCPS Foundation’s president stated, “Aaron’s energy and skill in the world of creation, investment, and financial management will help us ensure that the solid work of the foundation continues well into the future”. Aaron has demonstrated a long-standing dedication to education reform, having founded the Norcross High School Foundation back in 2001. In the spring of 2019, Aaron Lupuloff was awarded the Changing Communities and Lives 2019 community partner award. Today, he continues working to support education reform. If the 148,250 students and 140 schools supported by GCPS Foundation so far are any indication, then there is a bright future ahead for many. To know Aaron better you can visit his facebook  page.

Aaron Lupuloff & His Role in the Evolution in School Environments

Globalization extensively affected the way we live in society. However, its impact is most felt in the way the US offers schooling opportunities. The steps in literacy and other areas of learning have become more significant in the US. However, literacy is not always measured in the same way since the institutionalization of schools and learning centers across the globe.

Standardized tests, which were once the measure of achievement, are starting to become unpopular these days. The US, in particular, started to abandon this cut and paste gauge of educational excellence. This is one of the most significant developments the US has made in terms of teaching methods.

With the increasing diversity in ability, race, and neurodiversity, it is important that children are given diverse programs, settings, and opportunities that inspire learning. Children learn in various ways. This is further reinforced as successful people reveal their tales about their schoolings. This includes big names in various industries like Quentin Tarantino, Aretha Franklin, and Richard Branson.

Aside from enabling children to learn ways that match their needs the rise of supplemental programs opens the potential for children who perform well in a standardized environment to nurture their own uniqueness and widen their horizons. The sad thing is that this type of opportunity is only available with the right amount of funding. This is where institutions like GCPS or Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation plays a key role.

Who is Aaron Lupuloff?

Funding opportunities from various organizations backed by the local community members and parents enhance the programs in public schools along with the future of the students of GCPS. Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation believes that the investment we made in education will eventually go back to our pockets. The success of GCPS foundation is possible because of the effort and leadership of Aaron Lupuloof.

At present, Aaron serves as the senior executive director at Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He is very passionate when it comes to enhancing the achievements of the students and creating future leaders for the future. Aaron has been very active in community advocacies for a long time.

He was also instrumental in the formation of NHS or Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence. Aaron Lupuloff also served as the treasurer, vice president, and eventually president of NHS. The foundation has been supporting the arts, academics, and athletics.

About GCPS Foundation

The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation was established in 2006. It is a charity that offers financial aid to various educational programs. It intends to alleviate that standard of education across the GCPS district.

Encouraging higher educational standards through engagement in the community, GCPS foundation strives to enhance the quality of education for all students regardless of race. Lupuloff has been very influential and crucial in the foundation’s ability to raise funds so that the foundation could provide the much-needed resources to this school district.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation is one of the largest school systems in Georgia and is one of the 13th largest school district in the US. In fact, 1 in every 10 Georgian students has received education from Gwinnett County Public School.

Genucel, A Subsidiary of Chamonix, Is Helping Women Heal From Abuse

When someone is abused, many factors of themselves are compromised and effected. This manifests into self-harming, lower self-worth and self-esteem. There is only one way to build up your self-worth and that is to take care of yourself. This in turn builds a healthy foundation in which survivors can thrive from.

Professionals in the field recommend daily affirmations. It may seem silly at first, but with time they really work. Some examples are to tell yourself you are worthy, lovable, smart, funny, capable, and beautiful. Whatever you need to hear, tell it to yourself in an affirmation. You can even write it on a note and post in your bathroom, fridge, or bedroom nightstand to help remind yourself. Refocus that negative self-talk into positive actions that help build you up. You can channel these emotions into creative activities including art, dance, singing, or whatever else feels good to you. Taking care your body is also very important to healing. This means eating well, exercising, and proper grooming. It can be even more personalized than that. Perhaps wearing your favorite outfit helps boost self-esteem.

According to the statistics of abuse are startling. 25 percent of women in the United States experience some kind of abuse, while one in seven men have experienced abuse. There are many organizations that are helping women recover from emotional and physical abuse brought on by their spouses. One non-profit organization is helping New Jersey women and their families recover since 1981. Women Aware helps provide these women and families in Middlesex County with hotlines, abuse recovery education programs, and an emergency shelter. There is even a 5k walk dedicated to help raise funds for Women Aware and their services. Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk is a community event many come out to support.

Genucel is a company that provides an incredible product that works to reduce age-related wrinkles. Genucel are also an avid supporter of uplifting women who have experienced abuse of any kind and to bring awareness. This one of a kind PhotoCellTec technology helps repair and heal such skin issues that can also be brought on my abuse. This includes under eye puffiness, fine lines, and the appearance of aging. Abuse ages people, so Genucel by Chamonix is dedicated to helping all women feel beautiful again. Their patented four-step products are available in 60-day packages. Genucel and Women Aware are dedicated to helping boost abused women’s self-esteem.


Robert Deignan and the Working Omnichannel Strategy

Robert Deignan teIls us abóut his lifestyle. “I make the vast majority of my décisions predicated on a stomach feeling. Occasionally I understand sométhing is simply the proper move to make and We cán’t place it into words. I could just experience it. The samé applies to something that is not really running nicely ór does not experience best. I make an effort to follow my gut and steer clear of doing those ideas that dón’t feel best. The tires are continuously submitting my at once why sométhing can be best or wrong and even though I cán’t place this into terms – in my own gut I actually knów how to proceed. Over the years I’ve trained me tó move with my gut emotions. It takes discipline never to disregard those emotions.

It’s an activity because there are situations you have got that gut feeling that sométhing is incorrect and you carry out it in any case and affirmed as it happens not to workout. It might not really happen the very next day, it might not really happen within the next month. You will be a year later on but that gut feeling you had primarily can change to be able to bé accurate.

The very first thing that many people get incorrect about omnichannel is that they believe it’s regarding having an existence Atlanta divorce attorneys funnel possible, from Facebook and Twitter to email, texts, and snail mail. However, as Robert Deignan of ATS Digital Solutions highlights, this is not the case. Rather, omnichannel is approximately providing a smooth knowledge throughout all of the channels-even if it is simply a few-that your company includes a presence in.

So, whilst yóur organization may just have an Fb web page, a blog, ánd a person support team, you may have a highly effective omnichannel strategy. That is normally so long as the messages, pósitioning, and general encounter is carefully aligned throughout all stations. Possibly the most challenging spot to obtain everything ideal is throughout your customer support tone of voice channels. Unlike web pages, support calls are powerful, and maintaining regularity across many agents could be difficult.