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Betterworks Performance difference

Giving ongoing, non-stop feedback has been tested to extend overall performance and motivation, and any obstacle stopping it from happening solely stunts employee engagement and career growth and increases turnover and operational expenses. Inconsistent and infrequent comments causes fear; continuous and ongoing comments is the antidote. There are numerous ways for criticism to turn out badly.

A few administrators just spotlight on the positive and overlook the negative, supporting against conceivable kickback and trusting exorbitant consolation motivates their workers and mysteriously remedies territories where they fail to meet expectations.

Betterworks Reviews –

Different chiefs possibly center around the negative and neglect to recognize when workers work admirably. Also, a third arrangement of directors basically give nonpartisan input that is neither negative nor positive in tone and in this manner not supportive. Constructive feedback at the right time could help everyone to keep improving. Betterworks continuous performance management solutions could help overlook those negative reviews.

Betterworks help manage and maintain the continuous feedback performance moving up from what use to be just annual reviews. Betterworks understand that once a year reviews are not as effective as providing a team with timely feedback and recognition. Betterworks is intended to give you the hierarchical devices and significant information you have to make your organization increasingly beneficial, progressively productive and running easily.

With an establishment in Goal Science, Betterworks encourages you systemize your destinations stream, yet in addition monitors a wide scope of outstanding information focuses that can enable you to improve that stream later on. 

Crime Prevention in Prison with Securus Technologies

The hardest part of my job at the local prison is being in the position to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. My staff of corrections officer is the same for the last three years, yet in that same time we have seen the inmate population almost double. Twice the trouble means we have to work even harder to anticipate what may be coming and try to maintain a certain degree of order so the entire prison population is safe. This can be a challenge when we are at a crossroads where inmates want to take out their hatred for authority on us.


In order to try and level the playing field and give our facility some degree of order, we reached out to Securus Technologies to inquire how their inmate call monitoring system could help us to get control of the rise in violence without sacrificing our staff to do so. In order to utilize the monitoring system we have now, officers must sit in a small call center and listen to each word of every call the inmates are making, so it is definitely stretching our team thin. Securus Technologies has their main headquarters based in Texas and currently has 1,000 dedicated employees ready to help.


Securus Technologies already has this monitoring system in 2,500 jails and the officers there not only tell us it runs hands-free, they have seen a drop in violence across the board. Now that we have the system in our facility, my team is back to dealing with our day-to-day activities as the LBS software scans calls and alerts us if inmates are up to no good. If chatter has been detected on drugs, weapons, or any sort of contraband, we now have the unique opportunity to take proactive action and reduce incidents where anyone is put in harm’s way.


ClassDojo: The App That Really Has Teachers and Parents Talking

Gone are the days of parents asking their children what they learned in school today only to be answered with vague responses? There is no more helping children with homework and wondering what on earth their teacher was thinking when she gave the assignment. The tech boom has affected schools too; there’s an app for that. It is called ClassDojo and it allows teachers, parents, and students to keep in touch like never before.

ClassDojo is a communication app. It is used in over 180 countries and has been translated in more than 35 languages, allowing teachers and parents who speak different native languages to have a way to communicate with the touch of a screen. It is wildly popular in the United States, with about 90% of K-8 schools actively using it.

ClassDojo allows teachers and students to share files, photos, and videos that document the school day with parents. Students get to create their own personal profiles as well, so they can show off their favorite projects and proudest accomplishments to their families at the end of the day. Teachers can use the app to make class announcements to busy parents and even have a private messaging option for special or concerning matters.

In today’s society, there are so many parents who must work long hours. They don’t have the time to join the PTA or volunteer in their child’s classroom. ClassDojo finally gives them the opportunity to be involved too. Even if they don’t speak the same language, the parents will never be left out of what is going on in their child’s classroom. ClassDojo really helps families and teachers to be on the same team, creating a better learning experience and more consistency in children’s lives.