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John Holt Speaks at a New Orleans Forum

NexBanks Capital’s CEO, John Holt, took part in the banker panel discussion in November 2016. Recently, he was a panelist at the Annual Strategic Opportunities conference help in New Orleans. The Texas Bankers Association hosts the annual conference. It’s a forum for consultants, advisers and leaders to discuss challenges facing banking professionals.


The annual strategic opportunities conference also gives financial professionals a chance to share their perspectives on various business opportunities. The participants, as well as the panelist, explore different opportunities via M&M activity and organic branching.


About NexBank Capital


NexBank Capital Inc. is a leading financial service provider. The firm serves clients in various parts of the U.S. through its primary services, which include investment banking, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. Some of the services offered under the investment banking category are operations advisory, corporate finance, recapitalization & restructuring and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). The mortgage services include wholesale lending as well as warehouse lending. Nexbank renders its services to individual customers, corporations, and financial institutions.


The Dallas-based company offers services such as mobile banking, real estate consultancy, agency service, treasury management, credit services and public funds. The firm’s assets are valued at over $4 billion. This allows NexBank to offer services to large corporations, middle management agencies, and other financial institutions. Technological innovation has played a significant role in the success of NexBank Capital. The company has an online platform that allows clients to make transactions via the internet.


In the last five years, NexBank Capital Inc. has reported steady increases in total assets and totals deposits every year. The company boasts of a well-structured business plan. Also, they have established rapport with individuals, families, and groups living in Texas. NexBank’s chief executive officer has used his experience and knowledge to enhance the company’s operations. Thanks to institutions like NexBank Capital, community banking is expected to grow further and improve the financial abilities of individuals and businesses.