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Rocketship Education and Preston Smith – What He Learned

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 by Preston Smith, currently the charter school system’s President and CEO. It is known as one of the first educational institutions serving children grades kindergarten through fifth grade to use technology in personalized education.

John Danner was instrumental in integrating technology into the early ideas of personalized education for all students in each classrooms. With classes having between twenty and thirty students, teachers must be willing to spend more time than they would at other schools preparing lessons. Rocketship Education even allows its students’ parents to interview teaching candidates, helping instill a sense of urgency In educators that are ultimately hired.

In his ten-year tenure, Preston Smith picked up on tons of feedback about pedagogical application. In the middle of August, Smith released a list of ten tidbits he found most important for educators to know about.

Teachers should hail from diverse backgrounds if their students share the same characteristic. Drawing in students of varied demographics pleases funders and government boards at some schools, but not those of Rocketship Education. Smith has realized that kids get along better with teachers that share the same attitudes, behaviors, and backgrounds as their students.

Parents often feel like public schools aren’t that great, especially in high-poverty areas throughout the United States. Students that grow up in low-income households are less likely to excel in their careers. This effect is reversed when parents instill the positive spirit of public schools into their students’ minds. Rocketship Education is a charter school, a type of public school that operates more independently than others.

Put simply, students attending public schools must be proud of going to school for free.

Teachers need to be willing to see their students succeed enough to put in more hours than other elementary facilities require. Coaches also help mold how teachers present material to students through feedback solicited from parents and their students. This is obtained on a regular basis to increase information retention and overall performance in the classroom.