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Kristin Ihle Helledy: World Class Athlete and CEO Focusing on Improving the Lives of Businesses

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a world class athlete, businesswoman and entrepreneur. Kristin played collegiate volleyball at the University of Nebraska where she was named to the All-American team three times and earned All-Big 12 honors four times. Kristin’s athletic success translated into her post college career as she competed professionally for 10 years in Europe before starting Avant, which offers innovative technology solutions to help businesses grow through better data insights and predictive analytics. Kristin has been featured on Forbes’ list of America’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs and was recognized by Glamour Magazine as one of their 2017 Trailblazing Women: The Honorable Mentions.

Kristin’s athletic accomplishments and business acumen have allowed her to use her platform to give back in the Nebraska community. She is involved with the TeamMates Mentoring Program and founded The Kristin Ihle Helledy Foundation. Her foundation provides support programs like Project Believe to children struggling with health issues today, while also funding research for rare diseases of the future.

Kristin Ihle Helledy is also active in Nebraska’s women-in-sports community, having mentored girls at Nourish International and serving on the board of directors for Girls on the Run of Omaha. Throughout her athletic career Kristin was heavily involved with TeamMates of Nebraska, an organization that teaches youth positive leadership skills through mentorship programs.

Kristin was born in Nebraska but her parents are Canadian, so she has dual citizenship. She graduated from Millard South High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Kristin Ihle Helledy went to the University of Nebraska where she was a standout volleyball player. She started for three seasons and made All-American all three times. Her career spanned 106 matches during her time at Nebraska, which is still ranked in the top ten in Nebraska history.

Kristin was named to the All-Big 12 team four times. She still holds school records for kills in a season, attacks in a season, blocks in a single match and blocks in a season. Learn more about Kristin Ihle Helledy

What Are Some of The Healthcare Insights Provided by Mahmoud Khattab?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2021, all sectors, including the world health care sector, have been immensely affected globally. The whole chain of world health care sectors has experienced inequality and imbalance throughout 2020 and 2021 including, health care infrastructure, the health care supply chain, and the healthcare workforce.

Due to the changes being witnessed in the ecology systems, both public and private health care systems have been forced to adapt and find innovative ways to operate within a short period. According to global health statistics, foundational health shifts have critically worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These foundational health shifts include vaccine development, pharmaceutical innovation, technological advancement, and data analytics.

Mahmoud Khattab, a professional medical doctor who currently holds the CEO position at Precision MD, has recently provided some global health care insights that health and medical professions should consider and prioritize. Mahmoud Khattab understands the global health challenges that most healthcare providers, stakeholders, and the government are facing due to the changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, the healthcare systems should work to improve their flexibility to overcome the challenges of innovating and adapting to new future changes. To create a healthy future, healthcare shareholders and the government should analyze and enhance their ability to explore and respond to any current or present healthcare concerns such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mahmoud Khattab notes that consumers are the leading cause of healthcare system changes through their needs and objectives, which have rapidly accelerated innovation in the healthcare sector. In addition, consumers have highly demanded patient and doctor interactions through digital enhancements.

With these demands, Mahmoud Khattab encourages healthcare professionals to create and develop new digital services and devices, which will, in turn, enhance and improve patient satisfaction, monitor and track patient’s health and improve medication adherence. See insights from Mahmoud Khattab on Medium

Eduardo Sonoda Quits a Lucrative Position to Launch His Marketing Advisory Firm

When the Covid-19 struck, the majority of countries across the globe necessitated lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. The majority of industries crumbled as the pandemic wreaked havoc globally. People, on the other hand, were compelled to change their lifestyles as they relied on the power of the internet to shop, entertainment, work, and other exclusive matters. Eduardo Sonoda is one of the renowned people in the marketing industry. Recently, he offered insights on the various marketing trends employed by a myriad of businesses that thrived through the pandemic. His passion and thrill to offer marketing advice to businesses were unstoppable. This is because he resigned from his lucrative position after working for six years with some of the top marketing companies in the UK.

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Eduardo Sonoda was quick to note that building trust is one of the marketing trends embraced by businesses that navigated through the unprecedented times of the pandemic. Sonoda notes that e-commerce scaled to new heights during the pandemic. Though e-commerce is often depicted by circumstantial growth, the majority of organizations can sustain it by passionately building trust among customers. Eduardo is optimistic about the marketing practices that significantly aid in building trust. He notes that fruitful results often emanate from customer testimonials.

Eduardo Sonoda hails from East London. He graduated from the university of east London in the year 2011. His exceptional performance and execution of his duties resulted in his significant rise through the ranks after just a handful of years of working. Eduardo established his Eduardo Sonoda Advisory firm after relentlessly working for prestigious and top-ranked marketing firms in the UK. The firm was launched with seven employees and has steadily grown to employ over 700 employees. Quite a significant number of businesses have continually hailed Eduardo after salvaging them from dwindling. Eduardo is always grateful to the prestigious London Marketing academy that helped realize his thrilling passion for marketing.

Williams Lea Tag CFO Gary McGaghey Advises Colleagues On Things To Consider 2021 And Beyond

Before joining Williams Lea Tag in his position as the Chief Financial Officer, Gary McGaghey had worked in different top companies. Whenever he joins a company, Mr. Gary ensures that he brings substantive change. He is not a type of manager who comes and exits without leaving a mark. Because of his legacy, he has won the hearts of many company owners overtime. As CFO, Gary McGaghey knows what is needed of him. Today, he advises his fellow CFOs on what he perceives the best practice.

At Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey is responsible for a number of activities. For instance, he oversees various company acquisitions and mergers, cost restructuring, refinancing balance sheets, divestitures, as well as carve-outs. Thanks to his endless seal in ensuring that things go on smoothly, Gary McGaghey enabled Williams Lea Tag to record a whopping €1.3 billion of revenue in just one year. As an experienced Chief Financial Officer, Gary McGaghey has a word to his colleagues. One of the things he emphasizes on is spending some time in a company someone has been appointed to serve. According to Gary , joining and leaving a company without leaving a legacy is as good as someone never joined the company at all. Gary says that CFOs are the drivers of companies they are appointed to serve. As such, he holds that before someone exits, he or she should bring change that wasn’t there when the person joined.

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Before his appointment as Williams Lea Tag CFO, Gary McGaghey worked for several other companies. In fact, in other companies, he served for more than 10 years. For instance, he worked for Uniliver from April 2002 to April 2017. Other companies he has worked for and served in various lofty positions include Robertsons and Nelson. Gary tells his fellow CFOs to take the companies as if they are their own enterprises.

Marwan Kheireddine: Humanitarian

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese humanitarian and philanthropist. Marwan founded the Beirut Institute, which has helped many people in Lebanon and worldwide. Marwan’s story is of success against all odds, perseverance through adversity, and dedication to making the world a better place for everyone.

He was born in Sidon, Lebanon, on November 16th, 1964, to an impoverished family with 12 children. Marwan’s father died when Marwan was just four years old due to illness that could not be treated because they were too poor to afford medical treatment. Marwan’s mother took care of him and his siblings by working as a maid in wealthy homes and doing whatever she needed to earn money, including picking fruit and vegetables in the fields.

Despite being born into poverty, Marwan was able to get an education with help from scholarships and by working odd jobs. He studied engineering at the American University of Beirut, where he met his wife, Lamia. They married in 1988 and have four children together. After graduating college, Marwan started his own company called MECS Corporation, specializing in providing engineering solutions across the Middle East region.

In 2006, Marwan Kheireddine founded the Beirut Institute intending to help people in Lebanon and worldwide. The Beirut Institute is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance, education, and training to help people build better lives for themselves. Marwan has also been involved in many other philanthropic initiatives, including establishing an orphanage in his hometown of Sidon and raising money for victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Marwan Kheireddine is a role model for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. He has shown that it is possible to overcome any obstacle with determination and perseverance. Marwan’s story is one of inspiration and hope, and he continues to work hard to make the world a better place.

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Heath Ritenour: All You Need to Know About Landlord Insurance

After acquiring a home, you should apply for home insurance. There are instances whereby you may decide to rent out your home. In this case, you need to understand that home insurance won’t apply anymore since the property has been rented out. As a landlord, you’ll need to apply for landlord insurance.

If you haven’t heard of landlord insurance yet, Heath Ritenour is ready to enlighten us about this insurance policy. For starters, you need to know that this insurance policy will safeguard you from financial losses and different liabilities.

As the IOA (Insurance of America) CEO, Heath Ritenour can guide you on the best insurance policy you should get if you’re a landlord.

About Landlord Insurance

Heath Ritenour insists that prospective and current landlords should know the difference between landlord insurance and home insurance. Home insurance comes in handy if you reside in a property that you own. After you rent out the property, the home insurance won’t safeguard your interests. You’ll need a landlord insurance policy even if you rent out the property for a few days.

What the Landlord Insurance Policy Covers

The landlord insurance policy will vary in the coverage being offered. Some of the coverage types in most policies include:

  • Liability- costs that relate to liability claims will be covered, including medical costs, settlement expenses, and lawsuits.
  • Loss of income- the lost rental income will be covered when a tenant decides to move out because of losses.

Additional Coverage

Most landlord insurance providers will offer additional coverage. You’ll notice that most insurance providers won’t offer flood insurance, whereas others will offer this type of coverage. As a landlord, you can opt for additional coverage for items such as furniture in your rental property.

Heath Ritenour advises landlords to be aware of some exclusions. For instance, if an appliance breaks down, the landlord should cater to the repair expenses. The insurance company won’t be liable in such an instance.

Greg Blatt Transformational Leadership Approach



Greg Blatt is an executive of the American Technology Industry, as well as the former Chairman and CEO of the Match Group. Greg has been in quite a number of executive roles such as the CEO, Chairman and Executive Chairman of the IAC, Tinder, and aforementioned Match Group of companies.

He worked as the CEO and Executive Chairman of the Match Group between December of 2015 all the way to 2017. He served as the CEO of Tinder from December 2016, to December 2017; and also worked as the Executive Chairman of the same company between the 2015 August to December of 2016. It is because of this well acquired knowledge and skills in the different leadership positions, that his leadership approach can be used as a case study in the area of transformational leadership.

Different Leadership Approaches

Generally speaking, there are quite a number of ways to approach leadership. However, the one in position of offering leadership should be in a position where they are able to use more than one approach, in a bid to get the best desirable results.

According to the kind of transformation leadership that is displayed by Greg Blatt however, the main role that is to be played by a leader, should be that which offers growth.

What this means therefore, is that instead of having orders reinforced either through reward or punishment, a leader should be in a position to positively empower their employees towards success. This can be done by facilitating them with the required tools that they need for growth, as they are instilled with confidence to steer towards the overall goal of the company. Visit this page for more information.

Greg Blatt’s Experience of Transformational Leadership

Greg Blatt rose to higher ranks from one position to another higher one, he began to make an intentional attempt to understand his kind of management with more empathy, personality and empathy. Because of this, it became very easy for him to be able to make the many companies that we worked for, very successful in the long run.


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3 Shifts That Will Make Us Smarter in 2021: Mahmoud Khattab.

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of precision MD, one of the most intelligent people on Earth. He is a Chief Executive Officer and has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top thinkers worldwide. In his interview with Gartner, he explains three major shifts he sees in 2021.

One of the shifts that will impact every industry is Artificial Intelligence. AI requires heavy computing and big data. According to Mahmoud Khattab, companies like Google and Facebook have a huge advantage over other businesses because they already own massive data center infrastructure.


The second shift in 2021 is called “Context.” This trend focuses on using artificial intelligence to determine intent rather than simply matching keywords or phrases. Context has been around for years, but it’s about to take off as we move towards 2021. The goal of context understanding is so computers can better understand human language while also outputting answers accordingly; this would be incredibly beneficial across all industries.

The third shift is blockchain, which he believes will be the most powerful technology. Blockchain enables decentralized information sharing across a vast network of computers that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hack or alter data without being detected. Blockchain is already being used in the financial industry; however, he believes blockchain will be integrated into all industries as we move towards 2021. He expects this shift to impact every industry and be one of the most powerful technologies in 2021.

Mahmoud Khattab is also an author with multiple books to date under his belt, including “The New Science Of Selling,” published by Hachette Books. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal Live conference series hosted by Michael Brush and many other popular outlets.

Kristin Molinaroli: A Woman in Tech Making Waves

Kristin Molinaroli has been a high-profile leader in the business world for many years. She has held executive positions at various companies, including Vice President of Marketing and Director of Sales & Business Development at Clorox Company (NYSE:CLX). Her dedication to success led her onto the international scene as Vice President of Global Marketing for The Clorox Company’s European Division before returning to the U.S. to take on her current post as Senior Vice President, Chief Brand Officer, and head of all marketing activities for The Colgate-Palmolive Company (NYSE:CL) Learn more

Kristin Molinaroli is an internationally renowned businesswoman who started out in marketing with Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), and as a brand manager at Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO). Molinaroli headed the marketing team that created and launched the highly successful Clorox disinfecting wipes line. Clorox’s disinfecting wipes sales increased fivefold during her tenure as Vice President of Marketing and Director of Sales and Business Development, and every other Clorox product line also increased in sales.

Her impressive list of achievements include being named one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in Business” by Fortune magazine, earning the prestigious CA-AFFOA BEVERAGE MARKETING EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR award , receiving the Stevie Award for WOMEN OF THE YEAR, and being inducted into the Hall of Achievement at the Women’s Business Center of California.

Kristin Molinaroli is a dedicated professional who has used her expertise to help numerous organizations by donating her time and resources as a board member and mentor. Her leadership skills led her to be recognized as one of Ethisphere Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics” and she is a member of the prestigious W100.

Molinaroli earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from Pepperdine University. She is married to Peter Johnston Molinaroli.

Kristin Molinaroli is an inspiring role model for women and girls of all ages. Her leadership skills have been recognized across the globe, and she continues to be an active member in her community while being a dedicated wife and mother.

How Alex A Molinaroli Empowers Women Business and the Forthcoming Generation of Leaders

In 2021, businesses owned by women are rapidly gaining momentum, but this has its set of challenges. Alex A Molinaroli, the Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls has acknowledged the barriers experienced by women-run businesses. He says that the situation is more evident for one to assume the situation. Alex A Molinaroli. claims that he has participated in many businesses, and this has been an essential aspect of his career.

Alex A Molinaroli. says that he has invested in women’s businesses as a mentor. He has supported them from an advising and financing perspective. Alex helps women to access capital and flourish in a business world dominated by males. As a dad to two daughters, he was empathetic and this stimulated his actions to liberate them.

Alex A Molinaroli. charted a path at Johnson Controls for women, and the firm is still promoting and embracing female leadership in business positions even after retirement. The company promised to increase women leaders’ representation and raised funding for disadvantaged businesses. Women-owned establishments are struggling to tap into the vigorous robust network because this year only 8.1% represented women in CEO positions.

However, preferring the right specialist network makes the entire difference, and Alex is fortunate to have opened doors. His business career got him useful contacts with female entrepreneurs. The contacts can now be traced in Wisconsin, the Johnson Control’s main office as well as technological circles and local communities.

Alex claims that making contacts, investments, and rendering mentorship constitute how he enables female businesses to succeed. Alex A also encourages women to have their views heard at their workplaces. Women are rarely valued in their professional setting, therefore, having something guide them in their careers can be helpful. Alex Molinaroli claims that are people are under glass ceilings, and he can enable them to deal with the distinct issues.

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