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The Pinnacle Of Robert Ivy’s Career In 2018

Robert Ivy is a renowned architect, editor and an author who is also a publications critic. On the 2nd of June 2018, he was honored with the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters alongside Andrew Curry, a stained glass artist from the Pearl River Glass Studio. It was such an honor for Robert Ivy considering the award is usually set aside for Mississippi connected creatives and art subsidizers with incredible artistic works. He officially joined the list of previous honorees such as Shelby Foote and Morgan Freeman.

The renowned architect has written a Fay Jones biography, and in the book, he talks about the works of a fellow architect who was a staunch follower of Frank Wright. Robert Ivy has seen the book through to its third edition and has been awarded by the Fay Jones School of Architecture in the University of Arkansas with the Deans Medal. His excellent explanation of the importance of design earned him the title Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi, the architectural fraternity. He holds the title with only six other individuals the likes of I. M Pei and Buckminster Fuller.

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Robert Ivy started his career as a navy officer and later joined the McGraw Hill Publishers as their chief editor. Under his leadership at the publication house, they managed to distribute the highest number of architectural journals worldwide and in the time won several awards including the national magazine award. He was explicitly awarded the best management award of the year. Robert was a part of the team that successfully launched the journals mandarin version in China and the Middle East.

Besides his duties as an architecture, Robert Ivy was a Juror in the panel that chose Frank Gehry to come up with the Dwight Eisenhower memorial creatively. According to Carl Elefante, the AIA president, Robert deserved the Noel Polk award for both his personal and professional accomplishments. He congratulated him on behalf of the AIA fraternity and added that he was a worthy ambassador for the company and the profession in general.

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