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The Ultimate Café Is Open – Martha Stewart is in the Food Business

Martha Stewart, 73 years old, is opening her own café makes sense. After all, she is the queen of quality recipes, organization, sales and more.

The Martha Stewart Café is actually only a little kiosk in an the Starrett-Lehigh building in the heart of New York City. It is aptly labeled “Martha’s Blend.” She offers tea, coffee and fancy pastries.

She said her cafés theme was a result of her travels throughout the world. The tea and coffee she offers are from many different countries.

Her pastries come from a variety of sources. She gets them from different bakeries, restaurants and chefs.

It’s a good thing that Martha Stewart is an advocate for higher education customer service with prices being comparable to similar coffee shops. Food and drinks are at or less than $5.00.

Martha Stewart’s new cafe has sparked the curiosity of many customers. She has the reputation for being good with crafts, food and creativity.