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Williams Lea Tag CFO Gary McGaghey Advises Colleagues On Things To Consider 2021 And Beyond

Before joining Williams Lea Tag in his position as the Chief Financial Officer, Gary McGaghey had worked in different top companies. Whenever he joins a company, Mr. Gary ensures that he brings substantive change. He is not a type of manager who comes and exits without leaving a mark. Because of his legacy, he has won the hearts of many company owners overtime. As CFO, Gary McGaghey knows what is needed of him. Today, he advises his fellow CFOs on what he perceives the best practice.

At Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey is responsible for a number of activities. For instance, he oversees various company acquisitions and mergers, cost restructuring, refinancing balance sheets, divestitures, as well as carve-outs. Thanks to his endless seal in ensuring that things go on smoothly, Gary McGaghey enabled Williams Lea Tag to record a whopping €1.3 billion of revenue in just one year. As an experienced Chief Financial Officer, Gary McGaghey has a word to his colleagues. One of the things he emphasizes on is spending some time in a company someone has been appointed to serve. According to Gary , joining and leaving a company without leaving a legacy is as good as someone never joined the company at all. Gary says that CFOs are the drivers of companies they are appointed to serve. As such, he holds that before someone exits, he or she should bring change that wasn’t there when the person joined.

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Before his appointment as Williams Lea Tag CFO, Gary McGaghey worked for several other companies. In fact, in other companies, he served for more than 10 years. For instance, he worked for Uniliver from April 2002 to April 2017. Other companies he has worked for and served in various lofty positions include Robertsons and Nelson. Gary tells his fellow CFOs to take the companies as if they are their own enterprises.

3 Shifts That Will Make Us Smarter in 2021: Mahmoud Khattab.

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of precision MD, one of the most intelligent people on Earth. He is a Chief Executive Officer and has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top thinkers worldwide. In his interview with Gartner, he explains three major shifts he sees in 2021.

One of the shifts that will impact every industry is Artificial Intelligence. AI requires heavy computing and big data. According to Mahmoud Khattab, companies like Google and Facebook have a huge advantage over other businesses because they already own massive data center infrastructure.


The second shift in 2021 is called “Context.” This trend focuses on using artificial intelligence to determine intent rather than simply matching keywords or phrases. Context has been around for years, but it’s about to take off as we move towards 2021. The goal of context understanding is so computers can better understand human language while also outputting answers accordingly; this would be incredibly beneficial across all industries.

The third shift is blockchain, which he believes will be the most powerful technology. Blockchain enables decentralized information sharing across a vast network of computers that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hack or alter data without being detected. Blockchain is already being used in the financial industry; however, he believes blockchain will be integrated into all industries as we move towards 2021. He expects this shift to impact every industry and be one of the most powerful technologies in 2021.

Mahmoud Khattab is also an author with multiple books to date under his belt, including “The New Science Of Selling,” published by Hachette Books. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal Live conference series hosted by Michael Brush and many other popular outlets.

How Alex A Molinaroli Empowers Women Business and the Forthcoming Generation of Leaders

In 2021, businesses owned by women are rapidly gaining momentum, but this has its set of challenges. Alex A Molinaroli, the Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls has acknowledged the barriers experienced by women-run businesses. He says that the situation is more evident for one to assume the situation. Alex A Molinaroli. claims that he has participated in many businesses, and this has been an essential aspect of his career.

Alex A Molinaroli. says that he has invested in women’s businesses as a mentor. He has supported them from an advising and financing perspective. Alex helps women to access capital and flourish in a business world dominated by males. As a dad to two daughters, he was empathetic and this stimulated his actions to liberate them.

Alex A Molinaroli. charted a path at Johnson Controls for women, and the firm is still promoting and embracing female leadership in business positions even after retirement. The company promised to increase women leaders’ representation and raised funding for disadvantaged businesses. Women-owned establishments are struggling to tap into the vigorous robust network because this year only 8.1% represented women in CEO positions.

However, preferring the right specialist network makes the entire difference, and Alex is fortunate to have opened doors. His business career got him useful contacts with female entrepreneurs. The contacts can now be traced in Wisconsin, the Johnson Control’s main office as well as technological circles and local communities.

Alex claims that making contacts, investments, and rendering mentorship constitute how he enables female businesses to succeed. Alex A also encourages women to have their views heard at their workplaces. Women are rarely valued in their professional setting, therefore, having something guide them in their careers can be helpful. Alex Molinaroli claims that are people are under glass ceilings, and he can enable them to deal with the distinct issues.

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Gary McGaghey Is Tuned Into the Key Topics That Will Shape the Future of the World of Finance

Gary McGaghey is a London, UK-based business professional who is known as an expert within the field of private equities. He currently works with Williams Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey serves as the company’s chief financial officer. Given his position as a leading CFO, McGaghey understands the fact that the policy landscape for taxes is undergoing some changes. Finance leaders such as McGaghey are currently preparing to address this changing landscape. They understand that some key topics are set to shape the future. These topics include:

Understanding Tax and Regulatory Changes

Today’s businesses will look to prepare for corporate tax changes that are proposed. This includes the possibility that the tax rates for corporations could increase to 26.5 percent. Other key issues to focus on include cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory risk.

The Importance of Initiatives Focused on Diversity and Inclusion

Today’s business leaders are looking for ways to effectively engage in diversity and inclusion efforts. This includes efforts being made by today’s CFOs.

The Future of Work Is Being Redefined

Today’s CFOs have an optimistic attitude about what the future holds. This future includes redefining the way that the working world operates. The world will continue to move toward a hybrid work model that will focus on emergent technologies.

Major Digital Transformations Are Ongoing

The transformation that is currently ongoing to the world of business is being driven by emerging and improving technologies. Due to this, technology investment continues to be a top priority for today’s CFOs such as Gary McGaghey.

Global Economies Look to Return to a Trend of Growth



The recent global health crisis has had a significant impact on economies around the world. In the coming year, CFOs will look to play a key role in returning the business world toward a trajectory of growth.

Companies Are Motived to Demonstrate Their Value and Purpose

CFOs will also look to demonstrate their value to the communities that they work in. They will also look to demonstrate their commitment to looking after their employees. More to read:

A Day in the Life of Dr. Barry Lall: Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels

Dr. Barry Lall is the kind of CEO who takes you along his journey of discovery. He believes that one of the main reasons his company has been successful is due to the close bonds he has developed with each one of his employees, through a daily strategy called “Hearts & Minds”. Under this plan, the staff is encouraged to work in a collaborative manner, to keep one another engaged. Barry Lall has experience from working at a travel agency, a luxury product provider, and a financial services company, before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Since forming his company, he has successfully sold and exited three brands while retaining the commitment and operational excellence required in his business model.

To mark the opening of his new hotel, Pinnacle Garden Hills, Barry took time out to speak with CHEK News about how he manages such a busy schedule and even a day in the life of Barry Lall. If you work in Corporate Office, your daily routine includes many tasks throughout the day. You are a mix of deal makers and deal breakers. This includes generating millions of pounds in revenue for the company and several deals which had to be put through. You meet a number of high-profile guests. You are always on the lookout for business opportunities for the hotel.

Dr. Barry Lall: After this training, you might be called upon to visit a property and to offer guidance in the midst of an event. A team member might be helping with marketing efforts, or give a presentation at an event. Your day will never stop until the wee hours of the morning. On days the real might include a long and tiring shift at the front desk, smiling as your customers approach, and hand over hand with a grateful and social greeting. While this might be the least glamorous of jobs, it is a crucial one to the success of your business. After all, the front desk is often where customers find you and you are often their first encounter with the hotel as well. As such, their judgment can be a crucial one in your success. Read More.

Vijay Eswaran – The Legendary Business Icon

Born in 1960, Vijay Eswaran, the founder and chairman of the QI Group. Besides, Vijay also bears so many titles to his name. He’s a global business orator and a well-renowned author. While studying in the UK and USA, Dr. Vijay worked for multi-level marketing firms. Eswaran is an ardent advocate for value-based management. He has also advocated for women’s economic empowerment.

Upon completing his education, he heeded his entrepreneurship calling and returned to Asia. In 1998, he, together with Joseph Bismark, founded the QI Group. The firm is a multinational conglomerate company dealing in hospitality, telecommunications, and direct selling.

Currently, the QI Group has more than 1500 employees. It has regional offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. With his expertise in economics, Vijay continues to ensure that the QI Group maintains sustainable operations. Such expertise is essential in benefiting the surrounding communities.

In 2017, Vijay partnered with Green Venture Capital to develop QI City. The project is an RM1.2 billion residential and commercial edu-city set for completion in 2020.

Eswaran is a highly esteemed author. He has penned six inspirational and thought-provoking books. They include; In The Sphere Of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, and Two Minutes From The Abyss.

Moreover, he’s a prolific article writer. Some of his articles have been cited by the International Business Times and POLITICO Europe. In his works, Vijay stresses gender equality and economic women empowerment. He highly emphasizes on proper leadership and approaching diversity as a financial strategy.

Dr. Vijay is the current chairman of the University Council, Quest International University. In 2011, he was honored by Forbes Asia as a Hero of Philanthropy.

He’s also an award winner for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy. He was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Economics by the Pannasastra University in 2016.

Eswaran attributes his success to the sphere of silence. He has dramatically embraced the spirit of meditation. He believes in teamwork and the propensity to keep pushing.  Learn more:

An Exclusive Overview of Igor Cornelsen Career and Background

Igor Cornelsen is a top-ranked and well-established investment banker. He is based in Brazil and owns a big financial and investment company in the country. The entire world recognizes Igor for the support he gives in managing some of the world’s leading financial institutions. Through Bainbridge Group, he is able to critical investment advice and insight on how to navigate in this field of investment. Cornelsen is also a consultant providing important advice on long-term investments and the volatile stock markets. Igor Cornelsen has served in many investment and financial companies in Brazil as an investment manager. He also owns an investment company that has been operational since 1995.

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Mr. Cornelsen was born in Brazil on 4th October 1947. In 1965, he joined the University of Panara and pursued a course in engineering from the university. He pursued this course for two years, and during the third year, he shifted his focus to economics, a course that has spearheaded his success and made him marketable up to now. He graduated in 1970 and got a slot in Multibanco as an investment banker. Cornelsen has valuable skills in economics and excellent at numbers and calculations. His dedication, determination, and commitment got him promoted and, in 1774, moved to Rio. After four years of working in RIO, Igor got appointed as its chief executive officer and has contributed a lot to the company’s success.

Mr. Igor has also worked with a top-ranked investment financial institution based in Brazil, Unibanco. He worked in the company from 1978 to 1985 before getting a job at Libra Bank PLC. He also worked in the Standard Chartered Bank as a board member till 1995. Mr. Cornelsen is very proud of economics that opened for him doors to success. He urges the younger generation to look at facts before investing and avoid taking risks anyhow. You should also be good at making decisions that may not negatively impact you. Visit:

Steve Ritchie: Former CEO Of Papa Johns A True Pioneer Of Success In Business

Steve Ritchie progressed from being an entry level employee to the company’s CEO. To think the guy had just started as a representative for customer service in the mid 90’s. Steve Ritchie had a vast interest in the pizza industry,  purchasing a pizzeria of his own for the price of $16,000 while he was still in school. Steve came from modest backgrounds and hard work. He was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and today he still lives there. Though working at a variety of restaurant jobs when he was a 15, 16 year old teenager. His job was to cook burgers at Burger King and that’s when he really fell in love with the restaurant industry and it’s fast-paced enviorment and excited to get things done efficiently, getting them done properly. Source: Wikipedia

Steve entered the corporate leadership committee at Papa John’s in 2010, eventually being appointed Papa John’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014, President the nect year and finally CEO in 2017, where he successfully guided the company’s transition. Ritchie preferred not to attend college, but instead study the business at what he calls “Papa John University.” He knows aspect of the business.

Steve has stated in a an interview with The Medium that 2018 was the most challenging year in his career and for the company. The business had many problems both in terms of customer sentiment and some of the things that had happened, but Steve always felt it was the company’s most valuable year in its history. What he was most proud of is his people ‘s strength, and how they all tied together. The organization has been faced with a major problem within the overall business and its understanding. But when people come together and you have a strong culture, and people believe in each other things will prevail. Ultimately, Steve and his team got the company back on track to compete with other top franchises. Connect:

Achievements of Nitin Khanna

Though change is a special thing that should be guidance to every entrepreneur, one must know the things that require change and those that do not. Not every part of a business requires spontaneous changing. Issues like principles should not be affected by change always. Titan entrepreneurs like Nitin Khanna have always maintained the same principles in their entire careers. One cannot know the principles that work for them if they do not test them. When the principles seem to work, there is always no issue when one sticks to them for the benefit of their career. Besides, principles that lack a clear definition always bring undesirable issues to their users. With the proper analyzing of the latter, an entrepreneur can always know that steps bring them better developments.

Nitin Khanna has been having a good time in his career. At first, he established a paper venture. With the fast-moving technologies, he knew that he had little chances of making a lot in his career. For a long time, he always knew that he had a bigger fate in his life. The breakthrough that most people gained in technology gave him the motivation to try out the industry.

He established the venture that did not ever fail him. By operating in the latter for years, he acquired most of the matters he was looking to acquire. The projects he managed for the United States government were more encouraging to him. He used most of the capital he earned form the company to launch a merger and acquisition venture. The company has been facilitating the coming together of companies since its launch. The venture brings together people that have similar plans and interests. Through it, many companies have found their potential partners. He always receives his share from mergers that emerge as victorious. He is also amazed by the issues of cannabis legalization. To him, cannabis has enabled people to live healthy through its medicinal effects. He has found a rare opportunity to venture into this industry as controversies have always faced it. Besides acquiring the most substantial revenues in the sector, he continues to gain encouragement to move further.

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Kevin Plank’s Re-commitment to Performance for the Under Armour Brand

When Under Armour’s founder, Kevin Plank, started the company from his grandmother’s basement he focused on performance. Under Armour’s original product was sweat-wicking undershirts for football players. At that time, people who wore Under Armour did so because they wanted anything that could give them an edge on the field. The idea that Plank’s creation would one day grace billboards in the style capital of the world, New York City was an unthinkable proposition.

As the company grew, Kevin Plank knew that if he was going to be competitive in the activewear market, his company would need to focus on fashion as well as function. Plank did just this and the brand began to release clothes shoes, and accessories that were not just for the field. The strategy had some success, but now Kevin Plank believes that Under Armour should re-commit itself to performance and produce clothes for athletes and other active people.

Plank’s reasoning behind this strategy was that Under Armour was born on the field and that is where they set themselves apart from other apparel companies. This dedication to performance promises to bring Under Armour to new heights. The company was tapped to design technical spacewear for use on Virgin Galactic’s maiden voyage as well as any other of the company’s future trips to space. Additionally, the technology and designs that come from this project will also be available to consumers.

Another indication of Under Armour’s commitment to performance is their partnership with NBA superstar Steph Curry to produce on the court basketball shoes. Like all of Under Armour’s products, these shoes are designed to improve performance for basketball players.

Even as the leadership at Under Armour changes, their commitment to high performance athletic wear remains. Despite their new strategy, the company is not looking to abandon fashion altogether. Kevin Plank has stated that a great looking product is “table stakes”. This indicates that they realize even apparel that is made for performance must also look good to be successful, as well as for those New York billboards.