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Introducing Stephen Bittel: President of the Florida Democratic Party

Stephen Bittel is the President of the Florida Democratic Party, and chairman of Scott’s re-election campaign. He has been appointed to serve on the boards of directors for CSX Corporation, NextEra Energy Inc., and U.S. Sugar Corp. Stephen Bittel was elected as a state representative in 1994, serving two terms before being elected to represent District 112 in Tallahassee from 2000 – 2006 where he served as House Majority Whip, Chair of Legislative Budget Committee, Chair of Health Care Councils Joint Subcommittee on Medicaid Reform Implementation Team which helped craft legislation that reformed Medicaid into managed care program called Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) serving 1 million Floridians with chronic illnesses or disabilities who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Previously Stephen served as Chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee and has been active in Democratic politics at the local, state, and national levels for more than twenty years.

Stephen Bittel has lived in Miami-Dade County for 43 years and is married with three children.

Stephen Bittel for Florida is a political action committee registered with the State of Florida on August 18, 2017. The chairman or treasurer of this organization is Stephen Bittel and this organization has filed and is in good standing with the State of Florida Department of State Division of Elections.

Stephen Bittel for Florida is a political committee registered with the Secretary of State. He is passionate about public service, helping our community, and Florida’s young people.

Stephen Bittel for Florida began operation on August 18, 2017, with the purpose of supporting Andrew Gillum in his gubernatorial bid. The committee is conducting its activities under the authority granted by Chapter 106.193(7)(a) of the Florida Statutes. It was formed to advocate for the election of Andrew Gillum and assist his campaign in any way to help him win.

Stephen Bittel for Florida will be supporting Andrew Gillum by helping with his campaign and participating in events, providing financial support and paying for all operational, legal, and compliance expenditures.

Barry Lall on How to Practice Gratitude and Spread Joy

In both his personal and professional life, Barry Lall believes that gratitude is the key to success. When we are thankful, Barry says, we tend to feel better. We tend to be less anxious, depressed, and stressed. This is especially relevant to entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the hospitality sector, especially those trying to balance the demands of a well-run company with the tough ones that come with it. Just like Barry has done for the past three decades.

It has been a great pleasure to see Barry grow professionally and personally, as his career has driven him to improve continuously. Understandably, corporate work for many business leaders feels like a burden — a seemingly innumerable list of things that should be done to take care of one’s family. Barry’s personal and professional lives come together to give him a sense of fulfillment.

There are a variety of ways in which we can express gratitude throughout our lives. The more we enjoy each wonderful moment and celebrate our little victories, the more we can lift the spirits of those around us and bring down the overall mood in the room.

As CEO and President of Pinnacle Hotel USA, Barry Lall runs an organization with several hotels throughout California and Texas, which have a total value of over $250 million. Pinnacle Hotels operates three brand names, hybrid hotels, Doubletree Hotels, and Marriott hotels under the Hyatt Regency and Doubletree by Hilton brands.

Having previously served as the CEO of a large organization, Barry provides entrepreneurial advice to new business owners. Along with overseeing Pinnacle Hotels’ 650 employees, his duties include assisting his wife with the Lall Family Scholarship that offers scholarships for college-bound students. These two institutions jointly award this scholarship to students who would not otherwise afford it. Barry also offers an internship program at Pinnacle Hotels for those interested in learning the fundamentals of hotel management on the job.

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SeaWorld: The Truth Behind the Excitement

Two million visitors come each year to enjoy the wonders of our marine world. Our world-renowned marine life parks and aquariums not only offer incredible wildlife encounters and unforgettable family vacation memories. The Orlando-based theme park is not only committed to education and ocean conservation but has also protected the health of Florida’s marine life. In addition to its conservation efforts, the company supports research programs at the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institute. See more on Instagram for more info.

In 1968, less than one percent of ocean waters were protected by national or state parks, wildlife refuges, or sanctuaries. Today, thanks to support from many conservation organizations, those numbers have increased to more than 20 percent, and many species are at the threshold of recovery. The threats facing sea life today — human activities such as pollution, overfishing, and climate change, among others — demand that we continue to do everything in our power to support marine life and their habitats, including the potential addition of marine reserves to help mitigate climate change and ocean acidification.

SeaWorld is committed to safeguarding the health of the world’s ocean ecosystems by encouraging responsible ocean stewardship. Currently, SeaWorld’s animal rescue and rehabilitation team are focused on working with partner organizations to build more robust and diverse marine protected areas around the world. Some of these sites include the Parcel B Estuary in Florida, Rosemont National Park in Australia and Klaten Forest Reserve in Indonesia. The Marine Mammal Rescue Program at SeaWorld San Diego is one of the leading rescue, rehabilitation and release programs for stranded sea mammals.

SeaWorld is committed to taking steps to protect marine animals and the environment and the many species around the world. To learn more about how SeaWorld works to protect our oceans and the sea creatures that live there visit While the focus of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings is on science, it is very important that SeaWorld emphasizes what animals need to survive.


Eterneva Secures Funds To Move Forward With a Worthwhile Cause

How can someone move past the loss of a loved one. It’s not an easy question to answer. Really, the few people able to do so are those who’ve managed to accomplish it within their own lives. That’s what makes a company called Eterneva so important. It was founded by Adelle Archer after the loss of her friend and business partner to cancer. As with many people, the sudden loss left her searching for meaning and a way to move forward. She found an easier healing process than most people at the time. However, she also had to create that healing method from scratch. What proved beneficial is something that’s become known as a memorial diamond. It’s a lab created diamond made from the cremation ashes of a lost loved one. See more of Eterneva on facebook.

The process helped Archer so much that she founded an entire company around the concept. She’s been able to help a number of people in the same way she was helped. But the process is difficult to scale to the ever increasing demand. That’s why recent success in a fundraising effort is so important. A recent funding round by Tiger Management has produced some amazing results. One of the most impressive names associated with this process is Mark Cuban. The billionaire from Dallas is joined by multiple organizations to reach a formal total of $10 million. Cuban noted that he views the endeavor as a way to stay connected to loved ones. He also saw so much growth in the future of Eterneva that he wanted to double down on his initial investment.

The new capital will be used in a variety of different ways. But much of this will focus on personalizing the process. People will have more of a chance to really discuss the personality of their loved ones. This can help act as a brainstorming process to create an even more individualized experience.

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Fortress Investment Group Announces Purchase of Colony’s OEDs

New York based Fortress Investment Group recently announced a deal with Colony Capital that will see the global asset management firm’s subsidiaries become manger and general partners to Colony’s various CDFC funds, investment vehicles and non-digital real estate positions.

These new assets are said to be worth $2.7 billion. With this agreement, Fortress Investment Group is set to acquire some of Colony’s capital account positions in non-digital real estate. The deal also includes 40 positions covering more than 100 properties in the U.S. and Europe with a total consideration of $535 million subject to periodic changes.

This deal is a representation of a comprehensive sale of Colony’s OEDs, which was reclassified as discontinued operations to quicken Colony’s transition into a fully digitized business. With Fortress Investment Group backing Colony, the company can get a one-stop solution for their OED assets as well as assured responsible stewardship for the CDCF investors.

Noah Shore, Fortress Investment Group Managing Director, recently expressed the firm’s joy at working with the new limited partners brought by Colony as they work towards optimizing value across multiple industries.

According to Noah, the new portfolio fits perfectly with the expertise and experience at Fortress Investment Group. This means the team can effectively manage complex investments featuring various asset types, structures, industries and in several locations.

The New York based Fortress has built a solid reputation for providing world-class stewardship and management of assets. It is for this reason that Colony’s CEO Marc Ganzi opted to trust the firm with this deal to allow them to focus their attention on developing a world-class digital infrastructure REIT.

With both sides still ironing a few edges of the deal, the agreement is set to take effect in the fourth quarter of 2021. Some of the pending issues include a customary closing that includes regulatory approvals and consent from investors. Go Here for related Information.

The rise of adult messaging platform SextPanther

SextPanther is spoken about in an article from Igeekphone. It is an adult texting platform that has grown in popularity throughout the pandemic. The application allows fans to connect and directly message adult content creators. Media and text messages can be exchanged by both parties and allows for a very personal experience with phone or video calls.

The platform was specifically tailored for sexting between adult creators and their fans. Originally meant for texting, the platform added different options like video and audio calls down the line. People can use SextPanther for free on the explore page but payments to creators are standard with a rate of $2 and above. The amount of money can depend on what the creator lists for their services as sign-up is free.

Adult content creators are free to set the price for their online services and can personalize whether they want to sorely do text messages or provide more communication options to fans. SextPanther truly allows for an interactive experience as creators can give out their personal contact number to fans on the platform. The company makes a firm notice that the platform is secure and no private information can be leaked.

Content creators are paid twice a month depending on what users spend for their services through the use of credits. The company also has its own customer service department if customers need any kind of assistance. Many have enjoyed the platform because it allows people to make extra money securely each month while fans get to personally speak to different models. The platform is regarded for putting the users and creators first. It is one of the reasons why they have grown so popular in the pandemic. SextPanther’s: Twitter.

Why Fortress Investment Group Has Been Exploiting Investment Trends in New York

Market trends have always been happening in the market, and such issues have been affecting how most of the organizations have been operating in the market. In New York, companies do not want to be in a situation where they are facing extreme trends as they operate and hope to achieve their trends in the market. However, there are some companies that have been thriving in the market through the trends that have been happening.

Fortress Investment Group is known as a company that is always doing everything at its disposal to enhance its performance in the business environment around New York. Most individuals have always been indicating that Fortress Investment Group does not fear most of the risky issues that are always happening in the market. However, what is obvious is that there are very many problems that have been affecting the larger organizations in the business environment.

When something wrong happens in the market, most of the organizations that have some of the largest investments are likely to face extreme losses. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest investors in the region, which means that it is always facing some extreme challenges in the market. This is something that most organizations have never been able to understand, and they even do not try to solve where necessary.

Fortress Investment Group understands that a simple trend in New York can easily force the company to experience considerable losses in its industrial operations. However, there are very many other opportunities and challenges that the company relishes as the trends continue to happen. As the company continues to operate in the market, it is essential to note that there are very many trends that happen. Most of the companies have been using such trends to exploit some of the available investment opportunities. Go Here for related Information.

Repton School Overview

Repton School is an independent school that teaches pupils from age 13. Students up to age 18 can benefit from the several facilities available in the school. There are several facilities in the school aimed at making it easy for students to get the best education. Parents are encouraged to visit the school where they will get to familiarize themselves with the school’s activities. They have highly motivated teachers and support staff who go the extra mile to ensure students get the best education. Prospective parents can take virtual tours from where they will get to know the quality of education available at the school. Here are some of the steps taken by Repton School to ensure they offer top-quality education to deserving students. To learn more about Repton School, visit at Good Schools Guide.

Houses for students

Students can decide to be borders or day time-based. For those who prefer to border, the school has arranged to allow them to have enough houses that make it easy for them to get comfortable accommodation. All the houses have housemistress who ensures students get the necessary facilities they need. They are fully equipped facilities where students can enjoy their stay. The school has taken measures to ensure they avail top quality accommodation so that students can feel like they are in their homes. It is a school that cares for the wellbeing of the students.

Repton Literary Festival

The school organizes a literacy festival where students will interact with motivational speakers who make it easy for them to gain from industry experts. It is a school that has been well planned to make it easy for students to get the necessary education. Sometimes students get to learn from each other. The environment in Repton School is very conducive. It works well towards making students learn from each other. Students who would like to succeed in their life find the school very helpful.

Students with different capabilities can count on the school to nurture their talents. The school is run by highly experienced education specialists who take necessary measures to ensure they take the school to another level. Repton School is among the few institutions that are run by experts in the education sector. Connect:

Eterneva Welcomes a New Member of the Management Team

The Austin-based company specializes in making diamonds from ashes for clients to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. It has an eight-month process for creating soulful remembrances, which are as special as the finished product and the person behind it. Customers are allowed to choose their preferred sizes, color, cut, and inscriptions to ensure they have meaningful connections.

The organization’s innovative services include interactive video packaging, hand-written letters, and courier services. Eterneva was recently featured on Shark Tank and Forbes Magazine. It has many positive reviews from previous customers.

Adelle Archer, the company’s co-founder, realized that there was a need to develop a new way to memorialize loved ones after losing a close friend. According to her, the memorial options for ashes were not enough. She partnered with Garrett to create a better experience, helping people to reconnect with their loved ones.

Adelle’s mentor, Tracey, was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She only had a few months to live. She was afraid that she had not created a legacy before her death. Tracey was unaware of the positive impact she had already made in society.

When her close friends and associates heard about her diagnosis, they wrote stories of how she had helped them through difficult times and achieving their full potential. She died knowing she had left her mark on the globe. Adelle turned her friend’s ashes into a black diamond in remembrance of her sparkling spirit.

In early 2020, Eterneva announced that it had its first member of the Scientific Board, Dr. Robert E. Chodelka. According to the organization’s representative, he would be a valuable addition to the current leadership team due to his vast experience. His expertise would be useful in expanding the company’s operations and developing innovative products and services. He has over two decades of experience in the diamond industry.

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Achievements of Nitin Khanna

Though change is a special thing that should be guidance to every entrepreneur, one must know the things that require change and those that do not. Not every part of a business requires spontaneous changing. Issues like principles should not be affected by change always. Titan entrepreneurs like Nitin Khanna have always maintained the same principles in their entire careers. One cannot know the principles that work for them if they do not test them. When the principles seem to work, there is always no issue when one sticks to them for the benefit of their career. Besides, principles that lack a clear definition always bring undesirable issues to their users. With the proper analyzing of the latter, an entrepreneur can always know that steps bring them better developments.

Nitin Khanna has been having a good time in his career. At first, he established a paper venture. With the fast-moving technologies, he knew that he had little chances of making a lot in his career. For a long time, he always knew that he had a bigger fate in his life. The breakthrough that most people gained in technology gave him the motivation to try out the industry.

He established the venture that did not ever fail him. By operating in the latter for years, he acquired most of the matters he was looking to acquire. The projects he managed for the United States government were more encouraging to him. He used most of the capital he earned form the company to launch a merger and acquisition venture. The company has been facilitating the coming together of companies since its launch. The venture brings together people that have similar plans and interests. Through it, many companies have found their potential partners. He always receives his share from mergers that emerge as victorious. He is also amazed by the issues of cannabis legalization. To him, cannabis has enabled people to live healthy through its medicinal effects. He has found a rare opportunity to venture into this industry as controversies have always faced it. Besides acquiring the most substantial revenues in the sector, he continues to gain encouragement to move further.

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