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Eric Lefkofsky´s Newest Venture, Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and founder of Tempus, has been in the news lately for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent years. His latest venture is a medical company that helps people live better lives by improving their health and wellness through prevention and treatment methods. Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015, and its headquarters are located in the Merchandise Mart. Tempus is a mobile-health company that helps fight chronic diseases such as hypertension.


They also apply technology to fight obesity, and diabetes by offering solutions to help people manage their health via technology and data. Tempus’ primary goal is to change care for the better and offer people personalized medicine and treatment options. For example, Eric Lefkofsky notes, if a patient has high blood pressure, Tempus will pull together all of the medications they have been prescribed over time so their doctor can get a full picture of how to treat them best. 


The company also introduced an app called What’s Up Doc, which uses clinical decision support tools to enable physicians to identify patients with hypertension at risk for cardiovascular disease who might benefit from additional interventions, including medication changes. Tempus is a potential game-changer (Wsj).

Currently, many health care companies are not as focused on people’s wellness as they could be because the healthcare industry lacks incentives for preventative care and spends too much time focusing on treatment, Eric Lefkofsky points out. Tempus’ technology and data can help physicians offer more personalized and effective treatment options to their patients. By helping doctors identify patients at risk for complications, such as heart disease or stroke, Tempus creates better outcomes for these people.

ZeroAvia Offered Grant by the Government

After ZeroAvia adopted the production of carbon-free engines which use hydrogen fuel, The Uk Aviation Minister visited the firm at Cotswold Airport. The minister, commonly known as Robert Courts, announced that they would offer flight infrastructure grants to the aviation company, which will be used in research for aircraft with a seating capacity of 50 or even more seats. By September 2021, ZeroAvia appeared as the leading innovator in producing hydrogen zero electric powertrains in the transport department. 




In his visit, the minister, together with Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown, went round the company where they got the chance to see the progress in the 19 seats Dornier 228 aircraft. As the hand of the government in the HyFlyer 11, the project has partnered with Aristech and EMEC (Techcrunch).


In the visit, the minister alluded that ZeroAvia has already been shortlisted and successfully won in the innovation grants TRIG competition program. The invention of zero-emission flight will ensure they develop aerospace, which will support zero-emission planes that will use hydrogen-electric. ZeroAvia has tireless work in ensuring they bring to service powertrains that use hydrogen-electric and become operationalized by 2024. The hydrogen, which has less density with the fuel technology, will enhance a viable solution with zero emissions.

Once this gets done, the industry will prepare by having the aircraft refueled in the airports with the low carbon hydrogen for even no carbon. After the minister visits have ensured the partnership of EMEC will ensure the proper infrastructure that will enable the airport refueling system to get in place in the adoption of decarburization and managing the hydrogen site. ZeroAvia has adopted mobile hydrogen liquid, which can also be used in refueling vehicles through their ZEFI project as part of their study. If this gets certified, hydrogen will get converted to liquid, thus ensuring it will get kept more efficiently in the storage.

Social Media Expert Krishen Sauble Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an Entrepreneur, Insurance Expert, and Marketing Consultant. His expertise lies in Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Strategy Development, and Implementation, with a strong emphasis on Intellectual Property Management. Krishen Iyer has advised many startups and established companies to help them grow their business through effective marketing techniques, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Strategy Development, and Implementation. Krishen Iyer is also an Insurance Expert who has been working with Entrepreneurs in different companies. 


The successful businessman Krishen Iyer helps them find the best insurance plan for their business, taking care of the most common risks they face daily. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Krishen knows what kind of coverage Entrepreneurs need and where they can get it at affordable rates. As a Marketing Consultant, Krishen Iyer helps businesses improve their online presence through effective digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, Social Media Management for Entrepreneurs, and Content Marketing strategies development. 


He has been working in this field for years now and has written about different aspects of digital marketing that may help your business grow! If there is something Entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when it comes to Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategies, he is the man to provide the right way. With such extensive experience Krishen Iyer has been instrumental in many startups as well as established companies helping them grow their business through effective marketing techniques. He has also helped various entrepreneurs find the best insurance programs for their business.


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Sujit Choudry Collaborates on Constitutional Transitional Manual

Sujit Choudry has recently added a new item to his long resume of accomplishments. He has collaborated with fellow legal scholar George Anderson on a new volume entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

The volume has already been hailed as a major work on the subject. Although the work is bound to prove controversial in some quarters, the scholarship and exegetical prowess that Sujit Choudry and his collaborator have shown is beyond reproach.

The book is especially relevant in the modern political climate of constitutional crisis and regime change. Nations such as Chad, Libya, Myanmar, Yemen, and others have proven themselves to be highly vulnerable on both counts.

Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have attempted to explain within the space of a single volume the various constitutional crises that can lead to a major conflict. In such nations, territory is often secondary to political or tribal affiliation.

The book will prove to be excellent reading for people who are interested in the breakdown of these nations along such line. It provides a careful and highly detailed exploration of how constitutional law can heal such factional divisions.

Sujit Choudry has received high praise from experts in the field. His latest volume is another milestone in a career that is already one of the most illustrious in Canadian legal history.

Sujit Choudry has long been a renowned expert on Canadian law and Constitutional issues. During his days as a student of law, he earned degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He then served in the capacity of Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Sujit Choudry was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001. He spent nearly two decades in the position of constitutional law scholar. In this capacity, he served fruitful terms at the Universities of Toronto, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

As a recognized expert on Canadian law and its Constitution, Sujit Choudry is in a unique position to educate both legal scholars and interested layman. His latest editing project will go a long way toward achieving this noble end.

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About The Distinguished TJ Maloney of Lincolnshire

TJ Maloney is the CEO and chairman of the Lincolnshire Company that is well-known globally. The firm deals with private equity with its primary focus on investing and acquiring industries in the middle-market. TJ Maloney joined the TJ Maloney joined the organization in 1993. His academic background is BA from Boston College plus, and he went to law school in Fordham where he earned a J.D. Further, he has experience in security, acquisitions and merger laws that he practiced in New York

Before working at Lincolnshire, TJ Maloney served as the Chairman at the Boston College Wall Street Council.

Additionally, he was on the trustees’ board in Fordham Law School and Boston College. He disseminated information to students at Columbia University on the MBA program. Due to his outstanding work, he received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial award. The Fordham Law School rewarded him for upholding moral standards in the community. In return, TJ Maloney gave back to society by donating $5 million to thank the school for nourishing him to the successful person he is today.

Lincolnshire has become lucrative with TJ Maloney as its leader since it sold Holley Performance in 2018. The buyer of the firm was Sentinel Capital Partners, which is the private equity profession too. Although comprehensive details about the sale were discreet, Lincolnshire closed the deal with high profit. TJ Maloney and his able team increased the investment value of the company to a higher level. Put, its net worth has tripled up since the trade was a mega one. Other sales are Fabri Group and Amports Inc. that have kept the company on top.

Recently in June 2019, Lincolnshire recruited four individuals to join the thriving industry. They included Georg, Yashna, Matthew, and Nicolas, who were competent and active in their work. Their duties revolved around finding new opportunities to invest, as TJ Maloney described. He added that the company was on the forefront to acquire talented staff that would bring growth to the firm. He also said that they would work as a team to get the best out of business.

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CEO TJ Maloney Moves Lincolnshire Management Forward In The Private Equity Sector

TJ Maloney, though many may be unfamiliar with the private equity top-notch chief executive officer, is still leading the investing powerhouse that is Lincolnshire Management. Having been around since 1986, the firm founded by Wright and Kimble has experienced the largest portion of it growth in the years since 1993, as that is the year that the organization gained arguably in most important human asset, TJ Maloney. Whether Lincolnshire is dealing with acquisitions, restructuring or mergers, there is no doubt that the $1.7 billion that the firm has gained in capital from those activities would likely not be as high without Maloney doing his part to aid in the expansion of Lincolnshire Management throughout this interesting private equity investment sector.

While it is clear that Lincolnshire’s benefits as a result of Maloney’s leading power have been substantial, it is also necessary to take not of what TJ Maloney used to do before his 1993 entrance into the firm. He happens to have been an attorney whose securities law practice was well-received in New York, and his Fordham University law credentials clearly came in handy during that time. Also not stranger to things like MBA lecturing and even guest speaking, Maloney’s industry wisdom was strong when he came to Lincolnshire Management. The effects of TJ’s wisdom can be seen in how effectively he is able to satisfy the clients and investors of the Lincolnshire organization.

There has certainly been a boost in both capital and performance at Lincolnshire Management with the addition of TJ Maloney, and multiple publications that keep track of private equity’s trends have commented on this. 2010 and 2011 were both years during which Lincolnshire earned the public praises of such publications. CNN Money was one of these, and Private Equity News was the other. Hosting their private equity operations out of New York appears to be working out extraordinarily nicely for Lincolnshire Management as well as Mr. Maloney, and with a strong CEO heading an even stronger investing organization, further capital gains from private equity related acquisitions seem more or less inevitable as the team moves forward.

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Nitin Khanna Discusses The Power Of Teams

Entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood Nitin Khanna who spent his life surrounded by entrepreneurs when he wasn’t away from his family at boarding school. On top of that, his military father taught him the importance of hard work and discipline. With all of this, Nitin Khanna was interested in success from a young age. The native of India was born in 1971 and attended college in the United States at Purdue University where he had earned a Bachelor’s and Masters before dropping out while studying for his Ph.D. to start his career earlier. He moved to the United States when he was just 17 years old in order to get the education that he needed to be a success.

The CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna, became inspired to start this company that helps sell businesses such as tech startups after selling his old company known as Saber Corp or a considerably higher amount than it had been valued. At that point, he realized just how much money he could make while still enjoying what he is doing for his career. Saber Corp. provided software for government organizations such as child support and the DMV. There are still several states that use the software created by the company for voting. He and his brother first started Saber after his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States back in 1999.

When approaching business, he does it knowing that he has the heart and ability to finish what he needs to get done. He approaches hiring people for his business in the same way as his team has a huge impact on his job and company. If you hire the right people, Nitin Khanna states that it should leave you with a great deal of free time. This free time is important so that executives can approach different issues when they are needed. Your team is an extension of you and they will be executing what you need to be done. Nitin Khanna states that it’s also important to recognize your team for what they do and to get them excited.

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James Dondero the Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management

James, also known as Jim, serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Acquisition Corporate. He has been President and Secretary of the same since April 25, 2016. James has been Managing Partner and President of Highland Capital Management since 1993. He has 30 years of know-how in credit as well as equity markets.

Education and Career

James career as an analyst began in the year 1984 after being accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Training program. He is a University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce graduate. Having the highest honors, he earned dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

He joined the American Express in 1985 as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later became a Portfolio Manager and left American Express in 1989. He then became the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary before founding Highlands. Visit to know more about him.


With his expertise, Highlands Capital Management offers numerous award-winning products and solutions for institutional and retail investors. It has about $14.9 billion in assets under management. Highlands Capital Management received Morningstar’s 5-stars designation for Global allocation in 2014.


James Dondero has donated millions towards Dallas-area non-profits and charities. His commitment to improving educational opportunities for those living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has resulted in a growing list of Partnership and donations which have enriched the lives of the residents in Dallas. Highland $2 billion donation towards the University of Southern Methodist provides outstanding undergraduate students with exposure to public policy making, opportunity to study abroad, access to key global leaders and meaningful senior-year internships. It started in 2014 and admission is open to all majors and disciplines.

James supported the George W. Bush Library and Institute which promotes an understanding of President George W. Bush’s presidency through records and artifacts. The Institute is a non-partisan policy organization that seeks to develop current and future leaders through education.

He has created a network of investment management professionals who volunteer to assist children in need. This provides quality education programs for hundreds of low-income families in Dallas. Other charitable activities include Perot Museum of Natural Science, and Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, and SMU’s Tower Scholars program.



James Dondero and Markting In Nonprofit

As a trained business professional, James Dondero knows the importance of doing well by doing good. He has seen that doing well by doing has not only changed his life but the lives of countless others within the world today. James Dondero sees philanthropy as a way to kick-start the economy and plant seeds that will grow and provide value to people within the future as well as the present. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

James Dondero has seen how people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other billionaires will positively impact humanity by giving their wealth away at a certain point in their life. James Dondero watches how philanthropy can play an effective role in providing benefits to people in different regions as well.

As such, he strives to take a very business-oriented approach to his philanthropic work. This means that the measures or is prone to measure many different aspects of the charitable organization and how it is set in place.


Dondero May Prioritize Marketing

The fact of the matter is a charitable organization is only as good as the value it distributes to the people that it serves on a daily basis. A charitable organization must minimize their expenses and maximize what they give, how they give, and how they provide for their particular causes. Dondero knows that just like a business, one can be lazy and fruitless within an organization or one can be effective, smart, and hard working. It takes work to create good within the world and that means that one must strive to put their best foot forward each and every single day. Read more about James Dondero at

Building Up Business: Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a company that was founded in 1996. The CEO and founder of the company is a man named Steven Hicks and the company is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The primary purpose of the company is to take stock of small companies and help them reach specific financial goals. The company can provide funding for a small business, advise the small business on what to do next, and provide commercial real estate so that new businesses can take root. The team at Southridge Capital has the experience necessary to help new businesses navigate the tough world of investing and growing. Steven Hicks is one of the main reasons behind Southridge Capital’s success. Here is a little more about what makes Steven Hicks tick.

Steven says that the idea for Southridge Capital came from working at a hedge fund firm. He thought about going on his own for a while and when the business decision to move to Australia came, he decided to take the chance. Southridge Capital was now a reality. One thing that he and his team do every day is to make a list of the tasks that will be done for the day. By doing this, he and his team know what to accomplish. The team makes sure to keep a close watch on current businesses with their financial goals but also to look for new opportunities to help the business grow. This keeps Steven Hicks and his team on their toes each day. For more details visit Bloomberg.

According to an interview with Ideamensch, Steven Hicks says the best way to help new businesses is through experience. he says that several new companies come to them for financing. Southridge Capital and the team look at the new business and makes sure that it meets the criteria needed for assistance. Only the ones with excellent ideas get the help they need.

Southridge Capital has been in the business for more than twenty years. Helping innovative new companies get their start is what the team does best. The team and Steven Hicks at Southridge Capital would not have it any different.



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