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Bernardo Chua Expands Organo Gold’s Operations into Turkey

Conventionally, all companies seek to expand their operations both locally and international. It is an indication that the company is getting its priorities and goals right. Organo Gold has not been left behind either. Early this year (2015), the company opened an outlet in Turkey. With the opening of the new outline, the company had attained a total of 39 countries they operate in, nationally. BusinessForHome said that for businesses to exhibit good performance, there must be a leader with a vision leading a motivated team. Bernardo Chua is the individual behind the good performance by Organo Gold. He is the Co-founder and CEO of the company.

Organo Gold products’ benefits
Products of Organo Gold are specially designed to address a need. For example, coffee products will be able to stimulate and keep consumers alert while at the same time offering them other health benefits. It may explain the reasons why the company is fast expanding across the globe. Many individuals with active lifestyles prefer taking coffee. Fortunately for them, this seems to be the solution that Organo Gold is offering.

Because of his immeasurable contribution to humanity, he was previously recognized by Napoleon Hill Foundation. The Foundation awarded him a Gold Medal. Organo Gold products contain components of Ganoderma, which are herbs that resemble mushroom and are believed to be of Chinese origin. Health experts believe they are among the herbs with numerous health benefits to the consumers. Some of the benefits derived from continued use of the products include prolonged lifespan and a healthy body. It makes the products more competitive in the international market hence a choice of many.

Expansion strategy
Turkey’s culture promotes the consumption of coffee products. It is interesting to note that they opened their first coffee shop in the 15th Century. Therefore, it has provided a ready market for Organo Gold’s products. The company will only be required to maintain good quality products or make them better, so as to continue gaining the market share. Bernardo Chua has to ensure that they have new strategies of offering better services to clients. Organo Gold’s Executive Vice President Holton Buggs says they as a company they would continue providing useful services and becoming market leaders in Turkey.

The Egg Is Making a Comeback at the Breakfast Table

The egg has had quite a rehabilitation of its image lately. First, a health advisory panel of the U.S. government said there was no evidence that eating foods containing cholesterol actually increased levels of it in the body. As a result, it recommended lifting the admonishment against eating eggs. Now, eggs just got another mention in their favor. A study out of Finland shows a significant decrease in the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes among people with diets that included moderate egg consumption. They were careful to allow for other factors such as exercise, smoking and the health of other foods consumed. As recently as 2012, 1.7 million people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetesin the United States alone, so this is no small benefit of egg consumption.

Eggs used to be a staple of the American diet, and then nutritional authorities started recommending against their consumption. Brad Reifler is glad to learn that they seem to be making a comeback. They are wonderful for their flexibility. There are not many foods that can be cooked in so many different ways. They make a great protein contribution to any breakfast when they are fried, poached or scrambled and hard boiled eggs make a quick and convenient snack at any time of the day. They are probably better for us than the high carbohydrate cereals that many of us who were told to avoid eggs had switched to instead.