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Felipe Montoro Jens Is A Brazilian Financial Expert Who Is Helping To Improve His Nation’s Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who cares about his country’s future. Brazil has many valuable resources and jungle ecosystems that are very unique, but these are in danger because of industrial progress in the nation. Jens is an infrastructure specialist who understands what it will take to make the necessary changes that Brazil needs. He has been working in the financial sector for most of his career and served as a director at Santo Antônio Energia. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been extremely focused on improving the environment in Brazil for many years. His support of various public works projects has earned him a reputation as being someone who can make a real difference. Large corporations and even governments have worked with Jens because of his talents and his ability to create new financial strategies that move ventures and situations forward. He earned his degree in administration while studying at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He also attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. After this, he got to work and has been making a name for himself ever since.

Felipe Montoro Jens has noticed that over-tourism is becoming a huge problem for Brazil. While the country is able to bring in a lot of money from its tourism industry, it is becoming a real problem for its wildlife and fragile ecosystems. His work to help improve the Santa Catarina area has helped a whole lot as the area was suffering from the strain of over-tourism. He worked with the government in the nation, which spent millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure in the region. Felipe Montoro Jens took part in the project by overseeing it to ensure that the government was doing what was necessary to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


: Brazil’s Leading Face of Progress

When it comes to infusing growth and directing development for long term benefit countrywide, Felipe Montoro Jens is the man.

He’s had years of experience in resource and investment management that he is now an authority in the collaboration between the private sector and the government in Brazil. And with his strength in finance, development and cooperation between different sectors and industries, he has become an essential guide and resource.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the face of a better future for Brazil.

Jens had his education unrelated to business. From Oregon University and UC Santa Barbra, Jens earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and another in History. He then got his Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Jens next education directed the rest of his life to where he is today. He then studied at Brazil’s highly respected business school, Getulio Vargas Foundation and then went to Phoenix, Arizona and completed his second Master’s degree in business management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

In his business education and immediate corporate experience, Jens specialized in infrastructure development known to cut down on financial and systemic wastage in corporate and government projects. He started to find himself sitting on several administrative boards to oversee the efficiency of these businesses.

Jens’ hats have covered titles of leadership in business. Beyond being heads of projects, he’s become a Chief Investment Officer, a Chief Executive Officer and currently the Managing Director of a global investment conglomerate Odebrecht International based in Brazil that brings in resources from Europe and Asia covering projects in infrastructure, construction, engineering, real estate, energy and logistics.

Felipe Montoro Jens lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and continues to use his extensive experience in business and finance and work with the government to help build lives in Brazil.

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DonataMeirelles is One of the Most Popular Brazilian Fashion Influencers

As a mainstay in the world of high fashion, boasting more than thirty years of experience in the industry, DonataMeirelles has worked directly with many of its most prominent figures, even attaining the position of style director with Vogue Brazil. While recognized primarily for her exploits in the fashion world, DonataMeirelles has also dedicated a large portion of her time and efforts to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS. A staunch supporter for AIDS education and research, she has attended a variety of major events around the world concerning the topic, including the annual Cinema Against AIDS. Check out on for more fashion updates.

In recent years, she has also used her growing public platform to spread awareness to the world, often relying on the assistance of her 500,000 social media followers. Recently, the New York Times revealed that a second AIDS patient had been cured of the disease, causing a significant spike in public interest. After the news was released, DonataMeirelles immediately discussed her feelings regarding the new breakthrough, even citing the year 2020 as a realistic date for a worldwide cure. It was eight years ago that she first became actively involved in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS, when she was introduced to the amfAR, then known as the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

The nonprofit organization, amfAR, resulted from a merger between the California-based National AIDS Research Foundation and the AIDS Medical Foundation. The amfAR has taken a unique stance in its fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS, choosing to tackle the issue from a variety of angles, including education, public policy, prevention, and research. Through their consistent efforts, the amfAR has helped to provide more than 3,300 research grants, raising more than $400 million. While a portion funding for the amfAR is provided through donations, the vast majority is created through fundraising initiatives. Visit:

Embodying Excellence: Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf

In Brazil, one man is wisely carrying on his family’s business legacy and expanding sustainable products that help the world become more eco-friendly. As the first business partner of The Home Depot to sell eco-friendly harvest wood, Flavio Maluf sells renewable Eucalyptus, wood, and paint products through his company Eucatex. As the CEO, he has learned that it takes great patience, dedication, persistence, and hard work in order to achieve success. His advice for those trying to start their own business is to understand these key facts and not pretend like starting a business is easy.

Eucatex sells everything from doors (aptly named “Ecuadoors”) to MDF wood, particle board, office partitions, flooring, paints, stains, and more. Their consciousness of their ecological impact is only one aspect of the company, as they have a commitment to responsible pay and good work programs on the Human Relations side of the business as well. In 2010, as a matter of fact, they won the Brazil Protection Award for the Occupational Safety and Health of Workers. In terms of their products, in 2007 they won the Home Planet Award… and in 2012 they were voted as one of the top ten companies to work for in Brazilian citizenship.

Sustainability is not a logical component of Flavio and Eucatex’s business plan, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do for the planet. While being committed to high sustainability, Eucatex is also highly committed to the principles of social growth and competitive cost: always. Their commitment to respecting environmental legislation is always at the forefront of their operational policy, and they are generally committed to excellence in all areas of work. Carrying on the great work of his grandfather Salim, Eucatex truly embodies the wisdom, experience, and sustainability of an excellent production company.

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The Cost of Halting Infrastructural Projects; Felipe Montoro Jens

Well, there are many stationary state and municipal projects in Brazil that the National Confederation of Industry is concerned about. Statistics from the Ministry of Planning shows that 18.55 of the 2,796 civil works that have been interrupted can be traced back to the Infrastructural industry estimated to cost R$10.7 billion. Felipe Jens Montoro, a highly sought after infrastructural expert, noted that of these works,16 are airports,6 ports, 30 highways, and 5 waterways among other major projects that are of communal benefit. He is however, saddened that small and inexpensive projects such as pre-schools have equally been affected. Visit their website to learn more.

Noteworthy, Brazil allocates less money for these projects which makes them to shutdown halfway as the resource to completion becomes scarce. In addition, the discontinuation of these works can also be linked to land ownership disputes, technical problems, contracting companies abandoning works, and budgetary challenges. Brazil is currently in an economic crisis and interruption of these projects worsens the fiscal situation. Investments are rendered useless as government spending fails to be fruitful which could otherwise help in boosting the economic by aiding trade.

Public utility managers alongside the regulating or control bodies should be vigilant to ensure the country does not head south from these interruptions. Brazil however, can remedy the situation is they comply with the six measures outlined by the CNI. These include; balanced structural designing of contracts, devise an effective execution strategy, equip the teams with resources, enhance macro-planning and also micro-planning and the internal controls should be adhered to. Felipe Jens Montoro insists that we should watch the groundbreaking infrastructural projects come true in Brazil.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

He is a well-known infrastructural expert in Brazil whose advice is considered while making decision in matters of civil development. Under his watch, he has spearheaded various state and municipal projects that have created good transport networks. He has also worked hard to revamp the sanitation and enact good projects for the safety of all.

Felipe Montoro Jens, is the CEO of Energipar Captacao, and a Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal chairman. He is widely associated with many organizations such as Braskem, Santo Antonio Energia among others. Montoro is a Brazilian by nationality and about 47 years of age.

The Rise of Alexandre Gama in Advertising Industry

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur with interest in advertising and communication. He was born in 1958 and worked his way through the communication industry to become one of the biggest brains in advertising globally. Gama started his career in 1982 working for Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter. Eight years later he moved to DM9 where he worked as a creative director and copywriter, a position that saw him win numerous awards. Alexandre Gama then proceeded to work with other communication firms before starting his agency.

In 1999, Alexandre Gama started his advertising agency under the name Neogama. Neogama became the fastest growing company at the time in Brazil winning tenders from leading international brands. Neogama joined forces with BBH an agency based in London to form Neogama/BBH. Alexandre Gama became the major shareholder in the new coalition driving the new formation to win the “Agency of the Year” award in the same year.

Over the years, Gama has won numerous awards for his creativity and drive in the advertising agency. He also ventured into the music industry in 2014 creating VIOLAB that records and promotes acoustic guitar musicians from Brazil. His latest achievement was the 2016 appointment to the Global Creative Board becoming the only and the first Brazilian to join the prestigious six-member board.