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Tom Keane´s Microsoft World

Tom Keane is the Corporate Vice-President and general manager of Microsoft Azure Global. He won the WashingtonExec’s 2021 Pinnacle Award for Cloud Industry Executive of the Year, done virtually. The yearly program symbolizes the spirit of pointing up companies saving money and nurturing inventions for state clients across the region.


Tom Keane’s Achievements


Tom Keane studied Computer Science at the University of South Australia. He was the Microsoft Engineer that led a team to create a cloud computing program at Microsoft Azure. This program was his recent achievement that was to be adopted globally by every country and industry.

Tom Keane´s Microsoft World

Tom Keane initiated Azure Government Secret and Azure Top Government Secret cloud regions. He developed the next-generation cloud system set of edge devices that bring cloud abilities worldwide. He also expanded Azure into different businesses like retail and entertainment, leading to its growth.


Tom Keane’s Mission

His mission for Microsoft Azure is to enable customers to hold crucial and managed workloads without exiting the program. It means that the customers’ data is protected, observed and accessible. Tom Keane also promises that a rich set of cloud abilities will be available to customers to their liking and permission of choice that cover their team technology to achieve their mission.

Tom Keane: New Satellite Connectivity and Geospatial Capabilities with Azure Space

Accessing satellites is only possible with a powerful satellite dish. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and challenging. In addition, with the telescope’s signal being broadcast in the single radio frequency it operates on, it is easy to drown out in urban areas or when traveling at high speeds. Azure Sphere is a new, low-cost solution that allows developers to tackle many of these pain points. Tom Keane explains that the result is a simple and cost-effective (versus satellite dishes) way to access geospatial content. Azure Sphere provides a secure way to acquire, route, communicate, and run functions.


Manage Satellite Data 


Engineer Tom Keane explains that it is achieved by cloud scale with Azure Orbital. He adds that Azure Orbital is a new, low-cost way to interact with satellites and navigate the earth. With Azure Orbital, you can use your existing laptop and a small satellite orbiter to manage satellites on the ground or in space. Mounting an Azure observatory includes KSATLite and Microsoft ground stations. According to Tom Keane, this can be done in an easy-to-use, cost-effective way. The Azure satellite API allows for the creation of a new class of devices between simple remote sensors and powerful gateways with computing. Azure satellites are low-power computers that can host their services and applications.


Technology Advisor Tom Keane

New innovations enhance satellite images through Azure


Azure’s image analysis tools can help you to more accurately and efficiently extract information from satellite imagery. Led by Tom Keane, Microsoft’s new Image Processing API provides GIS features and lower costs than other satellite imagery services. 
It also makes it easy for developers to use images, detect points of interest, track changes in them over time, and detect temporal changes. According to Tom Keane, it’s an image-processing tool built on top of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and deep learning engines. Its goal is to help users find patterns and objects of interest hidden in satellite images.