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 Vijay Eswaran Advice on stress

Vijay Eswaran is one of the wealthiest men in the world. He’s also one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs. In this video, he shares his advice for relieving stress during high-pressure moments.

Power of Silence:

Vijay Eswaran says the ability to keep your mouth shut is what separates the successful from the average. Silence is an art. It takes a lot of practice to master. He says it’s way too easy for people to expose their emotions and thoughts when they’re at a loss for words. Being able to keep your mouth shut is the key to improved communication, more meaningful relationships, and better decisions in life.

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Influences and Inspiration:

People tend to put others on pedestals. They think that great people are not human like the rest of us. They think they’re infallible and can do no wrong. Eswaran says it’s better to approach people as real human beings who are fallible and make mistakes just like everyone else. He says anyone with the right intentions and attitudes can become great regardless of their background or past failures. Anyone can make a difference in the world. That’s why you should follow those who inspire you. What he says: When someone inspires you, observe the qualities they possess and boost that in yourself. Being inspired by others makes you more badass than the person who inspired them.

Entering a Flow State and How to Achieve Your Goals:

People are different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving goals. Vijay Eswaran says it’s important to find a way that works for you if you want to attain your goals. When you buy into something with passion, you can achieve anything. You just have to keep pushing until you get there. For those in the higher levels of the business world, he suggests that you enter a flow state. You should play your cards right and do whatever you can to achieve your goals.

Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group: Connecting Entrepreneurs in India

One of the world’s largest online marketplaces is QI Group, owned and founded by Vijay Eswaran. QI Group has been operating for over 20 years and boasts significant investments in diverse fields such as property, education, health care and life insurance, consumer goods, and even telecommunications. Founded in 1997 by Vijay Eswaran, QI Group owns several companies, including Destiny Cable, QI Mobile, and more. In 2015, Forbes listed Vijay Eswaran as number 927 on its list of billionaires with a net worth of over $2 billion.

Eswaran has been admired for his success in business and how he grew QI Group into a $3.5 billion empire with over 70,000 employees and services that touch the lives of over 500 million people worldwide. Eswaran has been ranked number 44 on the 2014 Hurun India Rich List and was also ranked number 69 in 2012.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on the 16th of September, 1962. He attended St. Joseph’s College in Trichy and then obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from Loyola College at Chennai University. Vijay Eswaran began his career as a salesman for Hewlett-Packard after completing college. During this time, he also interned with Citibank.

After working for Hewlett-Packard, Eswaran was employed by the marketing communications firm Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, where he became a commercial director within four years of employment. In 1989 he resigned from his job to focus on creating his business ventures outside of Chennai.

QI Group is a multinational conglomerate company that Vijay Eswaran founded in 1997. The company has a presence in over 35 countries and currently employs over 70,000 people worldwide. QI Group is involved with several business ventures, including Destiny Cable, a cable network based out of Hong Kong, QI Mobile International Ltd., QI Informatix Corp. Ltd., QI Security Services Inc., and the Vijayaratnam Foundation, to name a few.

One of Eswaran’s many achievements, which put him on the map, was his ability to start up Destiny Cable throughout Asia at age 26. Shortly after this, he expanded his business portfolio by acquiring several other companies, such as Destiny Cable, the foundation of QI Group.

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Alastair Borthwick: A War Hero and Highland Wanderer

Scottish war hero and writer Alastair Borthwick immortalized the Scottish Highlands with his most famous work Always a Little Further. Born in Troon, the writer came of age among the working-class throngs of inter-war Glasgow. Those formative years gave Borthwick the skills and language to speak to everyday people about the glories and tragedies of World War II, as well as his devotion to hiking the breathtaking scenery of his native land.

Those inauspicious beginnings did little to signal the career he would he leave behind. Out of high school by the age of 19, Borthwick established himself as a copywriter for the Evening Times and Glasgow Weekly Herald, finally arriving in London in 1935, ending up at the BBC. He remained in broadcasting and print for the next 60 years.

Enlisting with the 51st Highland Division during the war was a natural inclination for the outdoorsman. Borthwick proved as successful in combat as in writing, eventually rising to captain. In the closing days of World War II, he led 600 men behind German lines, under the cover of darkness. Drawing on his intuitive navigational sense formed from his Highland adventures, Borthwick steered his men through muddy terrain and encircled the unsuspecting Germans. Having survived the many atrocities of war, in the end he proclaimed: “I never felt more lonely than I did that night.”

Alastair Borthwick’s writings reflected this journey to war hero. Always a Little Further, published in 1939, was a carefree ode to the mountain trails of Scotland. It helped inspire a generation of men and women, as the disruption of war came to an end, to seek out adventure and solitude on Highland trails. By that time, Borthwick had move on to the war, reflecting that experience in his next work Sans Peur. Published in 1946, it brought to his readers the immediacy and intimacy of battle.

His works would continue to be re-issued in the ensuing decades, while Borthwick would move with a growing family across land and sea, living on Scotland’s most famed islands, before finally settling with his wife Anne on a farm in Ayrshire. Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003, writing almost until to the end.

The successful career of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick remains to be an influential figure in the lives of many people. He lived at a time when expressing one’s views was not as easy as it is today, but he proved to be full of courage when he used his knowledge in writing to compose many pieces that did not only turn out to be inspirational but also educational. As an author, he also strived to impact lives through addressing the issues that used to face in their lives besides giving them solutions on the different ways they could handle them.

Alastair Borthwick is also known for his love for nature and socializing with other people. He has since the beginning of his career striven to e sure that he teaches people on ways they can entertain themselves in live to avoid stress and other mental illness. He believed that nature was created with the special purpose of soothing humans and helping them overcome challenges though using its constituents. He also liked hiking a together with people from different races; he ensured that he partook the sport to take his body fit as well a to have fun.

Alastair Borthwick also continued to prosper in his career through the vast knowledge he had gained in broadcasting. Through his expertise, he acquired a chance to work with the most famous and lucrative media house In the world. During his days as a journalist, he brought heart rendering news live to people, and he always ensured that he updates them on the various things that used to happen across the globe. His advocations were taken with open arms as they educated people and kept them up to date with the various things that were also being invented. It is through the various media houses that were launched that the broadcaster also preached the dawn of technology to people and taught them on the impact of the latter in their lives. His career also changed the lives of many individuals as people acquired knowledge on how they could carry out their activities easily through the use of various devices that were being invented.

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Michel Terpins a champion of Brazil rallying.

Michel Terpins continues to do what he does best and i.e rallying it was evident in the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally where despite not having his usual partner in the name of teammate and brother Rodrigo Terpins who together they compete for the Bull Sertões Rally Team in the T1 prototype category he was still able to emerge victorious in the second stage as well as clinch position 5 in the entire rally. For this one, he partnered with another team member Maykel Justo for the first time and together they were able to pilot the T-rex a special vehicle that was developed by the MEM team for the sole purpose of this edition of the competition. The T-rex had seen major improvements in terms of better handling as well as a better suspension which were calibrated with maximum precision by the developer’s engineers to ensure that it would be able to handle the overall distance of twenty-six thousand kilometers.The terrain that covered an area in over two states was bound to be tough as all others had been, a trend that was expected in the edition.

The stages all included new and broader challenges and in order for a team to be successful, it had to go through every stage and complete it. During the second stage the Bull Sertões Rally Team came in as the winners this was quite an achievement for members who had never driven before as a team and it enabled them to develop a better understanding of each other’s abilities and skills.

Michel Terpins vehicle which had the # 322 sticker on it was part of the Carbon Free initiative this was a special initiative brought about by the Green Initiative foundation they were issuing participating cars with a Carbon Free seal that would ensure that the CO2 emitted by the participating vehicles over all the seven stages would be compensated for by planting trees in the Atlantic Forest.

This initiative gained a lot of traction as the endorsement of Michel Terpins ensured that all other participating drivers understood its importance and how it be fundamental to the rally in the coming years.