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Overview of Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegal- CEO, Chairman, President, and Co-Founder

Seattle Genetics, founded in 1998, has been working on human antibodies by revising, engineering and hence advancing it into drugs. With more advancement of these human antibodies, the company connected it into therapy and at a broader perspective into a drug that can destroy cancer. With these, the company expects to propel into another level of a pharmaceutical company from the past experiences.

Seattle Genetics ranks the biggest in Washington expanding the market value of about $90 million with 900 employees while increasing of employees and researchers is underway this year. Hodgkin lymphoma, cancerous cells of the lymph cured by Adcetris, a drug from the company which when proved, it may result in lots of profit to the company.

Clay Siegal declared that the company is one of largest and proved with a list of drugs the company has produced. On marketing, CEO Siegal Company opened an office in Switzerland and in the early years, it sold foreign ownership to Takeda Oncology as a way of expanding its global market and gaining capital for Adcetris.

The company is growing steadily, and with different opinions of its progressive profit yearly, their successes get predicted in the future. Seattle Genetics has focused on Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) which targets an antigen protein which cures Hodgkin lymphoma. Clay says that four drugs have more profit when sold. Adcetris and Number 33A for curing acute myeloid leukemia, 22E cure bladder cancer and LIV1 for breast cancer. Clay Siegal said that making a drug is not easy and as such if making any, one as to expect ups and downs to achieve the access of Genentech.

Clay Siegal is the co-founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Seattle Genetics. He became president in 2000 and as CEO in November 2002 and has over 20 years’ experience in cancer research and therapeutic drug manufacturing. He studied Bachelors of Science in Zoology at the University of Maryland and did his Ph.D. at The George Washington University on Genetics.

Also, Siegal works with Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc., Mirna Therapeutics Inc., and Alder Biopharmaceutical Inc. as a member of the board of directors in all these companies. Before joining Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegal worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1997. And in 1988 to 1991; he worked with the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health. Dr. Siegal says he got encouraged by his mentor in a laboratory who said that everything is possible. He imitated and liked Art Levinson who founded Genentech who is now the chairman of Apple Inc.