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Georgette Mulheir Continues To Advocate For The Rights Of The People Of Haiti Through Defend Haiti Democracy

Haiti is a beautiful place with a fierce history. The country within an island has been an embodiment of attraction. The country has a lot of natural landscapes that attract tourists and act as inspiration to the citizens. The recent tough times have driven the country’s citizens to take action. Like any other country, Haiti has political struggles. The developing country has faced disasters. The 2010 earthquake had 200,000 confirmed deaths. This being natural, Haiti faced serious political assassinations and kidnappings. Georgette Mulheir helped uncover the Oxfam Scandal. The scandal was intense as it uncovered many oppressed women who were sexually abused with their positions as leverage. The exposed leaders created doubt in Haiti’s work ethic. The activist has also held peaceful demonstrations to try and address the state scandal promoting gang violence and human trafficking. 


A lot of criticism and sensitivity has countered the demonstration. The courage to address and expose the current Haitian leaders and masterminds behind the plots against humanity have borne fruit. The selfless urge to defend the helpless has since brought  activist Georgette and other human rights activists across the universe. Humanitarian assistance from all over the world has helped counter the unfairness and injustices of Haiti. Georgette Mulheir’s determination to make the world a worthy home to humankind had been proven when she went beyond the Haitian borders to other states. She helped immigrants get shelter to homes where they’d be protected, catered for, and adopted. The kids whose parents were victims of massacres were adopted to caring families where they’d be schooled and nursed with care.


Global leaders and human rights defender Georgette Mulheir was the pioneer of Defend Haiti Democracy (DHD). The organization had major activists, including Johnny Celestin and Georges Gabriel Paul. Mulheir’s 30 years of commitment to enforcing proper appeals to states where injustices occurred saw countless successes. Shady politicians, police officers, and soldiers were exposed. For Georgette Mulheir,  this explains why a lot of resistance has faced the activists whose determination remained unchanged. Various assassinations attempts on the activists failed. The activists’ organization’s main aim is to create a culture of speaking up against oppression. The direct injection of courage and hope to the people of Haiti gives them hope towards the realization of a brighter day.

Sharon Prince Fight against Modern Slavery


Through Grace Farm Foundation, Sharon Prince announced the establishment of Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group. The new group will work towards awareness of modern-day slavery.

It will be a continuation of Grace Farm Foundation’s ongoing commitment to fighting all forms of modern slavery and gender-based violence.

The working group is made up of architecture and engineering firms, designers, the construction companies as well as the owners. Developers were not left behind together with an industry association.

Apart from those in construction, they also included scholars, artists, activists, and architectural journalists.

The construction industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in the global world. The newly established group will initialize responses and pilot projects. The main task will be the development of tools to show modern-day slavery in the industry. See This Page to learn more.

The group will be exploring ways to eliminate materials that use slaves for labor. Further, the group will have a list of slave-free projects specification and metrics. As an also restraint, the group will provide alternatives to responsible sources of building materials.

Sharon Prince’s effective policy is awareness. She believes many in the industry will take the easy route as they look out for returns on investments. Products and services from modern-day slavery are cheaper.

She is looking forward to the industry, joining forces, and creating new policies to eliminate slavery. The policy will have ethical supply chains of building materials. The supply chains will be keen on the environmental impact of the materials.

Most materials ranging from gravel to rare earth minerals may be the labor of women, men, and children under servitude. The US government, in 2015, implemented the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. The act prohibits any importation of forced labor produced goods.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms will now educate the community. There is a need for all involved sectors to enforce the law through a moral perspective. Follow them on


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