Bhanu Choudhrie contributions in PTS

The Choudhrie family, based in India and London, is very influential in business and philanthropy. The family traces its roots to India where their great grandfather lived. The family still thrives in numerous businesses in many industries, just like their grandfathers. One of the grandfathers had established a financial institution that took lead in the Indian community.

The bank owned by the Choudhrie family was later taken away by the government decades ago. The talented family did not stop investing harder and working to remain in the top. A chance to live in London presented itself when Bhanu Choudhrie was a very little boy. Living in the United Kingdom turned out to be an excellent idea for every member of this amazing family.

Apart from starting various businesses, the children got to study and excel in their different careers because of better the better education offered in London. Bhanu Choudhrie, the star of the Choudhrie family, had the best talents in business.

Staying with his father had brought up the entrepreneurial side of him when he was studying in a London school. The fate of Bhanu Choudhrie was determined before he joined university. The passion for entrepreneurship he had shown couldn’t be ignored.

After finding major success as a serial entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie joined his mother and father in philanthropy. The family founded Path to Success in the year 2005. Popularly known as PTS, the charity foundation reached out to thousands of children.

Anita Choudhrie plated a leading role in establishing PTS. Anita wanted to train her children about giving back, a lesson she had acquired from her grandparents. PTA offers help to vulnerable people in the United Kingdom.

The establishments give special assistance to people who are living with any disability. PTA ensures that it gives educational opportunities to young people who won’t take the chance for granted. The charity foundation supports people with limited financial abilities to achieve their healthcare needs.

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