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Desiree Perez, A Leader in the Music Industry

Desiree Perez is a leader in the cannabis social justice system. As more states are legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, Perez has partnered with the Rapper Jay-Z in creating a cannabis company called Monogram. She also sits as a board member of the parent company called the Parent Company based in California.

The Parent Company has created an initiative in pledging 10 million dollars, plus 2% of future net income into battling social cannabis injustice. With this money, Desiree Perez hopes to help those with less privilege and wealth to get started in the cannabis industry. The gap in the racial disparity within the cannabis industry and within black and minority communities is astonishing. Within the industry only 12.4 percent are owned by minority groups, compared to that of the white majority which is 81 percent. The Parent Company hopes to alleviate some of the wrongdoings of the past. Including helping BIPOC entrepreneurs that were affected by the nation’s drug wars, partnering with BIPOC companies by creating a cannabis supply chain, and contribute to reforming the justice system against those with previous cannabis convictions.

Desiree Perez is fighting to reform the system, focusing on the fact that despite cannabis being legalized in many states, arrests made from cannabis use and possession has actually increased since 2018. Based on a 2020 report made by the American Civil Liberties Union blacks are 3.6 times more likely to be arrested than whites.

Desiree Perez is the current CEO of Roc Nation. In 2021 she was named a Billboard Change Agent recognizing her work in racial justice. Her company’s philanthropy works extend to the high-profile cases such as Breona Taylor and George Floyd, as well as working with the NFL and many other social justice organizations.

Join forex trading with CashFX as your sensei

CashFX is a forex trading education academy providing their services online.

The prevalence of the transition from analog to digital forms of learning and acquiring services has made its way in the finance industry.

More people are venturing into online trade and a company like CashFX provides the necessary guidelines to such people.

It is more rewarding to do activities from a point of knowledge over starting from a blank slate. CashFX is a bridge between you and successful online financial trading.

You can take these courses at your own convenience by finding time for them around your existing schedule.

They are eye-opening as you will get to understand forex trading at a deeper level.

You will learn about the different approaches to forex trading and which ones are most appropriate for specific market characteristics.

The course of their instruction aims to help the future forex trader to scale to better heights. They teach about forex software and AI development in the trade.

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The foreign exchange market operates 24 hours daily and has more liquidity than other markets. CashFX tap into these advantages in their operations.

They encourage everyone to join the academy because forex trading is a skill most people can learn as long as they are willing.

The academy has an expert advisor on forex algorithms, a professional forex trading team and forex AI technology. They work as a unity to analyze, strategize and provide those enrolled with facts and tips concerning forex trade.

Aside from courses CashFX organize live events where you get to learn more about forex, the latest one was on CFX marketing system on June 29, 2021.

The academy groups learning courses as elemental plans, advanced plans, and supreme plans.

These are suitable for beginners in the forex trade, those with the basic knowledge, and those who want to learn new skills or trends respectively.

Learn more about CashFX:

A Day in the Life of Dr. Barry Lall: Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels

Dr. Barry Lall is the kind of CEO who takes you along his journey of discovery. He believes that one of the main reasons his company has been successful is due to the close bonds he has developed with each one of his employees, through a daily strategy called “Hearts & Minds”. Under this plan, the staff is encouraged to work in a collaborative manner, to keep one another engaged. Barry Lall has experience from working at a travel agency, a luxury product provider, and a financial services company, before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Since forming his company, he has successfully sold and exited three brands while retaining the commitment and operational excellence required in his business model.

To mark the opening of his new hotel, Pinnacle Garden Hills, Barry took time out to speak with CHEK News about how he manages such a busy schedule and even a day in the life of Barry Lall. If you work in Corporate Office, your daily routine includes many tasks throughout the day. You are a mix of deal makers and deal breakers. This includes generating millions of pounds in revenue for the company and several deals which had to be put through. You meet a number of high-profile guests. You are always on the lookout for business opportunities for the hotel.

Dr. Barry Lall: After this training, you might be called upon to visit a property and to offer guidance in the midst of an event. A team member might be helping with marketing efforts, or give a presentation at an event. Your day will never stop until the wee hours of the morning. On days the real might include a long and tiring shift at the front desk, smiling as your customers approach, and hand over hand with a grateful and social greeting. While this might be the least glamorous of jobs, it is a crucial one to the success of your business. After all, the front desk is often where customers find you and you are often their first encounter with the hotel as well. As such, their judgment can be a crucial one in your success. Read More.

Vijay Eswaran – The Legendary Business Icon

Born in 1960, Vijay Eswaran, the founder and chairman of the QI Group. Besides, Vijay also bears so many titles to his name. He’s a global business orator and a well-renowned author. While studying in the UK and USA, Dr. Vijay worked for multi-level marketing firms. Eswaran is an ardent advocate for value-based management. He has also advocated for women’s economic empowerment.

Upon completing his education, he heeded his entrepreneurship calling and returned to Asia. In 1998, he, together with Joseph Bismark, founded the QI Group. The firm is a multinational conglomerate company dealing in hospitality, telecommunications, and direct selling.

Currently, the QI Group has more than 1500 employees. It has regional offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. With his expertise in economics, Vijay continues to ensure that the QI Group maintains sustainable operations. Such expertise is essential in benefiting the surrounding communities.

In 2017, Vijay partnered with Green Venture Capital to develop QI City. The project is an RM1.2 billion residential and commercial edu-city set for completion in 2020.

Eswaran is a highly esteemed author. He has penned six inspirational and thought-provoking books. They include; In The Sphere Of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, and Two Minutes From The Abyss.

Moreover, he’s a prolific article writer. Some of his articles have been cited by the International Business Times and POLITICO Europe. In his works, Vijay stresses gender equality and economic women empowerment. He highly emphasizes on proper leadership and approaching diversity as a financial strategy.

Dr. Vijay is the current chairman of the University Council, Quest International University. In 2011, he was honored by Forbes Asia as a Hero of Philanthropy.

He’s also an award winner for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy. He was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Economics by the Pannasastra University in 2016.

Eswaran attributes his success to the sphere of silence. He has dramatically embraced the spirit of meditation. He believes in teamwork and the propensity to keep pushing.  Learn more:

Joseph Ashford Learns to Create a New Generation

Change can be a scary prospect at the start a journey. There are many obstacles to overcome, and choices can spiral out into unintended consequences. In an economic sense, stability is one of the hallmarks of continued success. The world around us is always moving and the passage of time will naturally introduce new ideas into the world.

Joseph Ashford believes change is necessary, and a requirement for a modern business owner to thrive. He saw the old methods become outdated, and there needed to be a new order to the system. As the historic economic hub of Europe, London is a safe place for new ideas.

The first step to change is having a plan for advancing to the goal. Joseph Ashford was originally content with just being another person in the grand system. However, the daily grind soon bore deep knowledge of how his peers were falling through the cracks. The only way to help others was create his own company, and thus K4 Global was brought into existence. Joseph Ashford describes the concept as allowing new businesses to attain success and prop up those who have fallen. The market is big enough for many competitors to take the stage.

When looking at the future plans of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford has an eye on the responsibility of businesses in the public eye. The bigger an operation becomes, the more consumers who will have opinions. He believes that sometimes it’s best to play it safe in the social media space. Joseph Ashford uses his honed communication skills to assist clients in bringing their visions to life. The most optimal outcomes occur when all parties are on the same page. London will grow and morph to meet the needs of its people, and aid in the call of success.

Joseph Ashford’s: Twitter.

Fortress Investment Group Announces Purchase of Colony’s OEDs

New York based Fortress Investment Group recently announced a deal with Colony Capital that will see the global asset management firm’s subsidiaries become manger and general partners to Colony’s various CDFC funds, investment vehicles and non-digital real estate positions.

These new assets are said to be worth $2.7 billion. With this agreement, Fortress Investment Group is set to acquire some of Colony’s capital account positions in non-digital real estate. The deal also includes 40 positions covering more than 100 properties in the U.S. and Europe with a total consideration of $535 million subject to periodic changes.

This deal is a representation of a comprehensive sale of Colony’s OEDs, which was reclassified as discontinued operations to quicken Colony’s transition into a fully digitized business. With Fortress Investment Group backing Colony, the company can get a one-stop solution for their OED assets as well as assured responsible stewardship for the CDCF investors.

Noah Shore, Fortress Investment Group Managing Director, recently expressed the firm’s joy at working with the new limited partners brought by Colony as they work towards optimizing value across multiple industries.

According to Noah, the new portfolio fits perfectly with the expertise and experience at Fortress Investment Group. This means the team can effectively manage complex investments featuring various asset types, structures, industries and in several locations.

The New York based Fortress has built a solid reputation for providing world-class stewardship and management of assets. It is for this reason that Colony’s CEO Marc Ganzi opted to trust the firm with this deal to allow them to focus their attention on developing a world-class digital infrastructure REIT.

With both sides still ironing a few edges of the deal, the agreement is set to take effect in the fourth quarter of 2021. Some of the pending issues include a customary closing that includes regulatory approvals and consent from investors. Go Here for related Information.

Eric Lefkosky Heightened Growth in the Healthcare Industry

Through our walk in our activities, each day’s blessing can easily influence the destinies we take. Though Eric Lefkofsky ventured into his business while in college, he was genuinely changed for the best when he ventured his heart to help with his mindedness of cancer patients. Being a risk-taker and believing in himself, he launched Tempus. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the company was highly compacted with the modern skills and other temperaments that he had learned before in other of his companies. As the company CEO, Eric Lefkofsky takes tremendous responsibility with fewer worries knowing that cancer patients can always find comfort at his company. 


The company has been at the frontline in providing cancer care to the patients. with rallied support, successful businessman Eric Lefkofsky has supported the local communities with donors and love and the courage always to push on. He has gladly also held other aspects, especially in his heart for the communities, especially on education, among others. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife co-run their family foundation that has continually grown over time. Their initiative has been maintained in the community to accommodate the most vulnerable people entering society. 


They have notably aided children to grow better in education and helped women through domestic violence challenges. The initiative has received overwhelming support around other partnerships that help boost the support needed in the communities. He also partakes in other responsibilities, including his position at the Children’s memorial hospital, among others. Most people have learned to appreciate good deeds done by exceptional people, so Eric Lefkofsky has received a board member position at the World Business Chicago. He also takes his humble demeanor through his acting capacity as an adjunct professor. He takes feelings of pride as a husband and father.


More on Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus firm

Asot Michael Explains Why Copying the Democratic Process in the United States will not work in Antigua and Barbuda

In every small country in the world today, learning from the larger nations, especially towards the issue of political stability and democracy, is a very important aspect. This is something that has been in the world for very many years. There is always an expectation that a stable country provides some very good lessons when it comes to the rule of law and democracy to the smaller nations that have young democracies (Pinterest).

In this case, the United States has always been an essential reference point to a huge number of countries that have been looking to have some mature democracies. It currently remains as one of the oldest democracies in the world, which is the main reason why most of the smaller countries have been trying to replicate its democracy and constitution in their own countries with the hope of getting some better systems. However, according to Asot Michael, it is now very important that the country, Antigua and Barbuda, comes up with a homemade political system that will generate its own political stability and peace within the country. In his view, the United States has significantly lost credibility when it comes to the rule of law and the issue of democracy in the last few months, which is something that should not be taken lightly.

In the view of Asot Michael, the fact that a president in power failed to recognize and appreciate that another candidate has won a fair and democratic election seems to be the source of the insurrection that was witnessed on January 6th. However, this was not the only incident where the country failed to meet its high standards in adhering to the issue of democracy and the rule of law. In the last four years, Asot Michael has noted the dwindling influence of the United States on the international stage. There has been an administration that has been at the helm of some of the considerable cases of unlawful activities that have significantly affected the country. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda cannot afford to go through the same route that the United States is experiencing but deserves to formulate its path.

The rise of adult messaging platform SextPanther

SextPanther is spoken about in an article from Igeekphone. It is an adult texting platform that has grown in popularity throughout the pandemic. The application allows fans to connect and directly message adult content creators. Media and text messages can be exchanged by both parties and allows for a very personal experience with phone or video calls.

The platform was specifically tailored for sexting between adult creators and their fans. Originally meant for texting, the platform added different options like video and audio calls down the line. People can use SextPanther for free on the explore page but payments to creators are standard with a rate of $2 and above. The amount of money can depend on what the creator lists for their services as sign-up is free.

Adult content creators are free to set the price for their online services and can personalize whether they want to sorely do text messages or provide more communication options to fans. SextPanther truly allows for an interactive experience as creators can give out their personal contact number to fans on the platform. The company makes a firm notice that the platform is secure and no private information can be leaked.

Content creators are paid twice a month depending on what users spend for their services through the use of credits. The company also has its own customer service department if customers need any kind of assistance. Many have enjoyed the platform because it allows people to make extra money securely each month while fans get to personally speak to different models. The platform is regarded for putting the users and creators first. It is one of the reasons why they have grown so popular in the pandemic. SextPanther’s: Twitter.

ZeroAvia Awarded Government Funding Through Two Additional Grants

On January 27, 2021, clean aviation company ZeroAvia announced receiving two government grants. These two grants will provide an additional £1.2M in funds. These additional funds will be used to improve low-carbon aviation and research new hydrogen fuel cell technology. These two programs seek to further green technologies in aviation.

The Project HEART programme focuses on hydrogen-electric transportation. ZeroAvia will work with them to help develop green-hydrogen infrastructure and aircraft for its airline partner Loganair. The differences in how hydrogen-electric airplanes work also make developing new maintenance regimens.

Project STATE aims to set up a green aviation test centre. ZeroAvia will provide flight testing in what will be the UK’s first low-carbon aviation centre. According to, the test center will provide important data for continuing to develop greener aviation systems. The project plans to set up this centre in Orkney, Scotland.

ZeroAvia has previously delivered the world’s first six-seat hydrogen-electric aircraft, the HyFlyer I. The additional funding follows a £12.3m UK Government grant. This funding combined will also provide the R&D team the necessary fund to build a bigger aircraft. The HyFlyer II project will develop an aircraft that can carry up to 19 passengers using a hydrogen-electric powertrain. Both of these aircraft use zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technology.

As a leader in clean, zero-emission aviation, the company is on track for commercial operations in 2023. The founder and CEO of ZeroAvia Val Miftakhov remarked that working with these initiatives will show zero-emission aviation is appealing from both a commercial and engineering standpoint.

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