Agency Requirements at Hughes Marino Representation Firm

A Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm has been searching for the right agent to represent their company. They require that the agent will be well-known, have a great personality, and would like to invest time into the firm. They want someone they can trust and who will care for them while they enjoy life themselves. 

They may spend a considerable amount of money on the agent that represents them.

 Hughes Marino Representation Firm wants to ensure they have someone they will be close with, feel comfortable with, and rely on. The Representation Firm has been doing well in the lease accounting market over the past several years but is unsatisfied. They are always looking for ways to expand their business and improve operations. Hughes Marino Representation Firm would like to hear from anyone who may have suggestions on improving their current business plan.


They have defined the following requirements prior to interviewing and hiring an agent:

The position will require traveling up to 70% of the time, as Hughes Marino staff members state 

Must be flexible with their work schedule on days they have meetings 

The candidate must be outgoing and have a positive attitude 

Must be well-known within the industry


Agency Requirements:

Hughes Marino recalls how agencies must be able to provide a salary or compensation package by the above requirements. Agency must provide full benefits for at least two years after hire. Agency must offer travel accommodations for Hughes Marino Representation Firm. Agency must provide a release/non-compete agreement along with references.


Hiring Agent:

The agent will be able to handle about 100 clients at a time, Hughes Marino says. The agency will not want many clients at once. Thus the agent can only take about ten clients at a time, which will be the norm. The agency comes to the agent and determines if they want them to handle the company or not, then they hire them.

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