Richard Liu; China’s Top Man

Richard Liu is the chairman and CEO of, China’s second-largest online retailer. Alibaba Group is often mistakenly reported as the second largest company in China, but this misunderstands how the Chinese government categorizes companies. Richard Liu began his career as an engineer with IBM in New York before returning to China and joining Joyo, one of the first Internet-based retailers in China. Liu founded JD.

  1. His Education

Liu received his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Hunan University in China. He became a US citizen. Liu has stated that his life changed once he learned English and discovered the Internet.

  1. Early Career

Liu Qiangdong was an engineer at IBM when he left to launch Joyo, one of the first online retailers in China, in 1994. Joyo provided online shopping services to IBM customers, according to Liu’s LinkedIn profile, and later focused on e-commerce services for Chinese consumers.

  1. His Career

He started in 1998 with two other colleagues from Joyo. (The name JD comes from Liu’s initials.) In 1999, the company launched its first transactional website. Sales drove early growth to Chinese consumers buying overseas products online for the first went public on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2014, raising $1.8 billion in its initial public offering of American depositary shares (ADS).

  1. His Achievement

In 2004, he became the CEO of, which was then a seven-year-old company. By 2010, was celebrating its 10th anniversary and had captured 13% of China’s e-commerce market, according to Wired Magazine. The company also started offering mobile payments in 2012 and launched a mobile game app in 2013, during which time it was able to capture 10% of the global gaming market.

In 2014, Richard was ranked as the third richest person in China, with a net worth of $8.6 billion. He is listed as the second richest American in Silicon Valley (after Bill Gates) on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest People. In 2015, Liu hired Dennis Woodside as CEO of to continue to drive growth and take the company forward into a new era.

Richard Liu is married to Angela Huang and has two children, Richard and Sophie. He is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Refer to this page for related Information.


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Greg Blatt, Tinder’s Driving Force

Greg Blatt is the CEO of Tinder. He became interested in online dating in 1995 when he and Shawn Adeli created

Blatt was the driving force behind re-branding, which took the site from a dating site for college students to more of a casual online dating service with an emphasis on photographs and sexual attraction.

In 2012, he sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp and joined Match Group, where he built Tinder into one of IAC’s fastest-growing brands with over 50 million downloads as of March 2016. Blatt and the other co-founders raised $12.5 million for Tinder from IAC in June 2014 and another $50 million in April 2015.

Blatt was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Jewish family. His father worked as a salesman for Epitronics Pharmaceuticals, and his mother was an accountant who later owned her own business. He is the oldest of three children with two brothers; he has been estranged from them for over a decade. He attended James Madison High School, where he was voted in high school yearbook as the student most likely to succeed and the class flirt. He attended college at University of Wisconsin-Madison and then went to Harvard Business School, where he graduated in 1992.

Tinder was founded as a location-based mobile phone dating app in September 2012 and later became a social search mobile app. The idea for the app came when Greg Blatt and Jonathan Badeen were on a hike followed by drinks at Blatt’s home in Los Angeles, and Tinder was launched about four months later.

Each user first provides a photo, age, and the name they like to be called and then connects the user’s Facebook profile through the app. Tinder’s swipe feature allows users to vote on who is hot or not. This means that if two users like each other, it results in a match, with their profiles appearing on each other’s Tinder pages and allowing them to chat within the app. See related link for additional information.


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What Makes A True Hero? Lessons From The CEO Of Tieks


One of Gavrieli’s biggest inspirations for living his life in a more impactful way stems from the mission to eradicate poverty worldwide. Through this mission, Gavrieli believes that the opportunities to provide children with a better future are limitless. Kfir Gavrieli’s belief in the potential of people has pushed Gavrieli to stay true to his identity as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and do-gooder. Gavrieli’s everyday work, which is at the center of his company’s brand and core values, aims to provide people with opportunities to accomplish their mission of giving.

Tieks CEO believes that people, and more specifically people like himself, can and must act to create positive change. Gavrieli and the Tieks family are committed to using their business acumen and long-standing ties to philanthropy to raise awareness about many important causes. The Tieks family seeks to educate, inspire and empower the people around them to take on projects that help our community and environment. “All our employees are heroes in my eyes,” says Gavrieli. “Their dedication and willingness to help people in need reflects what it means to be a hero. It also inspires you to do good deeds in the world too.”

Being a hero, Kfir Gavrieli believes, is a specific type of doing. We all can achieve greatness by performing heroism and recognizing our capacity for greatness. Gavrieli comments, “Being a hero isn’t about being a hero for someone else. It’s about doing it for yourself. We’re all heroes, and we can all make a difference. We all have the opportunity to become heroes because people’s potential to change and change society is enormous. It is only fears and our doubt that are holding us back.”

As described by Kfir Gavrieli, heroes can be everyday people or individuals with extraordinary courage and foresight that puts others before their own. Gavrieli gave an example of a male sheikh in the village of al-‘Ubeidiya in Northern Israel, who has provided shelter to thousands of immigrants who live in the valley near the village. Gavrieli recently published his first children’s book, “Journey to Superheroes.” The book encourages kids and parents to think differently about why they do the things they do and look for ways to contribute to their communities. See related link for additional information.


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The Contribution Of Direct Selling To The Economy

QNET is not a scam; instead, it is a prominent direct-selling business that promotes economic growth and creates income opportunities for many individuals. As an e-commerce enterprise, QNET operates within the framework of the direct selling industry. One of its mainstays is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), which allows the company to scale its services at low cost while creating an opportunity for others to do business. Another popular method the company uses is party plan marketing, where it hosts events that customers can attend to get a hands-on experience with some of their products. Additionally, through single-level marketing, the company offers direct sellers an effective way to increase sales in their local area without needing additional manpower.

The growth potential unlocked by different types of direct selling has propelled commerce across nations. In particular, Multi-Level Marketing has made waves in the industry since the start of this millennium, with new technologies allowing businesses to bridge territories and expand swiftly into global markets. After all, party plan marketing enabled people from different parts of the country or even abroad to access goods directly from manufacturers via the company.

As one of Asia’s top direct-selling companies, QNET is an example of how innovation can drive economies forward and open up multiple income opportunities for citizens worldwide. Not only does it help businesses reach new heights, but it also helps create multiple job prospects down the line — something traditional retailing cannot ensure due to its restrictions on customer behavior analysis data essential for optimal product offerings and service delivery customization.

All above shows us how crucial direct selling companies like QNET are towards the success stories behind any economy set up today -they handle business operations in innovative ways by bridging gaps between producers/manufacturers with consumers from even distant locations, produce more employment options, and thus fuel stable economic conditions as well as greater positivity among citizens about their nation’s future prosperity levels! Refer to this page to learn more.


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Kelcy Warren: Career Success And Philanthropy


Kelcy Warren is an American magnate and investor. He is the co-owner and CEO of Energy Transfer. The company, operating natural gas, crude oil, and other hydrocarbon pipelines and storage facilities, is among the leading firms in the American energy industry. Also, he is a well-known philanthropist, owing to his support for charitable organizations.

Born in 1955 in Gladewater, Texas, Kelcy Warren is the youngest of four brothers. His father worked as a field clerk, while his mother worked in a department store. Since his tender age, his mother reminded him and his brothers that they had to outdo her by graduating high school and college.

However, his parents look for side jobs to supplement the family’s income. Perhaps this was where he got his entrepreneurial gusto. At age 12, he began doing odd jobs, which went on till later years. He worked as an oilfield’s leaks’ repairer, welder helper, and pipeline constructor, which speaks volumes about his current line of work. His father taught the culture of working and saving in him.

Kelcy Warren performed well and he joined the University of Texas for a civil engineering degree in 1974. After failing at the end of his first year, he attended a junior college in the home area. Upon resuming at UTA, an engineering Professor, Dr. Syed Qasim, took a particular interest in him and encouraged him to apply for a research project that the National Science Foundation sponsored. After applying, his project on methane gas production won. According to him, this was a turning point.

He graduated in 1998, and his first job was as a pipeline design engineer at Lone Star Gas company. He moved to Endevco in 1981, specializing in the commercial side of energy development. In 1992, he and a partner acquired Endevco but later sold it. Later on, he co-founded Energy Transfer.

Kelcy Warren has had a successful career with several accolades to his name. For instance, he won the Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Award. Besides career awards, he has been a leading donor of education scholarships, which has won him the Horatio Alger Award. Visit this page to learn more.


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Christopher Terry Gives Back Through IM Academy

Christopher Terry, the Co-Founder, and CEO of IM Academy is an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist who wants to do his part to help people worldwide. He founded IM Academy to serve this interest as it educates and equips those who want to learn how to trade online. This blog post will reveal more about how Christopher Terry gives back through his organization.

Since founding IM Academy, Christopher Terry has given back in several ways. He created the platform so people can access digital forex education resources anytime. The platform is the first step in teaching people how to trade online to earn a living from home. His mission goes beyond just providing essential knowledge; he wants to help equip people with the skills they need to succeed in any venture they choose.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy also provides value by creating digital products that enable others to start trading offline or on other platforms and teaching them money management tactics, so they don’t lose what they have earned. He understands that learning is fundamental and crucial for personal success in any business environment, regardless of size or experience level.

The third way Christopher Terry gives back to IM Academy is by mentoring those interested in learning more about forex trading or starting their venture in digital commerce. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO is passionate about inspiring others and believes that motivation is a key tool for success; thus, he actively engages with students at his online school by providing answers or advice when possible.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO shares a common goal of doing well while helping others strive financially. As an aspiration, he fosters through his creative teaching methods and dedication towards making sure everyone gains something valuable from their experience with his academy. This commitment makes him one of the most extraordinary CEOs today because of his genuine passion for helping others reach their goals without expecting anything in return. Visit this channel on YouTube, to learn more.


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Alliance Defending Freedom And Its Role In The Society

Alliance Defending Freedom is a non-profit that protects religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage from attacks from the culture at large. Its goal is to defend the Constitution of the United States and preserve it for future generations.

Alliance Defending Freedom also runs Christian radio stations throughout the country through its Alliance Broadcasting Network, which broadcasts on short- and medium-wave frequencies and online streaming audio programs.

They are behind the website, which highlights stories of when Government oversteps its bounds with religious liberty issues. ADF also has a radio program called “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” with Jordan Sekulow,” which is heard weekly on thousands of stations across the country and around the globe. The show aims to inform listeners about current issues and efforts affecting religious freedom and allow them to stand up for religious freedom in their local communities.

ADF’s goal is to educate, inform and empower the public on religious liberty issues. They are committed to restoring religious liberty in America by informing the public and advocating on the legislative, judicial, and cultural fronts.

Alliance Defending Freedom was founded by a group of concerned Christian lawyers who saw an urgent need for greater legal advocacy for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage, and family.

The founders of ADF have been in the legal profession for many years, having helped grow more law firms into some of the largest and most successful law firms in the United States. Their collective experience is vast, from handling issues as diverse as tax law and immigration to protecting religious liberty and marriage.

The founders of ADF believe that the rights associated with being a Christian are under attack by those who seek to wield governmental authority, whether through the courts or at the podium of culture. They know that all other rights and liberties will follow once these rights are lost.

Alliance Defending believes that every person in this country–regardless of their faith–is entitled to live out their religion as they see fit, free from government interference. Refer to this page for related information.


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The Visionary Businessman: Robert Kraft


Robert Kraft is the founder, chairman, and Kraft Group CEO. He is the parent company of Kraft Foods Group, which holds a portfolio of consumer-packaged goods companies and brands that include Kraft, Mondelez International, Cadbury Schweppes, Ashley Furniture Industries, and Sun Microsystems.

  1. Education and Career

Robert Kraft received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University and his Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Kraft started his business career as an employee of Rand-Whitney, a packaging group company. Kraft acquired the company and later renamed it The Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is a multinational holding company that owns and operates several businesses in real estate, sports, entertainment, and paper packaging.

  1. Achievements and Recognition

Robert Kraft was introduced into the Boston Business Hall of Fame and was rated on the list of Forbes’ Power Players, which recognizes the 100 highest compensated people in business. Kraft received an International Distinguished Humanitarian Award from the Points of Light Foundation. Furthermore, he received the US Secretary of Commerce’s Distinguished Service Award. He was honored by the American Girls & Boys Clubs with a special award for his contributions to youth development.

  1. Philanthropy

Kraft is a leading supporter of the United Negro College Fund. He serves as chairman of the board and chief executive officer and has been named Chairman Emeritus. The UNCF is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping more than 100,000 students attend college. Kraft serves on many advisory boards and foundations; Boston’s Big Event; Boston Medical Center; Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Boston); Reading Partners (Boston); Stony Brook University Hospital for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics (New York); and the New England Patriots Foundation.

Robert Kraft is a businessman who has made a significant mark on the food and beverage industry. He started his career as a packaging manager for Rand-Whitney. He founded The Kraft Group, focusing on paper production, confectionery, and food products. He expanded the company to include numerous other offerings and businesses. His advertising agency, Kraft Communications Group, serves major clients in the United States and Canada. Refer to this article for related information.


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Tieks shoe Review

Tieks are the perfect shoe for any occasion. They’re bright and lightweight, so they dress up or down easily and are insanely comfortable. Plus, there’s something for everyone with styles from flats to high heels to sandals. Tieks’ versatility has made them a summer favorite, but they also make a great gift.

Because they’re so new and varied, Tieks is the perfect place to start shopping for the woman in your life. They’ve got all the basic styles you need for spring and summer and tons of unique shoes that can be worn anywhere from work to a night on the town. What sets the shoe apart from other retailers isn’t their perfect shoes or their unrivaled styles; it’s their diversity.

There are four main styles:

  • Classics: These are the most basic of their designs, but make sure the name is clear. They’re versatile, solid-colored flats that can be paired with any outfit.
  • Prints: These offer a variety of fun styles, such as leopard print, plaid, and metallics, crafted from premium leather.
  • Patents: These come with a glossy patent leather finish in a single color.
  • Vegan: Vegan shoes are made without any animal-based materials. They come in a variety of colors and styles.


They only are produced in whole sizes. The size of a Tieks shoe is the circumference of your foot. Remember: they should be tight to stay on.

If you find the shoes too big or too small, you can easily exchange them if they are still in their original condition. For women, it’s usually suggested to size down unless their foot is wide. They recommend trying them on at home to ensure the best fit.

Taking care of your shoes:

Hand-washing your Tieks is always your best bet. Use mild detergent or baby shampoo, and scrub the shoe with a clean cloth or brush. Do not submerge the shoes in water, as they will get damaged. If you’re a first-time owner, try washing them at home to ensure cleanliness.

To give off a more polished look, shine the shoes with a gentle leather polish to enhance the leather’s softness and shine. Visit this page for related information.


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Greg Blatt On How To Manage Office Politics


In today’s climate, it is difficult not to mention politics. From the White House to your break room, politics have become a significant aspect of life. Office politics are also on the rise, with people watching what their peers do and not only talking with their colleagues but also engaging in hyper-competitive behavior. One way to avoid becoming the office political casualty is by learning how to navigate office politics. Greg Blatt highlights this in his recent article by providing four essential tips to consider.

Focus on Effectiveness in the Office

The best way to avoid office politics is by focusing on your day-to-day tasks and avoiding political gossip. This means that you should work on projects with influential people. It also means you should disengage from gossiping about your colleagues in the break room or elsewhere during off hours.

Don’t Get Emotional

Being yourself is essential, but this can be a problem in the office. The power dynamic of the office often leads to emotional outbursts that land you on an enemy’s list. It is best to keep politics out of the office, as it will only make things difficult for your colleagues and you.

Credibility is Needed

Office politics are often about who can establish and maintain credibility. This means having the ability to achieve objectives and accomplish goals. Companies want to work with people who can complete tasks and projects. This means you need to be credible for your office politics to be practical. If reasonable, you can pick up new work or help with other tasks when necessary.

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is an excellent example of the way that expert leadership can help to drive the success of a business. Throughout his impressive career history, Greg Blatt has been successful in the creation of marketing strategies that have driven the brands he has involved himself in.

Greg Blatt is the former CEO and chairman of the Match Group in Ney York. Greg is a tech executive expert and has worked for many tech companies, including Tinder and IAC.

Greg boasts of a successful career in the tech industry, with a strong background working at some of the largest companies in America.

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