Activision Blizzard's Co-Founder Bobby Kotick on Profit, Giving Employees the Day Off

Bobby Kotick, Co-Founder of Activision Blizzard, has had a long and prosperous career in the video game industry. This year marks his 30th anniversary as CEO of the company he co-founded with fellow California Polytechnic State University graduate Michael Morhaime. While Kotick is known for making billions off of blockbuster games like “Halo” and “Call of Duty,” one thing that’s often overlooked about him is his dedication to giving people more time off from work.

Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick spoke at an event hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Business on January 4th about what it takes to run a successful company. One takeaway from this presentation was how important it is to give employees time off from work. At Activision Blizzard, Kotick has been giving all employees the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day off as a tradition since 2003. There are some years when they’ve given people time off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well to help compensate for their past holiday absence.

Bobby Kotick believes in the importance of giving employees time off from work because he wants them to spend it with their friends and family. He thinks that when people return refreshed after a few days away, they’re more productive in the long run for having had this break from work. Kotick’s policy has been so successful over the years that other companies have implemented it as well.

Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick is an excellent example of how the video game industry has evolved. He started out working at an arcade in Sunnyvale, CA, before eventually deciding to take his career on full-time and co-founding Activision with Michael Morhaime back in 1979. Since then, Kotick has worked hard to acquire companies like Vivendi Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and King Digital, which he heads up as CEO of Activision Blizzard.

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How ZeroAvia in Providing Alternatives to the Use of Fossil Fuels in the Aviation Industry

Currently, innovative organizations around the world are actively trying hard to achieve consistent success in their industrial operations. One of them is ZeroAvia aviation company. Generally, most of these entities don’t know the best strategies they can use so that they can achieve their specific objectives in the entire business environment. However, as the data shows at ZeroAvia, there is much that needs to be done so that the companies discussed above can easily penetrate into the industry and show the results they are actively producing.

ZeroAvia aviation company is one of the startup entities that are currently trying to push the issue of zero-emission flight services around the world. It has come to the attention of people around the globe that the airline industry is one of the leading contributors to environmental pollution. Therefore, there is a need for the innovative sector to come up with some reliable innovations that will eliminate the use of fossil fuels from this industry.


ZeroAvia Aviation Company


ZeroAvia is already on the leading line in the use of hydrogen fuel as the best alternative that can help to eliminate some of the considerable challenges that the industry is experiencing. This means that the company is aware of the current issues and wants to ensure that it has a reliable solution that can prove to be important in eliminating such problems. At ZeroAvia, this is a useful approach that will help in ensuring that the industry is operating with a reliable solution that does not lead to some environmental pollution.
However, incorporating advanced technology into the world today is not one of the simplest undertakings. There are some huge challenges that will obviously interfere with how businesses are aggressively working hard to push such innovations in the entire business environment. ZeroAvia is also facing multiple financial and technical challenges, but there is hope that the entity will get some breakthrough in the next few years and succeed in its innovations.

Jason Hope’s Hereafter Aspects of Social Sites

Social media influences people’s lives in different ways. Approximately 80% of the global population can access the internet, and so social media sites. In the last few years, platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have grown since user behaviors are also changing. For instance, as Jason Hope states, some years ago, users were happy to get comments and texts on their posts. However, the same users are getting more information on these platforms, they grow businesses and even share success tips. 


Therefore, up to now, social sites are increasingly important because some people get financial benefits from them. Currently, all companies ranging from food manufacturing to automotive companies are now relying on the site to communicate with their customers. Some brands have now shifted their focus to social media and away from websites since the audience is on these platforms. Things are changing rapidly, Jason Hope states, so one must be curious to determine the next happening. People are expected to transition into virtual reality in the future and people might lose their interest in social sites.


Activist Investor Jason Hope


Activist investor Jason Hope believes that these social platforms are spurring business growth; therefore, explaining why they have become increasingly important. In the beginning, people did not think that social sites could help companies trigger direct sales like they do today. Social sites users trust the resultant sales, and so are ready to acquire anything either on Instagram, Twitter, or Whatsapp. Secondly, Jason Hope insists that social sites have strengthened the entertainment industry. 
In the beginning, the platforms were used to facilitate relationships and mere interactions, but things have changed because they have new functions and aspects that entertain the audience. Therefore, users bank on the sites for fun and quality news because news spreads quickly on the sites. Finally, Jason Hope retaliates that availability of mobile devices has spurred internet usage. Therefore, marketers are favored because all these platforms have the relevant apps, and through customer loyalty, they make profits.

Kristin Ihle Helledy: World Class Athlete and CEO Focusing on Improving the Lives of Businesses

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a world class athlete, businesswoman and entrepreneur. Kristin played collegiate volleyball at the University of Nebraska where she was named to the All-American team three times and earned All-Big 12 honors four times. Kristin’s athletic success translated into her post college career as she competed professionally for 10 years in Europe before starting Avant, which offers innovative technology solutions to help businesses grow through better data insights and predictive analytics. Kristin has been featured on Forbes’ list of America’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs and was recognized by Glamour Magazine as one of their 2017 Trailblazing Women: The Honorable Mentions.

Kristin’s athletic accomplishments and business acumen have allowed her to use her platform to give back in the Nebraska community. She is involved with the TeamMates Mentoring Program and founded The Kristin Ihle Helledy Foundation. Her foundation provides support programs like Project Believe to children struggling with health issues today, while also funding research for rare diseases of the future.

Kristin Ihle Helledy is also active in Nebraska’s women-in-sports community, having mentored girls at Nourish International and serving on the board of directors for Girls on the Run of Omaha. Throughout her athletic career Kristin was heavily involved with TeamMates of Nebraska, an organization that teaches youth positive leadership skills through mentorship programs.

Kristin was born in Nebraska but her parents are Canadian, so she has dual citizenship. She graduated from Millard South High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Kristin Ihle Helledy went to the University of Nebraska where she was a standout volleyball player. She started for three seasons and made All-American all three times. Her career spanned 106 matches during her time at Nebraska, which is still ranked in the top ten in Nebraska history.

Kristin was named to the All-Big 12 team four times. She still holds school records for kills in a season, attacks in a season, blocks in a single match and blocks in a season. Learn more about Kristin Ihle Helledy

Tushy Toilet Trendsetter Miki Agrawal Finds Success in 2021

Concerned with both the environmental and health impacts of toilet paper, Miki Agrawal, founder and Chief Creative Officer of TUSHY, decided to help find a way to market the bidet in the United States. She first began designing the first TUSHY attachment in 2015, with a heavy focus on the aesthetic side.

The easy-to-install attachment was designed with functionality and ease of use in mind, as the simple design is essentially foolproof, only requiring the basic knowledge of which way to turn the shutoff valve before installing the hose so you don’t flood your bathroom.

Although during its initial launch it drew skepticism from North American crowds due to their unfamiliarity with the concept, Miki Agrawal allayed the concerns of her skeptics by demonstrating that the device used clean water directly from the wall, and not from the bowl or tank of the toilet itself. After finding much success with their advertising campaigns during the late 2010s, their sales skyrocketed in 2020 due to the panic buying of toilet paper due to the then-new COVID-19 pandemic.

This led to ten times the interest in her product, and that interest turned directly into sales, netting the company a million dollars in a single day. Although interest in her product has certainly died down from its absolute peak in those confusing first few months of panic, interest still remains nearly five times what it was pre-pandemic. Looking back on her original goal of providing a more environmentally friendly way for people to clean themselves off, Miki Agrawal says “It’s a no brainer”, and with over two million trees saved due to her success, she’d be right. Now due to the companies growth in sales, they’ve begun expanding their operation, developing the “Tushy Ace” their first offering of an electric bidet. And with an expansion of their R&D team, they’ll likely develop more environmentally friendly options in the future.

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus Uses His Success To Help Struggling Entrepreneurs

Luke Lazarus, CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting, knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from the time he was eight years old.

He had owned and operated several businesses by the time he graduated from high school.

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Lazarus put the same amount of effort into his grades.

He graduated from high school with a 4.0 average, and colleges from Australia and the United States heavily recruited Lazarus.

Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

By the time Lazarus was in his mid-twenties, he already had four successful businesses.

By the time he was in his early thirties, he had sold all of his business and had enough money to retire. However, retiring was not an option for Lazarus.

Instead of retiring, Lazarus started another business.

Luke Lazarus Consulting helps other entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true.

A big problem with entrepreneurs is the need to know everything. In reality, they should not know or do everything.

Lazarus explains the concept of outsourcing to new entrepreneurs.

Whether an entrepreneur’s weakness is accounting or marketing, there are people who specialize in those areas.

Lazarus has earned the reputation of being caring, effective, and honest.

After assisting his clients in creating a solid business model, he encourages them to find funding for their businesses.

Lazarus places a heavy emphasis on branding to ensure that his clients will start earning money.

Lazarus also helps struggling business owners discover their weaknesses and help turn them into successes.

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What Are Some of The Healthcare Insights Provided by Mahmoud Khattab?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2021, all sectors, including the world health care sector, have been immensely affected globally. The whole chain of world health care sectors has experienced inequality and imbalance throughout 2020 and 2021 including, health care infrastructure, the health care supply chain, and the healthcare workforce.

Due to the changes being witnessed in the ecology systems, both public and private health care systems have been forced to adapt and find innovative ways to operate within a short period. According to global health statistics, foundational health shifts have critically worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These foundational health shifts include vaccine development, pharmaceutical innovation, technological advancement, and data analytics.

Mahmoud Khattab, a professional medical doctor who currently holds the CEO position at Precision MD, has recently provided some global health care insights that health and medical professions should consider and prioritize. Mahmoud Khattab understands the global health challenges that most healthcare providers, stakeholders, and the government are facing due to the changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, the healthcare systems should work to improve their flexibility to overcome the challenges of innovating and adapting to new future changes. To create a healthy future, healthcare shareholders and the government should analyze and enhance their ability to explore and respond to any current or present healthcare concerns such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mahmoud Khattab notes that consumers are the leading cause of healthcare system changes through their needs and objectives, which have rapidly accelerated innovation in the healthcare sector. In addition, consumers have highly demanded patient and doctor interactions through digital enhancements.

With these demands, Mahmoud Khattab encourages healthcare professionals to create and develop new digital services and devices, which will, in turn, enhance and improve patient satisfaction, monitor and track patient’s health and improve medication adherence. See insights from Mahmoud Khattab on Medium

Ryan Bishti Opening Another Nightclub in London


Promoter and business owner Ryan Bishti is bringing The Windmill back to London after its three-year absence from the night scene. The club has been closed since its previous owner’s death in 2018. The plan to open the club back up began pre-covid; however, the pandemic threw a stick in the spoke of Bishti’s plans. 


The area has seen a slew of new businesses crop up as we approach the end of the pandemic. Many businesses were forced to close their doors permanently due to the pandemic; however, new businesses are popping up to take their place faster and faster. Would-be business owners pre-pandemic are finally able to afford the rent for building space with so much space available. Previously, many who wanted to become entrepreneurs didn’t have the capital to start their businesses. 


Ryan Bishti hopes that London’s nightlife will come back in full force once the pandemic is firmly behind us. He thinks everyone is ready to let loose and go wild, and The Windmill will be a perfect place for people to have a good time. Ryan and his business partner Amrit Walia are hoping to bring a bit of the roaring 20s to the modern day. 


About Ryan Bishti


Ryan Bishti has been making waves across the hospitality industry, even creating his brand and growing it to international success. Cirque Le Soir has expanded to places like Dubai and Shanghai following its creation. Ryan Bishti and his venues have won several awards in the nightclub scene. His establishments have been called London’s Best Nightclub and he won an award at Mics Monaco. 


His venues are renowned for their extravagance and unpredictability.

Randal Nardone has Unbeatable Leadership Skills

Randal Nardone is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. The company manages assets worth approximately $43 billion. Randal Nardone oversees different departments at the company, including legal and compliance, real estate and capital markets-related services, R&D, and human resources.

Employees at Fortress Investment Group love Randal Nardone because he has been transparent from day one. Randal is hardworking, and he believes that you must sacrifice and work hard to succeed. The company initially started as an investment management firm focused on private equity funds before moving into alternative asset classes like public equities, credit hedge funds, mezzanine debt funds, real estate assets, among others, under the leadership of Randal Nardone. Today, Fortress Investment Group is valued at over $3 billion. The alternative asset management company has more than 1000 employees serving different clients around the world. Besides being responsible for all the departments in Fortress Investment Group, Randal currently serves as its chief executive officer (CEO). Through his charity program, Randal and his team have helped many people around the world. Randal has helped many financially by giving scholarships to students who cannot afford school fees. Randal loves to play golf when he finds time for himself. He looks forward to serving as Fortress Investment Group’s CEO for years to come.

Randal Nardone is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur who has worked up the ladder from humble beginnings. Nardone’s career is an inspiration to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Randal believes that it is essential to get a good education alongside working hard to become successful. Randal maintains a strong work ethic. His advice always places him alongside other successful gurus from different industries. His success and career path has inspired millions of people in the United States and also globally. Randal Nardone’s biography has proven him as one of the top financial investors around the world.