Ross Levinsohn As the Steady Hand Turning Businesses Around

Ross LevinsohnOne of the hardest things to do is turn a failing company around. However, Ross Levinsohn is a leader that has done that many times. It is why he is of the most revered people in this business, and he continues to do many great things today. The truth is that a business takes a lot of time and effort to turn around, and it is not often possible to do it before the business fails. This is where having a skilled tactician can come in. They usually know how to motivate staff and optimize processes.

His History In This Industry

Ross Levinsohn has a big advantage when it comes to turning businesses around. That is what made it possible for him to make Sports Illustrated what it is today. He was able to turn his business around, making it one of the best digital publishing brands in the business. He does this by focusing extensively on technology and how to make it work really well. He understands how technology can be the driving force for success in the digital publishing world.

Turning Sports Illustrated Around

Sports Illustrated used to be a floundering business that was on the verge of failure. However, Ross Levinsohn assumed a leadership position and was able to make things better. That leadership position is responsible for doing a lot of great things in the business. The big thing he did was to optimize everything and focus on revenue. The truth is that digital publishing requires advertising revenue to survive. However, many things can go wrong when it comes to acquiring this revenue. Every business leader understands that they have to put a lot of creative thinking into getting revenue to the level they want.

Building His Current Business

Ross is now one of the leaders in another digital publishing company. However, this time he is focusing on being at the heart of the technology driving the industry forward. He realizes that this is what he will have to do to gain new perspectives and deliver ultimate value for everyone that matters in the industry.

Min-Liang Tan Inspiring Morale And Diversity In Global Gaming


Min-Liang Tan is a business leader versed in providing direction, setting goals, and making decisions in a professional environment. Tan boasts of building a well-curated professional career in the sports and law environment.

Tan is one amazing individual recognized for his strong leadership in business and global gaming. His passion for entrepreneurship and business saw him quit his professional career to pursue his drive. The business leader merged with Robert Krakoff in 2005 to start a gaming company Razer. His strive for achievement saw him act decisively to instill performance spirit within Razer. Under his leadership, the gaming company has risen through the ranks to beat its competitors.

Razer is well-known for designing top-level gaming devices that continue to grow. The undisputed business icon has achieved tremendous success by augmenting his gaming prowess. Furthermore, his aspirations have seen him build on of the most reputable companies in global gaming. The entrepreneur’s competitive trait saw him lead Razer into designing its first product, the Boomslang mouse.

The possibility of designing a better mouse saw the gaming brand gain traction and forge ahead to encompass an entire ecosystem. Razer’s gaming peripherals scaled to include both hardware and software platforms. At 42, the Razer CEO boasts of achieving tremendous success.

About the Razer CEO

Min Liang Tan is a thriving business leader with unrivaled passion and determination. He is committed to ensuring Razer stays on course towards the fulfillment of its vision. His management style has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the company sails in the right direction. Nevertheless, his demanding work schedule has communicated top-notch strategic directions for Razer. The gaming company has amassed a significant following and branched its ventures into lucrative markets, including Asia and Hong Kong. Go to this page for more information.


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Carl Daikeler Takes BeachBody into the Future

BeachbodyOver the last 23 years since BeachBody debuted, the media format that consumers were most interested in changed twice. Originally, BeachBody released its first product, the 8-Minute Abs workout, on a direct-to-consumer VHS tape. The tape was marketed extensively by Carl Daikeler, who is the company’s CEO and co-founder. Daikeler, who previously worked in the marketing industry, had extensive experience in relevant areas like international distribution, product development and marketing, media buying and other areas. He had the professional expertise necessary to turn the VHS tape into a huge success, and he accomplished this feat.

Carl Daikeler began developing more workout programs, and BeachBody’s next programs were also released on VHS tape. However, the company had to make a dramatic shift to the use of DVDs when that format became popular. Under Daikeler’s leadership, BeachBody continued releasing DVDs. Today, BeachBody has more than 1,500 workout programs with well-known titles like INSANITY, Body Beast, P90X and others. Notably, BeachBody has also grown into the weight loss world with 21-Day Fix, Shakeology and other products.

DVDs, however, also gradually became obsolete, and Daikeler was faced with the task of replacing the company’s DVD library with a streaming video library. He had a different plan in mind. Carl Daikeler debuted BeachBody On-Demand, which is a streaming video service that competes with giants like Peloton. For an affordable monthly fee, subscribers are able to watch any of the 1,500 programs they desire.


Carl Daikeler has also led BeachBody through a marketing transformation. As social media platforms gained popularity, Daikeler saw the opportunity they provided from a marketing perspective. Long before it was popular to do so, Daikeler embraced the concept of social media marketing. More than that, he was a leader in both brand ambassadorship and influencer promotion.

Daikeler continues to run BeachBody from the top executive leadership chair. Through his hard work and leadership, the company stands with a $2.3-billion overall value.

How Mathew Fleeger Leadership Abilities Leads to the Success of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerAs modern technology continues to evolve, more alternative sources of energy have been developed. With these disruptions, companies in the energy sector have been exposed to more challenges resulting from the drastic reduction in sales recorded. This has forced the companies to continuously rethink their methods and organization models to continually grow in the competitive sector.

Gulf Coast Western, led by entrepreneur Mathew Fleeger is an oil and gas producing company with a built name in the energy sector. The company was established in 1970 by Mathew Fleeger’s father and has continued to use avant-garde methods in its exploration activities. With its headquarters in Dallas, Gulf Coast Western has continued to venture in high resources areas like Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and many more, thanks to Mathew Fleeger, its CEO.

Anyone in the energy sector knows how difficult getting an A+ rating is. Gulf Coast has defied all the odds to achieve that and many more, including a five-star rating from the Better Business Bureau. The rating is only given to companies that work hard to satisfy their customer’s needs and requirements and act quickly to their complaints. Mathew Fleeger understands that the customer is an essential asset to a company. He ensures that all employees put the needs of the clients resulting in high ratings.

Positive Gulf Coast Western reviews from happy clients serve as a testament to the excellent leadership of their Mathew Fleeger. In one thought, Paige Schroeder, a happy client, thanked the CEO for their commitment to serving him. He referred to GCW as a company with highly trained employees with appropriate skills when dealing with clients.

In another category of Gulf Coast Western reviews, Trey Palmer, a client who rarely gives positives reviews, said that it was inevitable to provide GCW with a positive review based on the quality of services she received. The employees were patient, knowledgeable, and helpful, and it was an absolute joy working with them.

Matthew Fleeger

Unlike many other companies in the energy sector, GCW is highly involved in funding community projects and philanthropic activities through its leader Mathew Fleeger. For instance, Mathew works closely with Saide Keller Foundation, led by Saide Keller, to offer toys to children living with cancer in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Alexander Payne Talks About the Creative Process Behind Writing and Producing ‘Downsizing’

Alexander PayneWhether you go to the cinema or indulge in your film of choice from home, watching movies is usually a relaxing pastime activity. However, the writers and directors behind the scenes go through a taxing artistic process to produce the fine quality movies you enjoy. From creating the film to editing and marketing it, the entire process can take a toll on the producers.

Alexander Payne, a celebrated American filmmaker, has had his share of beautiful experiences during his time in the industry. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Payne discovered his creative nature from a young age. He went on to study history and later earned his MFA from UCLA.

Alexander is known to take a different turn when making his films, which brings a different taste to the regular Hollywood movies we are used to. He is known for dark comedies and thought-provoking storylines like Sideways, About Schmidt and Citizen Ruth. During his three-decade career, several Alexander Payne’s films have been nominated for 19 Academy awards.

Alexander notes that Downsizing was the most challenging project he has ever done. The film was released in 2017 and National Board Review named it one of the best movies of the year. However, Payne feels that Downsizing was worth the sacrifices he made because it is a continuation of his bodywork.

Downsizing pushed Alexander Payne out of his comfort zone because he had to use special effects for the first time. Being a fan of real-world grit, Payne made a difficult decision, but he knew that the effects were vital in creating a believable film. Although the movie used special effects, Alexander didn’t allow them to define the plot. He collaborated with the effects team to ensure the scenes were realistic.

Alexander Payne

Downsizing’s storyline was not a single story but rather several sequences and acts. Alexander Payne and his co-writer, Jim Taylor, wanted to balance comedy with social and political satire. Their vision to create a hyper-realistic world led them to a problematic scenario, where they needed to fit all their commentary and intricacies of daily life into the film. The process took them longer than they expected because of the mind work involves and the complexity of the plotline. However, Alexander Payne notes that while they faced many challenges writing the film, the project had a significant cumulative impact and was worth the effort.

Gary McGaghey Is Tuned Into the Key Topics That Will Shape the Future of the World of Finance

Gary McGaghey is a London, UK-based business professional who is known as an expert within the field of private equities. He currently works with Williams Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey serves as the company’s chief financial officer. Given his position as a leading CFO, McGaghey understands the fact that the policy landscape for taxes is undergoing some changes. Finance leaders such as McGaghey are currently preparing to address this changing landscape. They understand that some key topics are set to shape the future. These topics include:

Understanding Tax and Regulatory Changes

Today’s businesses will look to prepare for corporate tax changes that are proposed. This includes the possibility that the tax rates for corporations could increase to 26.5 percent. Other key issues to focus on include cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory risk.

The Importance of Initiatives Focused on Diversity and Inclusion

Today’s business leaders are looking for ways to effectively engage in diversity and inclusion efforts. This includes efforts being made by today’s CFOs.

The Future of Work Is Being Redefined

Today’s CFOs have an optimistic attitude about what the future holds. This future includes redefining the way that the working world operates. The world will continue to move toward a hybrid work model that will focus on emergent technologies.

Major Digital Transformations Are Ongoing

The transformation that is currently ongoing to the world of business is being driven by emerging and improving technologies. Due to this, technology investment continues to be a top priority for today’s CFOs such as Gary McGaghey.

Global Economies Look to Return to a Trend of Growth



The recent global health crisis has had a significant impact on economies around the world. In the coming year, CFOs will look to play a key role in returning the business world toward a trajectory of growth.

Companies Are Motived to Demonstrate Their Value and Purpose

CFOs will also look to demonstrate their value to the communities that they work in. They will also look to demonstrate their commitment to looking after their employees. More to read:

Why do many buyers prefer Robinson Helicopter?

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter is a company with a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing highly reliable low-cost helicopters. People are interested in buying reliable helicopters order from the company. They adhere to the highest safety standards in the manufacture of helicopters. Propel interested in getting reliable helicopters for their everyday operations prefer getting them from the company. The low cost of acquisition makes many people prefer the company. Some of the features that make the company attractive when it comes to buying helicopters are:

Highest quality helicopters

All helicopters made at Robinson Helicopter meet the highest quality standards. They stand out in employing the latest technology that has made many people prefer getting helicopters from them. They go the extra mile and ensure they avail high-quality helicopters that are made to assure travelers the highest safety standards. The different steps they take when making helicopters ensure they are made to meet the highest quality possible.

Most reliable helicopters

Robinson Helicopter is known to make the most reliable helicopters. They go the extra mile to check out features available on the helicopter and ensure the highest level of safety is achieved. As people fly helicopters, they would like to realize the highest level of safety. They can always work with the company to enjoy great results. It is essential to buy a helicopter that guarantees the highest level of safety. Buying helicopters from the company is a great way to achieve the highest level of safety.

Cost-effective manufacturing

Application of a cost-effective manufacturing process ensures the helicopter does not cost high amounts that can make buyers feel like they have been exploited. They always adhere to the best practices as they manufacture the helicopters. The measures they take ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Easy to maintain helicopters

After buying helicopters from the company, there is no worry when it comes to maintenance. The company has good reviews in availing high-quality helicopters that are easy to maintain. They have been very reliable in coming up with the best strategies for helicopter maintenance and other related services. The latest technology ensures the helicopters are easy to maintain and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Robinson Helicopter


QNet: How Direct Selling Positively Impacts The Economy

There are millions of people who are involved in the direct selling sector. A considerable number of these people is made up of women.

Direct selling is one of the traditional forms of selling that has been around for many years. Currently, the direct selling sector is worth billions of dollars. A considerable percentage of nations around the globe have also gained from direct selling.

We’ll focus on QNet in this context. QNet has established its presence in different nations, including India. Millions of people in India are engaging in direct selling, and most of them are women. The number of direct sellers is set to increase with time, considering the industry is lucrative, and it also offers employment opportunities to numerous individuals.

QNet business is divided into six business divisions – Crystal Market, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Crystal Global Ventures, QBox, and Asia Direct Selling Network. Each division is customized for a specific target market, ranging from fitness to beauty, finance to insurance, and cosmetics to IT.

Through direct selling, the local economy also gains in the process because of the business model being used in the industry. With direct selling, your investment is low, and you’ll get high returns in the process.

Why is Direct Selling Popular?

Direct selling has become popular because of the following reasons:

  • You get to own your business: If you aspire to own your business, you can attain your goal through direct selling. The investment requires little income. The risks are also low, and the returns are high. You can now see why direct selling has become popular. QNet also offers guidance to people interested in direct selling.
  • An increase in income levels- both non-employed and employed people usually engage in direct selling since it helps you earn a decent income.
  • Connect socially- through direct selling, your connection with society will improve since the main focus is on networking if you want your business to grow further.

We have only listed a few benefits that arise from direct selling. If you’re interested in venturing into the sector, the QNet team is ready to guide you through the basics, and you’ll be ready to get started. Watch this video on YouTube, for related information.


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Giants CEO Larry Baer Booming Career In Sports

Larry Baer is the epitome of success. The San Francisco-based leader has built an incredible reputation working with various behemoth corporations in sports. Sure, he prides himself as one of the professional sport’s prominent visionaries. Upon completing his formal education at the University of California, he leveraged his newly acquired skills as the marketing director of SF Giants.

There, the SF Giants CEO worked pretty hard to build a name for himself and later left to further his studies. His passions and interests in pursuing business saw him work hard to achieve significant grades in his studies. And yes, the business leader ventured forth to work at Westinghouse Broadcasting and later moved to CBS, Inc.

In 1992, he pivoted back to San Francisco Giants, leading the team to astounding success. As the executive vice president, he leveraged his prowess to spearhead the team to prominence. The industry professional played a big part in assembling a strategic ownership group that augmented Giants’ footprints in San Francisco. The sports leader became the team’s CEO in 2012 and worked hard to lead it to a series of achievements with conscious effort.

The Giants CEO has received a couple of honors and titles throughout his acclaimed career. He has also worked in countless Major League Baseball boards and made a profound influence. The Giants CEO has played an integral role in aligning Oracle Park to resume normalcy. Indeed, the ballpark has received significant acclaim for its design and ventures. Amid the covid-19 pandemic, SF Giants CEO oversaw its construction and renovation into a mixed-use and modern ballpark.

About Larry

Larry Baer is a name that frontiers in the sports industry. The Chief Executive Officer and President of Giants has played a crucial role in the gaming industry. Under his stewardship, he has helped vast corporations carve a lucrative niche. Refer to this article to learn more.


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Why Data Systems International Is Useful In Reducing Excessive Waste In Business Entities


Generally, the waste that most manufacturing businesses have been facing has been the main reason why most of them have been making huge losses in their industrial operations. As it already turns out, very many organizations do not know the right strategies that they can incorporate in the business environment to deal with excessive waste. As the current information shows, every other organization that will not be able to deal with such extreme waste will no longer remain relevant in the business world.

Data Systems International has arrived at a conclusion that the methods of operations have been the main source of the problem to most of the organizations in the market. That is why such businesses have not been able to handle some of the main challenges that have been very prevalent in the entire industry.

DSI offers Cloud Inventory® solutions to companies as well as mobile-first supply chain applications used in the digital economy sector. NetSuite recognized them as “Suite Cloud New Partner of the Year” in 2017. The Company has gained recognition in the market by being the market leader in cloud-based inventory solutions.

DSI has already come across some companies that have failed to adhere to the basic requirements in the market.

DSI Global appreciates the fact that waste is part of any other organization that is currently operating in the business environment. However, businesses should work hard and ensure that the waste that they are generating is manageable. Such achievements will only be realized if they have the assistance of Data Systems International, which has been at the center of helping businesses to move away from the challenges they have been experiencing.

DSI Global acknowledges that every other organization has a huge role in dealing with the waste that it has been generating while in the market. This means that such businesses ought to continue working hard so that they can easily eliminate most of the extreme issues in the market. This is the only way that such entities will achieve the desired success that they have been looking to get while in the market. Refer to this article to learn more.


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