ZeroAvia Expands to 19-Seat Aircraft and Raises Additional $13 M in Funding

ZeroAvia is currently undergoing research and development for a zero-emission, hydrogen-electric airplane as part of their HyFlyer II project. The HyFlyer I Project proved ZeroAvia was capable of successfully implementing a 250kW powerplant in a 6-seat aircraft over the campaign of three flight tests. In the United Kingdom and United States, ZeroAvia will utilize two twin-engine 19-seat Dornier 228 aircrafts as well as all the lessons learned during the first project with the goal of housing 600kW powerplants this time around. Replacing the twin engines will be two 600kW units of the company’s hydrogen-electric powertrain, also hydrogen fuel tanks holding 100kg of compressed gaseous hydrogen will be used to fuel the ambitious commercial offering of 500-miles by 2024. A 30,000 square foot facility in Kemble will act as the home base for developing the 600kW engine class, which marks a monumental investment in and expansion of their research and development program. In Hollister, California they will assist the UK team by testing and building the second aircraft for North American commercialization, demonstrations, and sales. Although the new expansion is great for investors, founders, and prospective employees alike the real benefit is what this has in store for climate change reversal. This has been a monumental occasion for investors and the extra financial backing is proof. ZeroAvia has expanded at an exponential rate and between the two sites it is hard to believe they’re going anywhere. The future of flight is hydrogen-electric powered, and we are well on our way thanks to ZeroAvia.

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Laura McQuade: Face Behind Planned Parenthood Organization

Laura McQuade is an activist famous for her role in the fight to ensure that all New Yorkers enjoy comprehensive health care. She is the face behind Planned Parenthood Organization of New York City, which has been at the forefront of championing the return of Title X funding after the government banned it.

Title X was enacted in 1970 under the Public Service Health Act with the primary goal of providing health care facilities to thousands of New York residents, especially those without medical covers. A political move instigated the ban arguing that the government should not fund abortion-related services regarded as a vice in society.

Following the ban, many low-income earners are expected to suffer when getting medical attention. The rates of spontaneous abortions will increase, putting the lives of young women at risk. Besides, the number of deaths caused by cancer will rise as cancer screenings possible through Title X funding will no longer be available.

To counter the move, Laura McQuade is planning a new deal to see Planned Parenthood Organization merge with other five affiliates of the same interest. The new organization will have a more substantial negotiating power to compel the government to reinstate Title X funding. Besides, the new organization will increase its funding to more than $110 million that will help it to help more than 200000 residents. The organization will also increase its health centers and raise employees to more than 900 members to increase its reach to more residents.

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Desiree Perez, A Leader in the Music Industry

Desiree Perez is a leader in the cannabis social justice system. As more states are legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, Perez has partnered with the Rapper Jay-Z in creating a cannabis company called Monogram. She also sits as a board member of the parent company called the Parent Company based in California.

The Parent Company has created an initiative in pledging 10 million dollars, plus 2% of future net income into battling social cannabis injustice. With this money, Desiree Perez hopes to help those with less privilege and wealth to get started in the cannabis industry. The gap in the racial disparity within the cannabis industry and within black and minority communities is astonishing. Within the industry only 12.4 percent are owned by minority groups, compared to that of the white majority which is 81 percent. The Parent Company hopes to alleviate some of the wrongdoings of the past. Including helping BIPOC entrepreneurs that were affected by the nation’s drug wars, partnering with BIPOC companies by creating a cannabis supply chain, and contribute to reforming the justice system against those with previous cannabis convictions.

Desiree Perez is fighting to reform the system, focusing on the fact that despite cannabis being legalized in many states, arrests made from cannabis use and possession has actually increased since 2018. Based on a 2020 report made by the American Civil Liberties Union blacks are 3.6 times more likely to be arrested than whites.

Desiree Perez is the current CEO of Roc Nation. In 2021 she was named a Billboard Change Agent recognizing her work in racial justice. Her company’s philanthropy works extend to the high-profile cases such as Breona Taylor and George Floyd, as well as working with the NFL and many other social justice organizations.

Join forex trading with CashFX as your sensei

CashFX is a forex trading education academy providing their services online.

The prevalence of the transition from analog to digital forms of learning and acquiring services has made its way in the finance industry.

More people are venturing into online trade and a company like CashFX provides the necessary guidelines to such people.

It is more rewarding to do activities from a point of knowledge over starting from a blank slate. CashFX is a bridge between you and successful online financial trading.

You can take these courses at your own convenience by finding time for them around your existing schedule.

They are eye-opening as you will get to understand forex trading at a deeper level.

You will learn about the different approaches to forex trading and which ones are most appropriate for specific market characteristics.

The course of their instruction aims to help the future forex trader to scale to better heights. They teach about forex software and AI development in the trade.

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The foreign exchange market operates 24 hours daily and has more liquidity than other markets. CashFX tap into these advantages in their operations.

They encourage everyone to join the academy because forex trading is a skill most people can learn as long as they are willing.

The academy has an expert advisor on forex algorithms, a professional forex trading team and forex AI technology. They work as a unity to analyze, strategize and provide those enrolled with facts and tips concerning forex trade.

Aside from courses CashFX organize live events where you get to learn more about forex, the latest one was on CFX marketing system on June 29, 2021.

The academy groups learning courses as elemental plans, advanced plans, and supreme plans.

These are suitable for beginners in the forex trade, those with the basic knowledge, and those who want to learn new skills or trends respectively.

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A Day in the Life of Dr. Barry Lall: Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels

Dr. Barry Lall is the kind of CEO who takes you along his journey of discovery. He believes that one of the main reasons his company has been successful is due to the close bonds he has developed with each one of his employees, through a daily strategy called “Hearts & Minds”. Under this plan, the staff is encouraged to work in a collaborative manner, to keep one another engaged. Barry Lall has experience from working at a travel agency, a luxury product provider, and a financial services company, before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Since forming his company, he has successfully sold and exited three brands while retaining the commitment and operational excellence required in his business model.

To mark the opening of his new hotel, Pinnacle Garden Hills, Barry took time out to speak with CHEK News about how he manages such a busy schedule and even a day in the life of Barry Lall. If you work in Corporate Office, your daily routine includes many tasks throughout the day. You are a mix of deal makers and deal breakers. This includes generating millions of pounds in revenue for the company and several deals which had to be put through. You meet a number of high-profile guests. You are always on the lookout for business opportunities for the hotel.

Dr. Barry Lall: After this training, you might be called upon to visit a property and to offer guidance in the midst of an event. A team member might be helping with marketing efforts, or give a presentation at an event. Your day will never stop until the wee hours of the morning. On days the real might include a long and tiring shift at the front desk, smiling as your customers approach, and hand over hand with a grateful and social greeting. While this might be the least glamorous of jobs, it is a crucial one to the success of your business. After all, the front desk is often where customers find you and you are often their first encounter with the hotel as well. As such, their judgment can be a crucial one in your success. Read More.